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Preparation course for Emsat English test

Emsat english course targets high school students in their senior year with the aim of passing the university admission in colleges or universities and it also targets scholarship students and those who want to pursue Postgraduate studies, masters and PhD.

Advantages of the EmSat English course:

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    Educational materials

    Providing all educational materials and explanations necessary to understand the

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    Intensive training courses

    Providing EmSat courses that contain a number of sessions, each session is an hour.

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    Continuous training

    Practice from the EmSat exam models and Acquiring strategies and skills for solving exam

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    Customized for you

    A tutor specially for you with the flexibility in setting your schedule (morning/night

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    Experienced teacher

    Experienced Emsat teachers who are very skillful with an action plan that covers

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    Online individual courses

    1 hour of training for each session online conducted via Zoom – individual reviews not

Once you register, one of our representatives will contact you to set the appropriate study
schedule for you with appointments (morning / evening) and follow-up 24/7

Why do you review the EmSAT English test with

The high credibility and professionalism of in providing EmSAT training and working alone with an EmSAT English teacher to raise the student’s level in all aspects of the language and providing an emsat test at the end of the preparation course to measure the student’s progress in the topics that have been taught. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply in preparation course for English touches.

To register for the EmSat English Course, You can join and book the Regular courses or the intensive courses.

Goals of the EmSat English course – EmSat English

The EmSat English course qualifies you to obtain high EmSat results through English EmSat practice on EmSat english exam questions in:


English Grammar – Vocabulary



Sentence Building



Cloze reading


EmSat English Test:

It qualifies you to pass the Emirates standard test, EmSat for university admission, which aims to evaluate the development of English language skills.

What you will learn from emsat english course:

  • Extended Reading and writing It also focuses on:1. Proficiency in English grammar in EmSat practice on questions from previous EmSat exams models.
    2. Acquire the skills of the best ways to answer the questions of the EmSat English exam (complete – multiple choice – filling the blanks).
    3. Training on the largest amount of English vocabulary and words expected in the EmSat test.
    4. Professionalism in building sentences in the English language free of grammatical errors with guidance and evaluation to know the correct sentences.
    5. Training on how to write paragraphs in the English language – writing multiple paragraphs from beginning to end based on actual EmSat templates and training on guessing missing syllables from paragraphs by practicing on real.
  • EmSat questions – emsat english practice:1. Acquiring the skills of reading paragraphs and writing texts with practicing in proper pronunciation through guidance and evaluation of sounds and arranging ideas by applying to me on the EmSat exam practice.
    2. Acquisition of Cloze Reading skills: which aims to fill the blanks and passages with the correct words to measure the student’s ability to understand the vocabulary within the paragraph.
    3. Acquisition of Extended Reading and writing skills: which aims to measure students’ reading, writing and oral skills – – from the EmSat exam questions – English EmSat exam model.

Why Emsat courses from

icon is the first virtual school concerned with solving students’ problems, and
seeks to help them pass their exams, qualify them in proportion to the labor market, and
build a generation of young people capable of facing the difficulties of both learning and

The purpose of the Emsat online courses

  • Mastering


    Eficient teachers in the materials they provide, give students the full opportunity
    to broaden their horizons, know all the information necessary to be the best among
    his colleagues, and pass the EmSAT exams without repetition.

  • Learning


    We do not just receive information; Rather, we provide individual and direct
    training courses, which help students to understand the material easily and

  • Flexibility


    We offer flexible morning or evening appointments to suit the circumstances and
    needs of students and parents.

  • Competitive prices

    icon gives continuous discounts and offers on Emsat online courses.


Advantages of EmSAT Online Courses has many advantages that make it the best and optimal choice, including the

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    Starting the Course a day after you book it with Flexible schedules.

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    Materials and explanations for all Emsat materials.

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    Interactive and direct courses between the student and the teacher.

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    Professional tutors who use advanced educational methods.

Emsat courses offered on

  • 1

    English Emsat

    We provide a set of interactive and participatory sessions between the teacher and the
    student to pass the EmSAT English test.

  • 2

    Arabic Emsat

    Emsat Arabic course is characterized by the best techniques and explanations for the Arabic
    language and its branches such as (grammar, reading, writing, texts and morphology).

  • 3

    Biology Emsat

    We provide the best course to qualify the student to obtain the highest grades and pass the
    EMSAT Biology Exam in the United Arab Emirates

  • 4

    Chemistry Emsat

    It qualifies the student to understand and pass the EmSAT test, obtain the highest grades,
    and enroll in the university he wishes to enroll in.

  • 5

    Mathematics Emsat

    We provide a set of direct, effective explanations and exercises to understand mathematical
    equations and explain the branches of mathematics such as algebra, geometry and

  • 6

    Computer Emsat

    We provide a set of smart seminars that help to understand the basics of programming, to
    pass the computer Emsat exams without repetition.

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