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School performance counseling for children and adolescents

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School performance counseling for children and adolescents


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Undoubtedly, every family wants their kids’ academic performance to be at its best.Therefore, is keen on providing performance counseling that supports families in following up on the school performance of their children and adolescents.

Provides school performance counseling for children and adolescents that helps families:

⁃ Knowing the methods of developing and improving school performance and following them with children.
⁃ Identifying the methods of integration between the family and the school, since they are important partners to achieve success.
⁃ Identifying the problems of low school performance for children and adolescents and how to solve them.
The school performance counseling for children and adolescents offered by has many advantages, the most important of which are:
⁃ It provides families with support and assistance to their children to boost their performance of academic achievement in terms of:
⁃ – Knowing the feelings of the children about school homework.
⁃ Helping children study , complete their homework, and create an appropriate study environment.
⁃ Learning methods to encourage children to study in new ways.
⁃ How to identify the problems that affect the performance of children and what are the best performance improvement programs.
School performance counseling for children and adolescents is provided by specialists with
diverse and distinguished experiences to support families in the following points:
– Increasing family awareness of the need to support students to develop their school performance by identifying school problems.
– How to identify the children’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can be supported with appropriate programs to develop school performance.
– How to create a psychological, social and academic atmosphere inside the home to encourage children to study.
– How to develop responsibility towards homework for children.

Our consulting targets

• Parents to provide specialized educational consultations for children – teenagers – kids with learning difficulties
• Young people who are newly experienced and who want to develop themselves and improve their career level
• Young high school graduates who wish to identify their university path and choose the appropriate college for them.

The benefits you get

• Your advice is strictly confidential
• Your problem will not be published on our website or any other platforms.
• Helping you think and build goals and life plans
• Helping develop yourself and your personality
• Guiding parents on ways and skills to deal with educational problems, practical
achievement and learning difficulties for children – teenagers
Consultation time: 1 hour
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