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Learning Disabilities Counseling

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Learning Disabilities Counseling


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Learning Difficulties Counseling Features

Some children may suffer from learning difficulties, and there is no doubt that it is a problem that causes exhaustion among the families, as each family wants its children to be at a good academic level.
Every family often has many questions and inquiries on the subject of learning difficulties and the problem that the son or daughter need a consultant to provide them with the right guidance so that they can find the right path.
Learning difficulties are not a disease, but rather a problem that is due to many factors, and it affects the way the brain deals with information, not only at the academic or educational level, but also at the professional or work level as well as on the level of life in general. Consultation helps every family find the right path.

The goal of the learning difficulties counseling:

Helping families whose children suffer from learning difficulties in scientifically identifying their
child’s problem and it enhances their awareness of the problem, how to deal with their children,
and helping them to reach the best level they can reach.

Advantages of Learning Disabilities Counseling:

⁃ Individual consultations that aim to listen well to you and help you in decision-making .
⁃ Online consultations via Zoom with flexibility in setting your appointment, you can choose either morning or evening appointments.
⁃ Maintaining confidentiality of information.
⁃ Get effective assessment , best practices, and tips to help support children with
learning disabilities.
⁃ The duration of the consultation is one hour.
⁃ We will Understand the situation comprehensively, and help find solutions.
⁃ Complete professionalism in dealing with your advice.


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