EmSAT Test is a standardised electronic test to assess candidates’ skills and knowledge in Arabic,English,Maths,Physics,Biology and Computer Science based on institutional requirements. It is designed to make sure that students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to join the higher education level. Let us answer the most frequently asked questions about EmSAT. 


1- What happens if you miss an EmSAT?

  • If missing or absence is due to acceptable conditions (such as a traffic accident report, positive result from Al-Hosen lab, approved illness circumstances or a positive PCR test), the student will have to prove it with official documents by uploading it to the portal and the student will not have to repay the fees or wait for 30 days to retake the test.
  • If missing or absence is not due to acceptable conditions or if there are not any official documents, the fees will not be refunded and the student will have to repay for the second test. The student also will have to wait for more than 30 days to redo emsat.

2- What is the passing mark for EmSAT?

  • There is no EmSAT passing or failing mark in the EmSAT test. Every university or institution has definite requirements and you have to achieve the requirements of your desired institution. 

3- Can the Toefl or Ielts tests replace the EmSAT English test?

  • No, of course. But, non-nationals or students who will study abroad can be exceptions. 

4- How long does it take for EmSAT result?

  • The test result is shown through the portal and you will recieve an email or a message that informs you that the result is ready. 
  • For Arabic and English subjects: It will be after 5 working days from the test day. 
  • For other subjects: It will be after 10 working days from the test day for achieve results and and 15 working days from the test day for achieve grade 12 results.

5- How can I get my EmSAT test certificate? 

  • The student will be informed via an email or a message that the certificate is available on the portal. 

6- How long does the EmSAT test licence be valid? 

  • It is valid for not more than 18 months.  

7- How many hours is the EmSAT exam?

  • The EmSAT test time differs according to the subject as following:

8- How many times can I repeat EmSAT?

  • There are no definite number of times for repetition. 

9- Is the EmSAT hard?

  • EmSAT test is not hard if the students prepares well for it. 

10- What is the highest score in EmSAT?

  • The highest EmSAT score is 2000 and the best result varies from one subject to another. 
  • For Arabic: the best score is 1600-2000.
  • For English: the best score is higher than 1975.
  • For Maths: the best score is 1750-2000.
  • For Physics: the best score is 1500-2000.
  • For Chemistry: the best score is 1500-2000.
  • For Biology: the best score is 1500-2000.
  • For Computer Science: the best score is >1500. 

11- What is a good EmSAT physics score?

  • There is no failing or passing score for the EmSAT test, but every university or institution may require a definite EmSAT score. For physics a score of 1500-2000 is the highest score which shows a very high level in physics.

12- How can I prepare for EmSAT?

  • You can ask Elmadrasah.com for help through their online EmSAT preparation courses
  • Elmadrasah.com provides many advantages:
  • Online sessions via zoom. 
  • Flexibility in schedule time. 
  • Experienced teachers. 
  • Periodic follow-up tests.
  • Providing all needed educational materials and books.

13- Is EmSAT required for international students?

  • Students who intend to study in the United Arab Emirates will have to take the EmSAT test, but others who intend to complete their studies abroad are not obliged to take them. 

14- How many EmSATs are there?

  • There are EmSAT tests in 7 subjects which are Arabic, English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science. 

15- What do you need to study in the UAE?

  • EmSAT test scores and every university or institution requires definite scores. 
  • Toefl, IELTS, GRE, GMAT can be required in some cases.
  • Recommendation letters.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Academic transcripts. 

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16- What are the health precautions of the EmSAT test day?

  • The Students’ temperatures are measured before entering the test centre.
  • Students must wear face masks before entering the test centre.
  • No one except students is allowed to enter the test centre or to wait in the waiting rooms.
  • Keeping  social distances between students and each other.
  • Students must leave the test centre after finishing the exam.
  • It is not allowed for any student to use the others tools.
  • Non-vaccinated students against coronavirus must provide a negative PCR test before the exam.

17- How to register for the EmSAT test? 

  • Registration  through school coordinators and Continuous Learning Centres.
  • Self-registration through the official website and you can follow the instructions. 

18- How to register for the EmSAT test for students studying outside the United Arab Emirates? 

  • If the student doesn’t have the Emirates ID, the registration request is sent to the department by selecting (Registration of decree-holders and special cases without an Emirati ID) from the list listed on the (Contact Us) page of the Emsat website.
  • If the student has the Emirates ID, Self-registration can be done. 

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19- What are the allowed subjects for students to be re-tested?

  • The student  is allowed to retake the test in only two of the four main subjects English, Arabic, Maths and Physics.

20- When can the student retake the EmSAT test? 

  • It is allowed for the student to take the EmSAT test in July.

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21- Is the EmSAT test required for students performing the national service?

  • Yes, they have to take the EmSAT test before performing the National Service.

22- Is EmSAT Arabic necessary for non-native Arabic speakers?

  • No, in most cases it is not necessary, but the student must review the admission rules for the university he intends to join to make sure of this point.
  • The test is available in Arabic and English and the student is free to choose any of them. 

23- Is it available for students to change their test date or place? 

  • Yes, of course. But keep in mind that it must be done before 10 days of the exam. 

24- When should the student arrive at the testing centre? 

  • The student has to arrive before at least 15 minutes of the exam as if he arrived late, he will not be able to take the test. 

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25- Is it available to move freely between questions in the EmSAT test? 

  • It is available in the same section of English and Arabic tests, but it is not available between different sections.
  • It is available in the other subjects. 

26- Where do EmSAT test centres locate? 

  • There are many EmSAT test centres all over the United Arab Emirates. There are centres for females and others for males and the student can choose the appropriate centre while registering for the EmSAT test. 

27- What are the EmSAT registration fees? 

  • For grade 12 students: 
  • Nationals: there are no registration fees. There are only fees for re-entry.
  • Non-nationals: It costs 309 dirhams for the first time and 105 dirhams for re-entry. 
  • For graduate students: 
  • It costs 258  dirhams for the first time and 105 dirhams for re-entry. 


EmSAT is a very organized testing system which requires a lot of preparation. You must set your goal before entering the exam to make it easy to prepare for it. 

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