Emsat Courses

Emsat online courses

The Emsat Exam qualifies you to prepare for the university admission tests for students of the twelfth grade. The school.com provides you with the necessary support to help you achieve outstanding performance in all sections of the Emsat Exam, through individual online training courses during which work is done to identify the training needs of each student Through placement tests with a dedicated teacher who works with you to implement a training strategy just for you.

Madrasah.com offers preparation courses for English language evenings – Arabic language lessons – mathematics evenings – chemistry evenings – physics evenings – biology evenings – computer science evenings.

Features of emsat’s courses

The preparation courses for the emsat test are distinguished with the school.com

Online courses – individual classes – through Zoom.
The possibility of choosing suitable dates for you – morning appointments – evening appointments.
A dedicated tutor who provides you with guidance and continuous assessment throughout the course.
Providing an Emsat book that helps you to study outside the training course.
Training in solving questions from the previous yesterday’s test models on the various test sections.
Providing yesterday’s reviews offers that contain a number of training sessions – the training session is an hour

Emsat Courses