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Online course for establishing verbal abilities

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Online course for establishing verbal abilities


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Online course to establish verbal abilities

It aims at acquiring and developing the students’ basic abilities, training in different solving skills and strategies, and learning the basic concepts that will come in the aptitude test, enabling them to pass the aptitude test with excellent grades.

The General Aptitude Test (GAT) aims to measure students’ abilities in mathematics and the Arabic language. The sections of the General Aptitude Test (GAT) are:

Online course to establish verbal abilities consists of:

Quantitative aptitude test

It focuses on:

  • Measurement.
  • Inference.
  • Problem-solving.

It needs basic and simple information as well, it includes 52 questions for scientific disciplines and 30 questions for literary disciplines.

Verbal abilities test

It Focuses on:

  • Understanding and analyzing reading texts.
  • Sentence completion.
  • Verbal analogy.
  • Contextual error.
  • Abnormal vocabulary.

As well, it includes 68 questions for scientific disciplines and 91 questions for literary disciplines.

The course focuses on establishing verbal abilities
Establishing the student to be able to deal with the basics of verbal abilities such as understanding and analyzing reading texts – sentence completion – verbal analogy – contextual error – abnormal singular

Acquisition and development of solutions skills in a verbal ability test – questions of verbal abilities, so training is carried out on verbal abilities questions and their answers
The ability to understand and solve ability groupings – phonetic grouping abilities.
The objective of the course is to establish phonemic abilities.
Beginners in the aptitude test, for students who score less than 75% in the aptitude test.

Features of the verbal abilities building course

context error:

Practice identifying the irregular word in a sentence

Complete the sentences:

Training in understanding the short texts missing forms, and eliciting what you need from the complements to form useful sentences.

Reading comprehension:

Training in understanding and analyzing reading texts, by answering questions related to the content of these texts symmetry.

Training to perceive the relationship between a pair of words at the beginning of the question, and to measure them against their similar counterparts given in the choices.

Odd vocabulary

Practice choosing the odd word out of four.

The phonemic abilities course are established:

Explanation of the basics of verbal abilities – questions of verbal abilities questions of verbal abilities and their answers – a compilation of the latest tests of verbal abilities.
Phonemic abilities combinations:

Training using a combination of verbal abilities, follow-up of the student’s performance, guidance on the correct solution method, and advice and guidance


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