Choose from all subjects offered by provides a wide range of courses and classes for all educational levels and in all subjects.'s courses include university preparation, international exam preparation, skill development, knowledge enhancement, and languages.

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The journey of learning begins with an inspiring tutor

Flexible and customizable private lessons that bring smiles to everyone's faces!

  • courses for all ages and levels tutors are qualified to assist students of all ages and educational levels in over 30 subjects, including mathematics, sciences, and much more.

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    A suitable tutor for each student

    Every student is unique and learns differently. We find the appropriate tutor for each student based on teaching style, subject expertise, and shared interests.

Why Choose

The online educational platform offers numerous advantages, including:

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    Individual training courses via Zoom

    Live interactive courses to develop skills, with comprehensive content for all ages and levels.

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    Expert arab and foreign Tutors

    Arabic or foreign native speakers provide guidance, evaluation, practical training, and continuous exercises.

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    24-Hour follow-Up

    Elmadrasah .com offers flexibility in choosing suitable morning or evening schedules.

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    Competitive prices website provides various price reductions and offers suitable for everyone.

Tutors who bring out the best in each student

Matching with the right teacher transforms your child's learning experience into success

  • Carefully selected tutors

    We select tutors through a multi-step interview process to ensure they are skilled and enthusiastic enough to help unleash the potential of each child.

  • Vast academic experience

    We choose tutors with extensive teaching experience and high qualifications, enhancing students' confidence and improving their grades through's customized courses. Knowledge is power!


Help center and FAQs

Discover how to subscribe to our packages, find a suitable tutor, enroll your child in lessons, and learn about the lesson packages at

How will communication be during the lessons?

Communication will be via Zoom or Boteam.

What's the lesson duration?

The duration of the whole session is 60 minutes.

Are there female tutors?

Yes, our entire team is made up of female teachers, and male teachers as well.

Can I change the tutor if I want to?

Yes, if the student does not respond to elmadrasah, we replace it with another.

Will the communication be voice and image or only sound?

Audio and video to ensure student interaction with the school, where all types of communication are available.