All you need to know about EMSAT registeration

İf you were a 12 grade Student who lives in united arab emirates, you might be concerned about EMSAT registeration, The Test have variable dates through the year, first of all you have to know what is achieve test and why it is important for your future academic admission.

What is the EMSAT achieve test?

An online test based on national standards for measuring and evaluating the performance of twelfth grade students in the United Arab Emirates in (Arabic – English – mathematics – physics – biology – chemistry and computer science). 

EMSAT registeration

You could check for more information about emsat preparation in our emsat collection courses where you will find a significant packages of subjects preparation courses:

  • One-to-one lessons Class 
  • duration of the class is one hour
  • Morning appointments 
  • Highly qualified specialized teachers

 The test will take place in centers approved by the Ministry of Education.

The main advantage of achieve test is for :

  • high school graduates who want to join university.
  • A student who has completed his national service and wants to enroll in a university.
  • An employee wants to get a promotion according to the requirements of the employer.
  • A graduate from a university and wants to get a job according to the requirements of the employer.
  • Those who wish to complete their higher studies (Masters and Ph.D.

You can check this emsat practice roadmap.

For the current year 2022 EMSAT registeration available dates are:

1 15 january
2 29 january
3 12 february 
4 12 march
5 26 march
6 28 march
7 28 may
8 11 june
9 25 june

EMSAT registeration

in order to EMSAT registeration the test you have to know that

  • There are 4 mandatory subjects you have to take for their exams.
  •  It’s available to you dividing the subjects’ days while registration and not to take all the exams on the same day.
  • There is no failure score for the test, instead it is a measure of skills and knowledge, based on each university’s different admission criteria.
  • The exam result is declared within 3 weeks after the date of the exam, and then you will receive a text message confirming its declarence, But you need to make sure that you record all the certificate issuance data and pay the fees in advance.
  • test results are valid for 18 months from the day of the test and the certificate is valid for use during this period.

Here are 12 tips to get the most of emsat training online.

EMSAT registration steps:

  • ‏ First step Click at the hyperlink below:

  • Then click the registration bar under registration steps for emsat achieve.
  • After choosing it a new screen will show up select the button called achieve category
  • The next screen will show up asking you “ do you have an EMSAT account or have you registered before through your school or university?, select “ no i don’t have an account.
  • The next screen will ask you to type your Emirates ID number, write it accurately.
  • The next step will be to verify that an OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your EID (registered on ICA).
  • After clicking “Send OTP” you will receive a pop up message that your security code has been sent successfully, check your mobile phone for 6- digit code.
  • After verifying the OTP you must Fill in the required fields accurately.
  • You may select any of the listed institutions if you have their acceptance.
  • Assure using an accessible personal email.
  • An activation link will be sent to your registered email (check inbox and junk mail.
  • Confirm your mobile number and set your complex password (use upper cases and lower cases, numbers, symbols, and at least consist of 8 characters).
  •  Kindly note: All “self-registered” students’ accounts will be inactive until the chosen school activates their accounts.
  •   Candidates will receive an email and SMS notification once activated/ deactivated.
  • In case of deactivation, your application will automatically list you under Emirati School HQ which allows you to book at our main test centres (Emirati School HQ, Ajman Training Center and RAK Assessment Center)
  • After activation, you may login to your portal (If an error message occurs, refresh or retype the link: ).

Here’s a list of all emsat test centres.

Achieve student portal

  •  After completing activation your account you will log to your portal through the previous link,
  • This upper section of the portal is very crucial for you to carefully go through, as it lists a number of important information.
  • Once emsat result is uploaded, your certificate will be available. Then you will have the option to permit three selected institutions to view your results (from the below drop-down menu).
  • “Total Exams Credit” is referring to the credits you may book for any test without going through payment process, in case of:
  • Cancelling before the closing date.
  • Rescheduling from the MOE side.
  • Any other special cases confirmed by MOE.
  • You may select your preferable available test subject, test date, shift and test centre.
  • Check the certifying box Submit
  • After submitting and confirming your booking, the page will automatically take you to the payment gateway; click “Pay using G3 e-Dirham Cards”
  • Select “Non-E-Dirham Card”, then confirm
  • Once confirmed, you will be able to see the detailed purchased service, click“Proceed with Payment
  • Fill in your card details, then click “Pay now”.
  • On the next page, you only need to click “Submit”
  •  don’t leave the payment page until it redirects you back to your portal. By that, you have successfully confirmed your booking.
  • When the payment process is completed the confirmation page will appear on your screen.

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