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Physics achievement test online course – Aptitude courses

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Physics achievement test online course – Aptitude courses


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Online Physics Achievement Test Course – Achievement Measurement

Physics achievement test is an achievement measure, it is a standardized scale test for all high school graduates at the level of scientific specialization and literary specialization.

Achievement Test Course Criteria

The achievement test subjects are represented in the scientific department of:

  • Biology.
  • Chemistry.
  • Physics.
  • Mathematics.

The achievement test questions include the three grades of high school in certain percentages:

  1. 20% of the first grade.
  2. 30% of the second grade.
  3. 50% of the third grade.

Where the questions are distributed close to Biology – Chemistry – Physics – Mathematics, while the test is conducted in Arabic.

The target of Physics achievement test online course with

High school students in scientific disciplines – Department of Natural Sciences.

Advantages of a Physics achievement test online course

  • An individual online training course, not a group, through Zoom.
  • Flexibility in choosing appointments – the possibility of setting morning and evening appointments.
  • A personal trainer familiar with the Saudi curriculum will work with you to identify the training needs you want to focus on in my Physics course – My achievement basics.
  • Student placement test: a test before the course to measure the amount of knowledge and information about a physics achievement test
    Organizing an achievement study schedule in Physics that enables you to overcome your weaknesses in the different sections in Physics

The method of training in a physics course – with

  • The training is carried out through physics collections – Physics achievement questions are solved.
  • Providing an achievement book – Physics – that includes samples of Physics collections.
  • Giving advice and guidance while solving physics achievement questions – training is done on tests similar to measurement tests.

Physics course content

  • Training on all sections of the achievement test – achievement physics.
  • Training on the necessary basics that the student requires in a physics achievement test for biology in the secondary stage in the different grades:
    • First secondary.
    • Second secondary.
    • Third secondary.
  • Training to gain confidence, solving skills and performance at a high rate by recognizing the keys to solving physics collections questions.

Physics course topics

  • Introduction to physics.
  • Description of motion.
  • Forces – rotational motion.
  • Thrust and Momentum.
  • Work and Energy – Heat – Fluids – Vibrational Motion.
  • Sound – Light – Reflection and Mirrors.
  • Refraction – Interference and Electricity Part One and Two.
  • Magnetism – Modern Physics Part One and Two – Nuclear Physics.


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