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Chemistry achievement test online course – Aptitude courses

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Chemistry achievement test online course – Aptitude courses


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Online Chemistry Achievement Test Course – Achievement Measurement

Chemistry Achievement Test is an achievement measure, it is a standardized scale test for all high school graduates at the level of scientific specialization and literary specialization.

The achievement test aims to measure the student’s achievement in a number of academic subjects – during his studies in the scientific section and the literary or theoretical section.

Achievement Test Course Criteria

The achievement test subjects are represented in the scientific section:

  • Biology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Physics.
  • Mathematics.

The achievement test questions include the three grades of high school, in certain percentages:

  1. 20% of the first grade.
  2. 30% of the second grade.
  3. 50% of the third grade.

where the questions are distributed close to Biology – Chemistry – Physics – Mathematics, while the test uses Arabic language.

The academic achievement questions in practical disciplines focus on different levels of knowledge – knowledge – understanding – application

The target of Chemistry achievement test online course with

High school students in scientific disciplines – Department of Natural Sciences.

Advantages of a Chemistry achievement test online course

  • An individual online training course, not a group, through Zoom.
  • Flexibility to choose morning or evening appointments
  • A personal trainer familiar with the Saudi curriculum works with you to identify the training needs that you want to focus on in my chemistry achievement – chemistry achievement questions – my achievement basics.
  • Student placement test – a test before the training course to measure the amount of knowledge and information about the achievement test in my achievement in chemistry.
  • Organizing an academic study schedule in chemistry that enables you to overcome your weaknesses
    Your in the different sections in chemistry.

The method of training in a chemistry course – with

The training is carried out through modern collections – achievement test questions – chemistry achievement questions
Providing an achievement book in chemistry, which includes samples of chemistry achievement questions with the solution.

Chemistry course content

  • Training on all sections of the chemistry achievement test.
  • Training on the necessary basics that the student needs in a chemistry achievement test in the secondary stage in the different grades
    • first secondary.
    • Second secondary.
    • Third secondary.
  • Training to gain confidence, solving skills, and performance at a high rate by recognizing the keys to solving chemistry questions.
  • Training is carried out using achievement test models – achievement chemistry.

Chemistry course topics

  • Matter and composition of the atom.
  • Electronic distribution and material properties.
  • Types of chemical reactions and calculations.
  • Kinetic chemistry solutions.
  • Acids and bases – oxidation and reduction.
  • Organic chemistry.
  • Biochemistry


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