Academic accreditation consultancy for educational institutions


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Academic accreditation consultancy for educational institutions

Some students may find it difficult to take the decision to take university entrance exams such as: IELTS – TOFEL – SAT due to the lack of information about them. However, many universities require these tests which does not help students in starting their new academic journey with confidence.

Advantages of The academic accreditation consultancy for educational institutions offered by

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    Complete impartiality

    An Individual hour consultations aimed at listening closely to you and helping you in decision-making

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    Effective evaluation

    Maintaining confidentiality of information with Case study and evaluation to help you make decisions

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    Talk to specialists

    Individual consultations that aim to listen well to you and help you in decision-making with complete professionalism in handling your consultation

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    100% Online Consultation

    Online consultations via Zoom with flexibility in setting your appointment , you’ll be able to schedule morning or evening appointments

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Academic accreditation consultancy for educational institutions targets:


High school students who want to start their academic career in foreign universities


Students who wish to choose specific academic majors at the university level

Academic accreditation consultancy for educational institutions focuses on:


  • Provided by to support students, give them the information that
    helps them determine and choose their majors, and pass the entrance exams they need to pass
    like: the IELTS exam, the TOEFL exam, or the SAT exam.
  • Academically directing the student to reach the preferred major.
  • Ensuring that each new student makes the best possible use of the university’s academic materials.
  • Guiding and directing students to make their own decisions and explore options.
  • Helping students get educational opportunities by making the right decision.
  • Assisting new undergraduate students in:

    1. Choosing supportive training courses for university majors
    2. interests
    3. Objectives
    4. personal abilities.

Our consultations at target:

  • Parents to provide specialized educational consultations for children – adolescents – learning difficulties

  • Young people who are newly experienced and wishing to develop themselves and raise their career level

  • Young high school graduates who wish to determine their university path and choose the appropriate college for them

The benefits you get

  • Your advice is strictly confidential. Your problem will not be published on the site or any other site.
  • Helping you think and build goals and life plans, guidance and coaching for the development of yourself and your personality.
  • Guiding parents on ways and skills to deal with educational problems, practical achievement and learning difficulties for children – adolescents

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