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The Foundational Emsat Arabic Course

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The Foundational Emsat Arabic Course


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Objectives of the emsat Arabic online foundation course

  • The emsat Arabic online foundation course aims to strengthen and develop students’ skills in the Arabic language and to overcome weaknesses, especially in:
    • Grammar.
    • Morphology.
    • Reading comprehension.
    • Writing tasks.
    • Analysis of ideas.
  • The target of the course to establish Arabic evenings.
  • Students who want to improve their Arabic language skills and level to prepare for the Emsat Arabic exam.
  • Eleventh grade students who want to strengthen their Arabic language skills to prepare for the Emsat Arabic Exam.

Advantages of the emsat Arabic online foundation course

  • An individual online course, not in a group.
  • Flexibility to choose suitable dates – morning appointments – evening appointments.
  • Studying with highly experienced teachers in developing an appropriate training plan to raise the academic level of students.
  • A placement test in the Arabic language with the aim of knowing your academic level and developing a customized training plan for you.
  • Practical training in Arabic language skills.
  • Continuous assessment and guidance of students’ performance to develop their Arabic language skills.
  • Providing study materials that help students study outside the classroom.

The content of the foundational emsat Arabic course

  • Training on acquiring multiform text reading skills such as narrative, informational, literary texts….etc.
  • Foundation in grammar and morphology by practicing many practical applications that help you acquire the skills to use grammar rules correctly through practical exercises with guidance and assessment for students.
  • Continuous assessment and guidance to find out common mistakes made by students.
  • Practice writing assignments correctly in terms of spelling and grammar while learning the correct way to start with writing assignments.
  • Training in analyzing ideas and understanding vocabulary in written paragraphs.
  • The training is conducted in a practical and applied manner in order to achieve the establishment and acquisition of skills to deal with the Arabic language.


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