Private Teachers criteria

When it comes to choosing a private teachers, you don’t want to waste your money or your time with frauds or unprofessional teachers!

A good private teacher could level you up in a short time, if he is aware of modern teaching techniques, and passionate about what he does.

On behalf of, as one of the leading educational platforms in the MENA region, We will give you the most crucial points on what to look forward to when you select a tutor.

How do you select successful Private Teachers?

  • A successful teacher has clear goals, working with a clear plan and suitable curriculum with a touch of creativity that is most required.
  • The successful private teacher has a positive attitude towards different situations.
  • The positive spirit is also reflected in the students.
  • It would be better if it was mixed with a dose of vitality.
  • Creativity in a general mood of optimism may lead to the desired goal.
  • The private teacher expects his students to achieve success, as the student needs to trust his abilities and talents and motivate and encourage him in his academic career.
  • A good teacher praises his students, and this is hoped to encourage students and appreciate their efforts in the price range to develop and enlighten them to provide a better level.
  • Always seeks renewal, doesn’t hesitate to renew the blood inside the class, and uses all available methods to remove the atmosphere of boredom.
  • Being in harmony with himself, not be moody, and try to make his decisions intelligently and in balance.
  • There is no need to get confused and let things go smoothly and automatically.
  • The teacher communicates with the parents and is devoted to matters.
  • The successful teacher adapts to the needs of the students, so communicating with them and getting closer is to provide the idea of ways and assistance that will help you in their education and help them overcome the difficulties they may face.
  • Discovering new teaching aids and educational tools, you now have a lot of digital resources and the message of technology and educational applications that will help you to experiment with modern, more stimulating and effective approaches in student education.
  • The private teacher is familiar with the material he is teaching. It is unreasonable to mention primitive mistakes committed by the teacher and insist on them in full view of his students.
  • He tries to deepen the development of his knowledge in the subject he is mentoring.
  • A successful teacher is well-educated and knowledgeable in many fields, It is not enough to have a mathematics teacher and be ignorant of everything that is happening around him.

For those characteristics, innovated new rules of online private tutoring!

Our certified private teachers are the top elite among their fellows.

We have a very diverse environment to empower our students with a very adventurous and profitable learning journey!

We take into consideration also quality verse fees, and design various course packages proper for anyone starting from affordable prices, and offering monthly discounts for early birds!

So what are you waiting for! Like Nelson Mandela said: 

“education is the most powerful weapon!”

So don’t hesitate and start your educational journey with our Private Teachers.

Fines for Private Teachers in UAE 

Private tuition is unlawful and prohibited in the UAE.

Mentors or organisers may have to compensate a considerable penalty of up to AED 50,000 when found remorseful.

In the UAE, all tuition centers are obliged to seek permission from the Ministry of Education or regional economic regulators.

The UAE Public Monetary states that private in-person classes with tutors violate Covid-19 safety measures.

Those in charge of organising private tuition in the UAE, as well as those present, can receive a fine of up to AED 30,000.

Home tutoring sessions with non-immediate family members violate rules, as this includes close contact through face-to-face meetings in private places and home visits.

Inhabitants are called on to adhere to these safety guidelines, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the UAE.

Hence need creates innovation! seeks to fill this gap, and provide one of a kind online tutoring platform authorized and, supported by Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders.

“Our slogan is don’t settle for less!”

Either there is COVID-19 or not, our courses are enduring any distracting factors.

We create our platform to keep the educational process ongoing easily, reachable and unstoppable!

You don’t have to worry after today!

Just join our super educational community and be the part of the most promising students in the Middle East.

Approved tuition centres in Dubai

While private tutoring is unlawful in the Emirates, there are various authorised tuition centres in the UAE you can bring your child to for coaching classes.

In Dubai

  • Carfax Education
    • GCSE.
    • IGCSE.
    • AS level.
    • A level.
    • American.
    • Swiss.
  • Excelencia – ICSC or CBSE curriculum.
  • Gore’s Tutoring.
    • GCSE.
    • IGCSE.
    • AS/A LEVEL.
    • MYP.
    • IB.
    • SAT.
    • ACT and AP.
  • The Tutoring Club – GCSE.
    • IGCSE.
    • IB.
    • CBSE.
    • ICSC.
  • The Mega Brain Training Centre.
    • CBSE.
    • ICSE.
    • IGCSE.
    • GCSE.
  • The Tutoring Centre.
    • IGCSE.
    • GCSE.
    • CBSE.
    • ICSE.
  • Meccademia – CBSE curriculum
  • Kip McGrath – All curricula
  • Knowledge Quotient.
    • IGCSE.
    • GCSE.
    • IB.
    • American
    • AP.
  • MetaMindz Blended Learning – All curricula
  • Sylvan Learning – All curricula

In the conclusion of this article we try to enlighten you more about online private teachers selection standards, flexibility and sustainability of online learning, in a nutshell to be ready for more educational benefits.

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