Many students in Saudi Arabia face many challenges. Their goal is to enroll in the best university in Saudi Arabia or the Gulf, and the way to enroll in that university is a general aptitude test in Saudi Arabia.

It is directed to students wishing to complete their higher education, and its goal is to measure the abilities of high school students. The General Abilities Test (GAT) is divided into a quantitative test and a verbal and analytical GAT test. General Aptitude Test, and because this test is one of the important exams in Saudi Arabia, we decided to provide students with two training sessions to complete the general aptitude test.

What is the
The content of the two sessions?

Explanation of how to register for the general aptitude test
Learn how to infer and infer
Explain the concepts of logical and deductive reasoning
Knowing how the results of general capabilities are distributed
Explanation of symmetry and its meaning
Training on general aptitude test forms

What is the
quantitative and verbal test

Capacity and achievement courses

Why do you have to choose website?

An interactive and direct course with the student and the teacher for 60 minutes per week

Providing trained and qualified teachers to explain the subjects in both sections

We provide the best explanations to get the best results in the general aptitude test

Ease of communication with the teacher

Ease of communication with the teacher

Qualifying the student to face the labor market by enhancing his scientific, logical and critical skills.

How to register for the course?

To register for any of the general aptitude test courses, all you have to do is click on “Reserve a course” and choose the appropriate payment method, or contact a customer service representative for reservations or inquiries.

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