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The role of preparing for the APTIS exam

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The role of preparing for the APTIS exam


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APTIS exam

The APTIS test aims to measure English language abilities in the four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Where the test aims to measure the performance of the English language in a functional context, which facilitates the measurement of English language skills.

Target of the APTIS Exam

  • The APTIS exam may be required in business organizations with the aim of promoting the right people, identifying job skills, strengths and weaknesses in English.
  • The APTIS exam may be required in ministries and NGOs as a validation tool to determine the training needed by different people.
  • The APTIS exam is also required by some schools or universities-colleges in order to determine the training needs of teachers.
  • Advantages of the APTIS Exam Preparation Course
  • Individual training course online via Zoom, not groups.
  • Flexibility to choose suitable times for you, morning and evening.
  • Dedicated lecturers provide you with guidance, and permanent assessment during and after the course.
  • Practical training strategies for solving sample APTIS Exam questions to gain experience with test questions.
  • Provide notes through which you can easily study after the end of the training course

Content of the APTIS Exam Preparation Course:

  • Grammar and vocabulary APTIS exam
  • Practice English grammar, and use it correctly:
  • Training on four types of special question types:
  • Synonyms with similar meaning.
  • Practice words in context to complete sentences.
  • Training on words matching the definition.
  • Practice words matching grouping – which matches the most frequently used words.
  • Practical training based on APTIS exam questions
  • Practicing the Reading test format
  • Understand sentences, complete them with appropriate words, and choose from multiple choices.




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