Biggest Problem With Emsat exam

Based on a small survey among UAE 12th grade students, the biggest problem they faced with the Emsat exam was how to retake the exam? What is the appropriate process for retaking Emsat? And the confusion of what if we fail again after the retake?

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How to retake emsat exam?

  • The Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates stated that a re-test of the previous exam will be held for students who missed its performance, and for students who failed the test last year, they are not entitled to claim the grades they obtained, and that they will be completely deleted if they want to enter the same test this year.
  • Although a lot of students still, wonder how to retake the Emsat, so we wanted to clarify that if the students choose the date of entering the first test, and after registering for the test, the student was absent from taking the exam, and does not provide an acceptable excuse, the student will be registered in the absence record, and will not be able to perform the test in the subjects that he was absent from, until the Emsat retake, is opened for the subjects in which the student was absent.

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  • Also, for students who were absent from the past exam after registering, and choosing the day, but provided an acceptable excuse as an emergency circumstance, it is required that this student submit a request that he be unable to attend the test via the Emsat website, and the reason for the absence from performing the exam is required to be clarified.
  • Then attach the documents that indicate the validation of this excuse, such as attaching a sickness certificate in case of illness, provided that this certificate is documented by the competent government agencies and approved by the Ministry of Health.
  • Then the request that the student submits will be reviewed, and he is informed of the decision taken by the Ministry regarding accepting the excuse.

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  • If you want to retake the Emsat exam and are wondering how to retake and pass the Emsat, here are the instructions that you must follow in order to be able to pass the test and join the university stage. The instructions are as follows:
  • You have to make sure that you register for the Emsat exam, and complete the registration process well.
  • Print the ticket for the test entry permit, and make sure you print it before the exam date and be sure to read all the instructions and instructions written on it.
  • Be sure to solve a lot of the emsat exam samples, that you will find on the Ministry of Education website, and you will find different models in all the study subjects in which the emsat will be held.

All you need to know about: EMSAT registeration.

  • Go to the centre where you will take the Emsat exam, earlier before the exam so that you can reduce the exam stress.
  • You must make sure that you bring your Emirates National ID, and the entrance ticket for the exam must be printed and brought during the test.
  • Make sure you answer the exam completely and make sure you answer all the paragraphs on the exam.
  • In case of any technical problems, be sure to inform the specialist.

Here’s a list of: Emsat test centres.

  • If you are still wondering how to retake the Emsat exam, we explain to you that you can retake the Emsat exam again after opening the door to apply for a re-exam, and we explain to you the steps that you must follow so that you can register to enter the Emsat exam:
  • Go to the Ministry of Education website, then enter your email in the designated field, as well as your password.
  • Then make sure to choose the material you want to register with and press the Register button.
  • Then choose the date and centre you want to take the test in, taking into account the date of the test.
  • The name of the subject will appear to you with a green light indicating that the registration process has been completed correctly.

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