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Are you looking for a way to improve your grades or simply need some extra help through university private tuition? Private online lessons at UAE universities are the perfect solution! With experienced and qualified teachers, you can get the help you need in a convenient and flexible way. Whether you’re looking for a full course in a particular field or just need some extra support, private online lessons can make a world of difference.

Through some simple steps, you can reach and contact qualified teachers online to help you and answer all your questions about the curriculum with the platform.

therefore, we’re going to cover all the information  you need to know about university private lessons, how you can find private tuition lessons, the average cost of university private tuition in the UAE, how long are private classes for university students, we’re going also to cover all you need to know about platform, what it is, what are the university private classes offered by, and the content of every course.  

How can I find private tuition lessons for university students?

There are many ways you can find a university teacher, such as:

  • You can search online, in the newspaper or even inquire from your friends and family.
  • However, the best way to find a teacher is through using a teaching platform such as UniversityTutor.
  • UniversityTutor is a global educational platform specializing in hundreds of topics.
  • With UniversityTutor, you can find the perfect teacher in minutes and contact them to arrange a free online meeting.
  • You can also get private university classes through the platform.
  • You can take one-on-one university classes that suit your schedule.
  • You can book university private lessons with platform in any of the subjects you would like to take a lesson and start immediately.

What is the average cost of university private tuition in the UAE?

The average cost of private university classes in the UAE is very expensive.

The cost may vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The difference between subjects, as some subjects need more effort, such as languages, which require higher quota prices.
  • The most important factor is the teacher’s experience, the more experienced the teacher, the higher the price.
  • Other important factors include the teacher’s qualifications, the higher the teacher’s qualification, a lot of training courses, studies, and a knowledge of different teaching methods the higher the price of his quota.
  • The price also varies according to the number of hours of the classes.
  • The price is also determined by the teacher’s location, whether it is close to the student’s location, whether he comes to the student’s home or the student goes to his home.

You can overcome the high cost of private university classes and get them via online platform with many different price packages that suit all students.

How long are private classes for university students?

The average duration of tutoring at the university is one hour.

However, some students may choose to take longer or shorter classes depending on their needs and schedules.

Students enrolled in private university lessons must commit to practicing for at least one hour a week outside the class time.

What is platform? website is an educational services site that is interested in connecting teachers and students who try to find the best university private tuition, special courses or online classes.

The platform provides a service for students of all educational levels who wish to receive tutoring in different disciplines from expert lecturers. also offers a wide range of courses in different disciplines for university students who search for private lessons to help them with their studies or projects.

Elmadrasah.Com is a reliable source of information for students who wish to get private tuition in various disciplines from expert professors.

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Why university private tuition with

There are many advantages to taking university private lessons with Emadrasah.Com platform including:

  • First, one-to-one private lessons – not groups of students – with an experienced instructor, so the student can get the best educational experience.
  • This type of lesson is useful for students who want to receive supplementary instruction outside the university.
  • Online university private tuition often covers a wide range of subjects and skills, allowing students to adapt their learning experience to their individual needs and goals.
  • With a smaller number of students, private university classes also provide a more intimate learning environment that can be beneficial to all students.
  • University tutoring is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge on a particular subject.
  • Tutoring gives students the opportunity to receive individual education from a qualified professor familiar with the subject.
  • Tutoring also provides students with an opportunity to ask questions and obtain clarifications on what materials they may experience.
  • In addition, private tutoring gives students the opportunity to get instructions and guidance on how to improve their class performance.
  • Through online university classes with Elmadrasah.Com platform, you can focus on exactly what you need to learn.
  • You can also study at the convenient times for you as you’re allowed to make your course timetable.
  • You can also get help and support from your teacher whenever you need it, as you’re also allowed to contact the course professor at any time.
  •  Finally, you can get a degree or diploma from private university lessons.

What depends on choosing your college in the UAE ?

What are the university private classes offered by

The website provides a range of online university tutoring courses in various sciences and basic languages, which are worked on according to students’ needs, whether to learn a new skill in that science, improve a particular topic or equip them for the labour market, the university lessons offered are:

  1. Statistics.
  2. Calculus.
  3. Programming.
  4. Finance and Economics.
  5. Arabic.
  6. English.

What university private classes in calculus does offer?

The school offers online university classes in calculus, a private professor will cooperate with you according to your chosen program.

Here are some of the most common calculus courses whose study requires understanding the fundamentals of Calculus: 

  1. Calculus course curriculum (1) and Calculus course curriculum (2).
  2. Differential and integral calculus application.
  3. Linear algebra.
  4. Analytical mathematics.
  5. Ordinary differential equations.
  6. Partially differentiated equations.
  7. Differential geometry.
  8. Special abilities.
  9. Mathematical techniques.

University private lessons in Statistics

University private statistics lessons online through platform, the student can choose the course in which he is experiencing difficulties, a skill he needs to improve, or even a specific topic he wants to study.

The main statistical courses are as follows:

  1. Overview of statistics.
  2. Process analysis.
  3. Probabilistic thinking.
  4. Simulation and modeling.
  5. Design and evaluation of experiences.
  6. Statistical theory and reliability theory.
  7. Process management and data analysis.
  8. Quality assurance.

In addition, to mathematics courses such as:

  1. Linear algebra needed to study the Statistics programme.
  2. Differential and integral calculus.
  3. Advanced Calculus.

Does offer courses in medical sciences?

Yes, the school offers courses in medical and biological content to face the difficulty of studying and excelling in it. Arguably, this challenge is caused by the fact that biology is almost connected to everything around us. website therefore offers tutoring for university students in biology and medical sciences to help university students overcome any barriers that prevent them from succeeding and help them prepare for the labor market.

The content of the sessions includes:

  • General biology – the basics of genetics.
  • General Zoology.
  • Medical Botany – General Chemistry.
  • Mycology – Clinical Immunology – histology.
  • Entomology – Microbiology.
  • Biodiversity – Biology.
  • Evolution – Virology.
  • Biological Statistics – Human Physiology.
  • Plant pathology – plant classification.
  • Plant anatomy essentials.

What are the language courses of

Languages are essential subjects that must be well learned because they improve communication chances, increase employment opportunities, and strengthen the student’s linguistic and cognitive structure.

Elmadrasah therefore offers many online university classes to learn different languages from beginner to professional level, including:

  • English course.
  • French language course.
  • Chinese language course.
  • German language course.
  • Japanese language course.
  • Turkish language course.
  • Korean language course.
  • Arabic language course for non-speakers.

Does Elmadrasah.Com provide programming courses?

The development of service phone applications and the use of artificial intelligence in creating work environments have made programming one of the modern-day languages that millions of students learn and adopt as a current and future job.

This attracts many students to contribute to the development of their communities. works to help students through online university private classes by academic lecturers and specialized professors from the best companies in the world of programming and information technology.

The courses contains:

  • Programming fundamentals.
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP).
  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • Algorithm Analysis and Design.
  • Database systems.
  • Software development.
  • Database design (DB design).
  • Systems analysis and design.
  • Software engineering.
  • Encryption – Operating Systems.

Are there private university lessons in finance and economics?

Yes, business management, as well as complex economic and financial concepts and regulations, are all essential in the world of finance and business.

Thus, the website provides online university classes in finance and economics, and is implemented and supervised by Arab economists and financial experts.

The courses include:

  1. Financial Accounting Principles – Business Administration.
  2. Economic resources and their development.
  3. Trade Law – Economics of International Trade.
  4. Macroeconomic principles — analytical economy.
  5. Financial Mathematics
  6. Specialized accounting – cost accounting.
  7. The banking and financial economy – economic policies.
  8. Economics of international trade – stock exchange management.
  9. Operations research in the Department.
  10. Public relations, publicity and advertising.
  11. Insurance assets (persons – general – enterprises).
  12. Principles of development economics and planning.

Are there psychology and sociology courses?

The school has university tutorials in psychology and sociology, which are the studies of mental and social life, and some university students may have difficulties studying them.

As a result, the website offers you online university courses with professors and lecturers with expertise in various fields of psychology so you can learn about the branches and courses of this discipline.

  • Principles of psychology – an introduction to behaviorism.
  • Developmental psychology.
  • Industrial psychology.
  • Criminal psychology.
  • Methods of research in psychology.
  • Social linguistics and psychosocial linguistics.
  • Social psychology – sports psychology.
  • Introduction to clinical psychology.
  • Learning and Knowledge – Psychology – Experimental psychology.
  • Motivations and feedback.

Many students choose to study sociology, a social science, but some face challenges and setbacks along the way. provides assistance to students in removing any barriers that prevent them from succeeding and excelling through private tuition for university students in sociology, which includes:

  • Introduction to sociology.
  • Political sociology – social change.
  • Culture and society – peace and conflict resolution.
  • Anthropology – social psychology.
  • Industrial sociology.
  • Religious sociology.
  • Social problems – social issues – public opinion.
  • Economic sociology – Globalization issues.
  • Sociology of education – social demographic.
  • Technology and Society – Medical Sociology.
  • Crime sociology – violence and terrorism.

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