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Personal guidance counseling in deciding your university path – choosing a job – choosing an education

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Personal guidance counseling in deciding your university path – choosing a job – choosing an education


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A lot of people, especially senior high school students who want to start their university life, may
need support from specialists to help them make a decision in determining the educational field
and to help in making this crucial decision. is keen on providing guidance counseling in deciding the university path -choosing work – choosing education For each person going through a transitional stage to the next, This is for you:
• High school students who wish to enter certain universities and have not decided on them
• People who want to prepare master’s and PhD postgraduate studies.
• People with novice experience in defining the field of choice for work and specialization.
• Everyone who wishes to move and determine their path, whether at the academic, scientific or practical level, and needs advisory and professional experience to help him make the right decision.
Counseling and personal guidance in making a university course decision – choosing work and education are characterized by a set of advantages, the most important of which are:
Individual consultations aimed at listening closely to you and helping you in decision-making.
Online consultations via Zoom with flexibility in setting your appointment , you’ll be able to schedule morning or evening appointments.
Maintaining confidentiality of information.
The duration of the consultation is an hour Complete objectivity professionalism in dealing with your situation.
Case study and evaluation to help you make decisions

Highly qualified consultants with long experience in supporting and assisting students:

• Admission to various colleges and universities of different specializations and
scientific levels
• Guidance at the educational level by providing information that helps you make a
decision to help students wishing to complete their university studies at the level of foreign or
local universities.
• Providing counseling for students with the aim of studying better and reducing
errors and problem. Helping students to avoid getting rejected from universities abroad.
• Learn about the required courses in various fields that students need to complete their academic career.
• Provide guidance to help individuals achieve goals at the work-education level and break them down into short and long-term goals.
• How to develop an action plan with appropriate advice at each stage.
• Anticipate challenges to creating a career path through specific procedures to
assess an individual’s progress from one stage to the next.

Our consulting targets

• Parents to provide specialized educational consultations for children – teenagers – kids with learning difficulties
• Young people who are newly experienced and who want to develop themselves and improve their career level
• Young high school graduates who wish to identify their university path and choose the appropriate college for them.

The benefits you get

• Your advice is strictly confidential
• Your problem will not be published on our website or any other platforms.
• Helping you think and build goals and life plans
• Helping develop yourself and your personality
• Guiding parents on ways and skills to deal with educational problems, practical
achievement and learning difficulties for children – teenagers
Consultation time: 1 hour
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