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Preparation course for Emsat chemistry test

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Preparation course for Emsat chemistry test


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Preparation course for Emsat chemistry test – Overview

EmSat Chemistry test: The EmSat UAE test for university admission in Chemistry. It’s a test that measures the efficiency of grade 12 students in chemistry and determines their readiness to enter colleges -the duration of the emsat chemistry test is 90 minutes consists of 40 questions in the following

  • Matter and its properties.
  • energy.
  • force.
  • law of conservation of matter.

The types of questions in the Emsat Chemistry test are:

  • MCQ – choose more than one correct answer.
  • Fill in the blank.
  • Drag and drop.

Advantages of the EmSat Chemistry course

  • is an emsat training institute specialized in providing emsat courses online.
  • Online individual Emsat chemistry courses conducted via zoom and not group courses.
  • Flexibility in setting your schedule: you can choose morning classes or night classes.
  • Experienced Emsat chemistry teacher who are very skilful. They use modern educational methods and tools that suit the needs of the student Providing all educational materials and explanations necessary to understand the subject.
  • Constant and periodic follow-up for the students’ performance.
  • Providing an Emsat chemistry book that helps you to study outside the training course.
  • Providing Emsat chemistry courses that contain a number of sessions, each session is an hour.
  • The preparation course for EmSat Chemistry is accredited by the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for Small Enterprises Development.

Why Emsat chemistry course with is your best decision ? team mix two very important principles : High quality and credibility, as we rely on Emsat chemistry teachers who are experts in chemistry and who are familiar with the local curricula in the UAE as well as the developments of chemistry globally, so preparation for Emsat chemistry with is your destination to excel in the Emsat chemistry test.

Once you have completed your registration process for the preparation course, you will be contacted by a representative of team to determine your suitable weekly program according to the dates (morning / evening) and periodic follow-up is provided 24 hours/week.

Sections of the preparatory course for the EmSat exam in Chemistry:

First: Matter and its properties represented between 55 to 65% of the emsat chemistry test

  • Chemistry and its importance in our lives.
  • scientific methods.
  • Appropriate units of measurement and conversion between them.
  • Sources, types and effect of measurement error.
  • Classification and properties of different materials.
  • Matter transformations and the changes accompanying them.
  • The development of atomic theories over time, leading to modern theory.
  • Atomic structure and distribution of electrons, protons, and neutrons in an atom.
  • Atomic spectra and their various applications.
  • Atomic structure.
  • Properties of different elements based on their position in the periodic table.
  • The periodic law for tracking changes in both the physical and chemical properties of the elements in the periodic table.
  • Volume, temperature, pressure and amount of gas Relationships between the four gas variables – volume, temperature, pressure, and amount of gas and their calculations of Solubility and the factors affecting it.
  • Qualitative and quantitative properties of solutions The electronic structure of the carbon atom.
  • The diversity of organic compounds in terms of shape, size, chemical and physical properties.
  •  Classifications of organic compounds in terms of The main functional groups.
  •  Types of reactions of the main organic compounds and their applications.

Second: Energy, force and the law of conservation of matter, which represents between 35 to 45% of the Emsat Chemistry test

  • Ionic bonds – polar bonds – covalent bonds – polar bonds
  • Synthesis of different molecules.
  • The mole and its applications.
  • The relative composition of the chemical compounds.
  • Empirical and molecular formulas for chemical compounds.
  • Percentage of chemical reaction product.
  • Acids and bases are strong and weak
  • pH – pH
  • Titration and its applications in calculating concentrations of solutions.
  • Effect of common ions, buffer solutions and self


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