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ICDL Course International Computer Driving License

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ICDL Course International Computer Driving License


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Product Information


“ICDL Course” International Computer Driving License course

Course Features

An educational course that helps you to obtain the ICDL certificate, to maintain your career progress and improve your professional and
educational level.

Course overview

The educational course for obtaining the International Computer Driving License (ICDL), targeting all new graduates and workers wishing to
improve their career level or obtain promotions in their field. Though this course, we will help you prepare for obtaining the certificate by teaching you about the basics of dealing with computers and understanding themost important steps To improve your computer skills.

Course features

• The most efficient engineers We provide you with the best and most efficient computer engineers, who give you comprehensive and structured instructions about the computer from A to Z.
• Necessary educational materials provides you with all the necessary educational materials to understand the basics of computers like: educational dictionaries, books, videos, images and infographics.
• Practice We provide you with continuous and sequential exercises to ensure that you are getting the correct training and explanation of the material.
• direct and individual We provide you with an online, direct and individual education course via Zoom on weekly basis with your private tutor.
• permanent support We provide you with all means of support through a professional customer service team.
• Immediate follow up We provide you with continuous monitoring that helps you know your current level and how you are developing during the course, and provide you with ongoing qualifying exams.
• Professionalism and trust is the first virtual website supported by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders.

Program details

The educational course for obtaining the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) includes a well-thought-out and adequate curriculum, which aims to master the use of the computer and know the basics of the computer subject. In addition, you’ll know the most
important steps and tips while using the computer, and the nature of the mechanical device, as well as training on questions related to the ICDL test in the UAE.
The training course includes 8 individual and live sessions, each session is ONE HOUR per week.


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