Preparation course for Emsat physics test

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Preparation course for Emsat physics test

This Emsat physics course targets high school students in their senior year with the aim of passing the university admission in colleges or universities and it also targets scholarship students and those who want to pursue Postgraduate studies, masters and PhD.

The Preparation course for EmSat Physics test is accredited by the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for Small Enterprises Development.

Advantages of Preparation course for Emsat physics test:

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    Educational materials

    Providing all educational materials and explanations necessary to understand the

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    Intensive training courses

    Providing EmSat Physics courses that contain a number of sessions, each session is an hour.

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    Continuous training

    Practice from the EmSat exam models and Acquiring strategies and skills for solving exam

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    Customized for you

    A tutor specially for you with the flexibility in setting your schedule (morning/night

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    Experienced teacher

    Experienced Emsat teachers who are very skillful with an action plan that covers

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    Online individual courses

    1 hour of training for each session online conducted via Zoom – individual reviews not

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Why Emsat physics course with is your best choice? team works on two very cretical factors: High efficiency and credibility, as we rely on physics teachers who are experts in physics and who are familiar with the local curricula in the UAE as well as the developments of physics globally, so preparation for emsat physics with is your destination to excel in the emsat physics test.

To register for the EmSat Physics Course, You can join and book the Regular courses or the intensive courses.

EmSat Physics Test:

It is one of the emsat tests offered by the UAE, which is concerned with evaluating the academic level in EmSat Physics for twelfth-grade students and assessing the extent of students’ readiness for university admission tests – this EmSat Physics is at the level of colleges universities all over the United Arab Emirates.

You can learn about the duration of the EmSat test and enroll in it:

  • The session:
    one training hour – the number of training hours is 12 hours, you can choose between.
  • Intensive training course:
    Duration: two weeks – study daily – class duration – one hour of training.
  • Regular course:
    Duration one month – Study: 3 times a week – The duration of the class is an hour of training Objectives of the preparatory course for the EmSat physics test.

Preparation course for Emsat physics content:

here’s a list of course content that’ll be discussed during the course’s sessions:

Foundations of physics

Training in understanding and applying the basic properties of triangles and vectors to solve problems related to them by focusing on:

  • Units.
  • Trigonometry.
  • Scalar and vector quantities.
  • Addition and subtraction of vectors.
  • Vectors as compounds.
  • Addition of vectors by compounds.


Training in understanding and application – describing motion of bodies, analyzing forces, and applying principles of quantum motion by focusing on:

  • Displacement.
  • Velocity and velocity – acceleration.
  • Equations of motion.
  • Uniform acceleration.
  • Free fall – graphic representation of velocity and acceleration.
  • Projectiles – Newton’s laws of motion.
  • Gravitational force – applications of Newton’s laws of equilibrium – uniform circular motion.
  • Centripetal acceleration – Centripetal force – Momentum conservation principle – Collision in one dimension – Collision in two dimensions.


Training in understanding and application – the ability to solve problems using types of energy and the relationship between them by focusing on:

  • General thermometers.
  • Kelvin scale of degree – specific heat and capacity – latent heat – work done by a constant force.
  • work theory energy and kinetic energy – gravitational potential energy – conservation of mechanical energy.


Training in understanding and application – the ability to solve problems in the application of electrical laws and electrical circuits by focusing on:

  • Charged bodies and electric force.
  • Coulomb’s law.
  • Electric field.
  • Potential difference – Ohm’s law – Resistance and specific resistance.
  • Conduction in series – Conduction in parallel.
  • Circuits in series and parallel – Measurement of current and voltage.


Training in understanding and application – basic knowledge of magnetic properties and the reasons for their existence with the link to electric charges and their movement by focusing on:

  • Magnetic field – The force acting on a magnetic field on a moving charge – Motion of charged particles in a magnetic field.
  • Electromotive force and induction current.
  • Electric generator – Transformers.

Waves and modern physics

Explanation of the variation in the properties of waves – wavelength and frequency and its link to energy inside the nucleus of an atom and particles outside the nucleus of an atom by focusing on:

  • Explanation of the variation in the properties of waves – wavelength and frequency and its link to energy inside the nucleus of an atom and particles outside the nucleus of an atom by focusing on:
  • Destructive constructive interference of sound waves – Diffraction – Standing transverse waves.
  • Long-standing waves – Nature of electromagnetic waves – Speed ​​of light – Polarization.
  • Reflection of light – Formation of images by a plane mirror – Spherical mirrors images by spherical mirrors.
  • Mirror equation and magnification equation – Lenses – Formation of images with lenses – Structure of lenses.
  • Spectra – Bohr model of the hydrogen atom – Quantum mechanics representation of the hydrogen atom.
  • Structure of the nucleus – Nuclear force and stability of the nucleus – Mass of the nucleus Nuclear binding energy – Radioactivity.

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Advantages of EmSAT Online Courses has many advantages that make it the best and optimal choice, including the

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