emsat practice roadmap

For many grade 12 students emsat practice might be a dilemma, but the whole thing that makes it unobvious for many students is how to manage it? Or do they need a mentor? How much time do they need for preparation? Any other related questions, to the most critical phase for high school seniors.

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What does elmadrasah.com offer for emsat achieve senior year students through our emsat practice courses?

  • A supportive learning environment, where you can learn the basic skills for achieving high scores.
  • Daily follow up, in aim to teach you how to time manage and stick to the study plan.
  • Non-judgemental mentors, we accept our students no matter their skills and their capabilities.
  • Flexibility in setting up your course schedule.
  • Our classes are no longer than one hour, in order to make it time savvy, and keep the student attention span for a suitable time.

We give priority to our students’ sake, so don’t hesitate to contact us, whenever you feel lost or searching for a wise mentorship to achieve your goals!

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Emsat practice roadmap

There are simple tricks in planning your first step to emsat preparation, where we can give you a sneak peek at how to manage emsat practice:

1- What should you do at first?

You have to understand that the emsat preparation was designed to assess all the skills and basic knowledge you had acquired through the years you had spent in school for grade 1 until grade 12.

2- Paying attention to all the steps of the study emsat courses

It is recommended to work on mastering all the skills and basic steps of the smart study routine; which includes preparing materials for the study, attending classes, reviewing, discussing with your mentor, and making sure that the information presented is correctly understood, as mastering these steps correctly increases the opportunity to learn effectively and efficiently.

3- Choosing a suitable place to study emsat courses

It is also recommended for 12 grade students, to carefully choose the place of study that  most suits them; a quiet place may not always be the most suitable for studying, as some people tend to focus on studying in noisy places, others prefer studying while listening to quiet music, while others tend to study in quiet places such as the library.

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4- Play the role of the teacher

You could role-play as your own teacher, try to explain the material in your own words as if you were the teacher, whether when studying individually or in a group; explaining the material out loud to another person makes it easier to memorise the information, and stuttering during the explanation reveals weaknesses, and examples can be given and linking between different concepts of the material.

In addition to the possibility of doing a self-exam in order to evaluate yourself.

5- Determining a specific time to study emsat preparation

It is preferable to organise study times and follow an appropriate study schedule; this contributes to turning the study into a habit, and it is recommended to review regularly to better retain the information.

6- Summarising emsat courses

Summarising information is an appropriate way to ensure that the information is properly understood. Summarising also helps memorise information faster and easier.

7- Take short breaks

It is recommended to take breaks during study sessions to eat snacks or practise a particular hobby, and to stay away from studying for long hours. Professor Marty Lobdel, Professor of Psychology and Undergraduate Study Skills at Pierce College in Washington state, has developed strategies to help students facilitate the process of memorisation and learning.

The most important of which is setting a study schedule, and dividing study sessions for periods ranging from 20-30 minutes per session.

You could use a pomodoro application in order to divide your time properly, and evaluate your achievements.

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8- Commitment to attending emsat practice classes

It is recommended that the student attend all his lectures and classes, and maintain his concentration during the lectures, that will guarantee you more revision and repeating of information.

9- Taking short notes

Taking notes during classes contributes to better memorising information, with the need to review it constantly and quickly after each study class.

10- Organise written notes visually

Notes and key points taken during the class can be organised using specific colours or a specific outline to make it easier to remember information quickly.

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11- Enjoying a positive attitude

The positive and enthusiastic interest in studying is one of the reasons for success in achieving the goals.


The emsat practice is not complicated as you might think about it. The right selection of your mentor, and the preparation materials will make it an interesting and enthusiastic journey for you. Whenever you feel bored or tired keep your eyes on the prize always,and remember that elmadrasah.com is your right destination whenever you feel lost!

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