Define your child’s learning goals and we’ll take care of the rest

Our tutors provide everything the student needs using our latest teaching tools and create a suitable training plan to enhance students' academic levels and improve their grades.

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How to Subscribe to Membership:


Choose subjects

Each educational journey begins with choosing the subjects and majors that the student wishes to study, then one of our representatives contacts to complete the subscription process.


Set academic goals

Personal education advisors will help set academic goals with you to employ the appropriate teacher for your child.


Customize your package and begin learning

Our representatives will assist you in booking a customized package of lessons tailored to your and your child's educational needs.

Learn with

Our individual lessons, lasting 60 minutes each, are tailored to each student, with multiple benefits:

  • Our virtual lesson space courses are filled with collaborative features, including a whiteboard for interactive lessons, file sharing to keep everyone on the same page, and lesson recordings so you can review the best parts again.

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    Direct communication with the tutor

    Students and tutors can share homework assignments or chat about lesson scheduling or pin important conversations for quick reference and continuous review.

  • Individual lessons in all subjects

    Lessons in all subjects, from physics to mathematics, using the latest teaching methods.  Our tutors add creativity to their lessons, bringing out the best in students for excellence, ensuring continuous progress and enthusiasm for learning.

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    Professional teacher and trainer

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    Training courses in all subjects

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    Students enrolled in our courses

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    Interactive lessons in all subjects

Good grades are just a tutor match away

Everyone has their unique way of learning, and with, we find the right tutor to match them.

  • Courses tailored just for you

    Our educational advisors are specialized experts in matching, finding the right tutor based on level, learning needs, and personality, ensuring your child gets the maximum benefit from their lessons.

  • Individual online lessons

    Finding the right tutor for your child won't be limited by your location or schedule. Getting the best-suited tutor helps boost every child's confidence.

  • Good grades, great results

    Our tailored private lessons prepare students for success at all levels. These good grades for your child are the first step toward a lifelong love of learning.


Why Choose

The online educational platform offers numerous advantages, including:

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    Individual training courses via Zoom

    Live interactive courses to develop skills, with comprehensive content for all ages and levels.

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    Expert arab and foreign Tutors

    Arabic or foreign native speakers provide guidance, evaluation, practical training, and continuous exercises.

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    24-Hour follow-Up

    Elmadrasah .com offers flexibility in choosing suitable morning or evening schedules.

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    Competitive prices website provides various price reductions and offers suitable for everyone.

Embark on a lasting learning journey

Our lesson packages are flexible, suiting all budgets

  • Our packages are flexible enough for families

    share lesson credits and courses, specifying subjects and tutors for each student, and rescheduling lessons when needed.

  • Designed to fit your budget

    Set the frequency and duration of your lessons in your package to ensure the price aligns with your budget and needs.

  • Designed to meet learning goals

    We'll advise you on the best lesson package to match your child's short-term and long-term learning goals.

Help center and FAQs

Discover how to subscribe to our packages, find a suitable tutor, enroll your child in lessons, and learn about the lesson packages at

How will communication be during the lessons?

Communication will be via Zoom or Boteam.

What's the lesson duration?

The duration of the whole session is 60 minutes.

Are there female tutors?

Yes, our entire team is made up of female teachers, and male teachers as well.

Can I change the tutor if I want to?

Yes, if the student does not respond to elmadrasah, we replace it with another.

Will the communication be voice and image or only sound?

Audio and video to ensure student interaction with the school, where all types of communication are available.