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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important characteristic of a team of teachers?2022-03-27T03:33:50+04:00

The most important characteristic of the teachers team is the following:

They hold higher qualifications in their specialty.

Minimum 3 years experience in international schools.

Patients and they can repeat the lesson more than once until the student understands.

Is your method effective with students?2022-03-27T03:32:40+04:00

Yes, and many students responded and improved a lot.

Can I stop and get the rest of my dues?2022-03-27T03:31:22+04:00

Yes, you can stop whenever you want

Are the prices all inclusive or are there administrative fees?2022-03-27T03:31:01+04:00

Prices are all inclusive, there are no additional rates.

Will the communication be audio and video or just audio?2022-03-27T03:30:28+04:00

Audio and video in order to ensure the student’s interaction with the school, where all types of communication are available.

Do you change the teacher if you want?2022-03-27T03:30:09+04:00

Yes, if the student does not respond to the school, we replace it with another.

Are there teachers?2022-03-27T03:29:49+04:00

Yes, our entire team is made up of female teachers.

How long is the class?2022-03-27T03:28:17+04:00

The duration of the session is 60 minutes.

How will communication be?2022-03-27T03:27:57+04:00

Communication will be via Zoom or Bottom

Are the lessons live and direct or recording?2022-03-27T03:26:55+04:00

Our lessons are live and direct via video call with teachers

Do you cover all curricula (ministerial – British – American)2022-03-27T03:25:37+04:00

We do not cover the ministerial, American and British curriculum

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