Educational and educational consultancy

Some may need guidance and direction sometimes, whether at the level of families – students – the career level to help find appropriate solutions to problems. There is no doubt that there is a difference between individuals at the level of mental and scientific abilities – inclinations and personal traits, which needs guidance and guidance for the field that suits him or The problem he’s facing for that provides educational and educational consultations by a group of specialized consultants, educational experts in the field of education and behavior modification in order to provide a message, assistance and personal guidance in various ways and methods to facilitate decision-making.

Providing family counseling in dealing with educational and behavioral methods with the behavior problems of children – and adolescents – learning difficulties at all levels for children and adults

Providing consultations to help young high school graduates to plan for the future and choose the appropriate universities for them to facilitate education opportunities – Study in foreign universities – Study abroad – Improving and acquiring languages – Making choices after secondary education

Helping young people who wish to complete postgraduate studies to choose the appropriate study programs

Helping young people with new experience in self-development with the aim of career advancement

Providing specialized advice in

Career and career counseling

Our consulting targets

Parents to provide specialized educational consultations for children – adolescents – learning difficulties

Young people who are newly experienced and wishing to develop themselves and raise their career level

Young high school graduates who wish to determine their university path and choose the appropriate college for them

The benefits you get

Your advice is strictly confidential

Helping you think and build goals and life plans

Helping you guide and train you to develop yourself and your personality

Guiding parents on ways and skills to deal with educational problems, practical achievement and learning difficulties for children – adolescents

Consultation time: 1 hour

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