emsat scores

For grade 12 students who may be concerned about taking the EMSAT (achieve test), the final result of the exam and its importance in your university admission must be one of your concerns.

You don’t have to be worried about the EMSAT result as it is not a fail or pass test, the main purpose of the test was created for is evaluating students’ skills and knowledge in certain subjects selected by the Ministry of education.

How to read the EMSAT result?

As we mentioned above There is no passing or failing score for the test, but some institutions may ask for a minimum score for admission. The Emirates Standardised Tests are tests that assess the extent to which students have skills and concepts in those specific subjects.

EMSAT achieve English result

The english test has six sections to assess the test taker’s skills (Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction, Cloze Reading, Extended Reading, and writing)

 The Test-taker receive four scores in the Achieve English test:

  • EMSAT result Overall Score:  it’s a combined score for Reading and Writing, between 300 and 2000.

The score range divides your English skills like the global English levels.

  • If you got 2000 as an overall score then you will be at C2 level (proficient level).
  • When you get a score between (1625 – 1975) you will be at C1 level.
  • The score from (1250 – 1600) is a B2 level (Independent).
  •  If your score were between( 875 – 1225) you are at B1.
  • If you get a score between (500 – 850) you will be classified on level A2.
  • If you got a low score between ( 300 – 475) you will be at  A1 level as a beginner.

*The importance of the English test is that the certificate of your score will replace ILETS, OET and CEPA in your admission for United Arab Emirates universities.

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emsat scores

Are EMSAT result for international universities?

In order to get your graduation certificates and the accreditation of the Emirates ministry of education, it’s mandatory to go for the tests of EMSAT result four subjects, if you are going to apply for a United Arab Emirates university, there is an exception for students who want to study abroad and do not need to equalize the certificate, Also if you were a non-national student in a private international school.

What time does it take to get your emsat result?

The emsat result of the Achieve test will be announced after 15 days from taking the test for 12th-grade students. And 10 days for all other candidates. Students get informed once the emsat result are available on their accounts on the portal.

How to access to Your EMSAT result?

Your final emsat result will be published on your achieve portal only, not in any other channels, through 21 days from finishing your exams. You could check our article about how to register for the test and log in to your portal.

How much time do you need for EMSAT preparation?

You must put in your consideration that everything depends on the efforts, you will exert in this phase of preparation and training on how to pass the tests with appropriate scores, on a minimum scale you need from 2 months to 3 months to be able to cover all the subjects topics, do a revision and solve experimental exam samples.

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Perfect tips to prepare yourself before the exam:

  • One of the most important things that help you achieve goals and retrieve information carefully, Fear may lead to undesirable results that may affect your performance and reduce activity. You just have to be organized and avoid randomness in reading the questions and jumping to the answer quickly. 
  •  Focus on proper nutrition and light exercise. Eating healthy and light meals with high nutritional value of fresh vegetables and fruits helps to activate the memory well, and make sure to do some light exercise that helps to renew blood circulation and revitalize the mind.
  • Getting enough sleep enables you to review at late hours, so you must get enough sleep, which helps clear your mind and perform better during the exam.
  • Avoid everything that makes you afraid of the exam. Do not let the fear of mistakes control you, as this directly affects the retrieval of information, which exposes you to the problem of forgetting. 
  • Believe in yourself and bring up your ambition Success depends largely on self-confidence. You just have to be positive, focus on tasks, and plan a good time to move between different Exam sections.
  •  Read the information carefully. Make sure that you have written the equations correctly. Write each step in the solution. Do not waste your time on one question.
  • Prepare yourself for the test. You have to organize your tools bag on the night of the exam and put all your tools, which will save you from a lot of stress on the morning of the exam and of course will give you extra time useful for you to eat a healthy breakfast before going to the exam.

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