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The Foundational emsat Mathematics course

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The Foundational emsat Mathematics course


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Objectives of the Foundational emsat Mathematics course

The Mathematics Foundation course contains the basics of mathematics in the various branches of mathematics, which helps to overcome the weaknesses of students to obtain the highest grades in mathematics evenings in the different departments of algebra, geometry and statistics, as it contains lessons in the mathematics curriculum.

The target of the Foundational emsat Mathematics course

  • Students who want to improve their Arabic language skills and level to prepare for the Emsat Arabic exam
  • Eleventh grade students who want to strengthen their Arabic language skills to prepare for the Emsat Arabic Exam
  • Advantages of the foundation course for Mathematics
  • An individual online course, not in a group
  • Flexibility to choose suitable dates – morning appointments – evening appointments
  • Studying with highly experienced teachers in developing an appropriate training plan to raise the academic level of students
  • Mathematics placement test in order to know your academic level and develop a customized training plan for you
  • Practical training in Arabic language skills.
  • Continuous assessment and guidance of students’ performance to develop their Arabic language skills
  • Providing study materials that help students study outside the classroom

Content of the Foundational emsat Mathematics course

  • Define numbers and operations on them
  • Definition of groups of numbers (natural, integer, relative, real, and mark and their different classifications)
  • Algebra, real functions, and mathematical analysis
  • Introduction to algebra and real functions
  • Analyze and simplify algebraic expressions
  • Discrete mathematics, logic and mathematical inference
  • Solve practical problems on composition, shapes and counting methods
  • Solve systems of linear equations, use matrices and determinants, and represent the solution algebraically and geometrically
  • Compare relations and functions, properties of real functions and their types, and find their domain and range
  • Calculate the volumes of solids and find their lateral and total areas
  • Using geometric relations (Pythagorean theorem – similarity of triangles – intersection of a straight line with two parallel lines) solving problems
  • Learn about differential and integral calculus and its applications
  • Sum of arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Training questions for practical application to gain experience in emsat Mathematics


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