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Our article today will be about the educational platform for private tutoring Elmadrasah.Com. It is considered to be the best and most powerful platform for private tutoring in the United Arab Emirates. Elmadrasah. com platform for private tutoring was set up to help parents to follow-up with their children, as well as to help anyone who wants to learn any language, to help EmSat’s students pass the tests and to be part of their success story, and to serve clients available 24 hours in order to provide the students with the necessary support, and take care of them.

Why platform is considered as the best and most powerful platform for private tutoring?     

The platform for private tutoring offers a wide range of special courses and lessons online, including children’s development courses in all subjects, special school courses in the United Arab Emirates, including British and American curricula and the Arabian Gulf curriculum. In addition to preparation courses for university tests such as EmSat, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and Saudi capability testing and GMAT test.

The platform also provides a unique and comprehensive educational experience for learners in the Emirates. It is unique in providing a number of features for learners:

Diversity of lessons:

The platform covers various subjects, including science, mathematics, English, Arabic, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, literature, economics and other educational materials. Whether you need help with a specific subject or want to enhance your skills in a particular field, you can find lessons that suit your needs.

Professional teachers:

The platform relies on a group of professional teachers and trainers with experience in teaching different subjects. Teachers are carefully selected to ensure quality and effective education.

University test preparation courses:

If you are preparing for tests such as EmSat, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, Saudi capability and GMAT, you will find specific courses for each. These courses include testing strategies and actual testing to help you achieve excellent results.

Various curricula:

The platform for private tutoring follows official education curricula in the Emirates, including British and American and Arabian Gulf curricula. Whether you study in public or private schools, you can take advantage of lessons that meet your own educational needs.


The platform for private tutoring provides flexibility in scheduling lessons, allowing you to choose the right dates for you. Whether you prefer morning or evening classes, you can coordinate classes according to your personal schedule.

Reductions and offers: The platform offers various cuts and offers to courses and educational bounces. You can use the appropriate prices and private offers to obtain the best value for what you pay.

Distance learning technology:

The platform for private tutoring relies on distance learning technology to provide a smooth and effective learning experience that allows learners to interact directly with teachers and to learn lessons in person.

Individual support:

The platform for private tutoring allows learners to receive individual support from teachers. You can ask questions and get personal guidance. Teachers will help you understand the materials and make the necessary progress in learning.

What are the benefits of private tutoring that is one of the services that offered by the platform?

Private lessons have many importance and benefits, and their importance depends on the needs and objectives of each individual. Here are some of the keys to private lessons:

Allocation of attention:

Private lessons allow full attention from the teacher to the student and focus on his/her needs and individual level. This helps to achieve faster and more effective progress in the learning process.

Improved understanding:

Private lessons can better explain concepts and explain them in a way that is appropriate to the individual student understanding. This increases students understanding of teaching materials.

Promotion of confidence:

When students feel that they are mastered by tutoring, this increases their self-confidence and ability to excel in school or testing.

Flexibility in the table:

Special classes can be arranged according to the student schedule and personal needs. This allows for greater flexibility in learning regardless of daily life’s concerns.

Improving academic performance:

Private classes can help students achieve better grades in examinations and tests, thus improving their academic performance.

Strengthening difficult materials: When students encounter difficult materials or complex concepts, private classes can help them to excel in these subjects through better explanation and additional exercises.

Learning skills development:

Students learn how to think systematically, solve problems and effectively search for information through tutorials.

Stimulating interest:

Teachers in tutorials can devote lessons based on student’s interests and select materials that interest them.

Special support for educational difficulties:

Private classes provide an opportunity for students with learning difficulties to receive additional support and help overcome those difficulties.

In general, private tutoring provides unique learning experience and promote student understanding and academic performance. It helps students better achieve their educational goals and promotes their excellence in the subjects.

Does the platform provide classes for students at the primary level?

Yes, the platform for private tutoring  offers lessons for students at various levels of education, including primary school. The platform for private tutoring  aims to support all students on their educational journey, starting from the early stages. You will find a variety of materials and topics covering primary school curricula, such as science, mathematics, English, Arabic, social studies, etc. The platform for private tutoring also provides specially tailored courses to meet the needs of primary school students. The content is presented in interactive and innovative ways, using images, illustrations and interactive activities to make the learning process fun and interesting for children. Qualified teachers provide support and guidance to students and use various teaching methods to ensure that students understand and make progress. If you are looking for classes for students at the primary level, you can benefit from the teaching materials offered on the Dotcom School stand.

The school also offers special classes for secondary and lower secondary education in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and computer science.

What services are offered for college education?

An on-line private class has been introduced in the courses and courses offered by To meet the needs of university students whether to fill gaps with the educational environment, enhance skills or equip the student for the labor market in accordance with a comprehensive vision developed by teachers and school lecturers. Compiling competent people with practical and academic experience to ensure that the student’s skills are available and compatible with the requirements of the labor market. One of the examples of university-based tutorials available: courses in calculus, financial programming, Arabic-language economics, English-language.

What about language courses? offers a variety of language training courses, such as the English language course – the French language course – the Chinese language course – the German language course – the Japanese language course – the Turkish language course – the Korean language course – the Arabic language course for non-speaking people.

Post-graduate and career courses:

The platform is also concerned with providing training courses on employment, aimed at helping young people and graduates to start their career and professional dreams by providing vocational courses such as: qualification courses for the Emirates Aviation Academy test; preparatory courses for the Adenok employment test; the ICDL course; the EPT, OET, STEP course; and the APTIS exam course.

If you’re looking for an educational platform that offers varied and flexible private lessons, platform for private tutoring may be the right choice for you. You can visit their website for more information and details about the courses and services offered. You can visit their official website at the following link: You will find more information about available courses, prices, registration, and contact details of the platform for private tutoring team for further information and inquiries.

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