Is it possible to redo emsat in the UAE?

A Lot of students are wondering if it’s possible to redo emsat in case of missing the test or getting an undesirable score. since it’s not eligible to be enrolled in the United Arab Emirates university without A certificate of emsat pass, As it’s essential to be evaluated through it.

In sake of the goodness of students and caring for their future, the higher united arab emirates ministry of education declared that, a re-do of the test will be held for students who were absent, and for students who failed the test the past year,  yet they are not entitled to claim the grades they obtained and that it will be completely deleted before the redo emsat to be eligible to enter the test this year.

There are many cases where you can redo emsat whole test or subjects you didn’t attend and here is a list of it

  • In the first case, if the student choose the date of entering the first test and after registering for the test, and the student is absent from taking the exam and did not provide an acceptable excuse, this student will be registered in the absence record and will be unable to perform the test in the subjects that the student was absent from until the redo emsat exam  will be opened in the subjects he was absent in it.
  •  Second case, It will be allowed for the students who were absent from the previous exam after registering and choosing the day, but provided an acceptable excuse as an emergency circumstance to redo emsat test , it is required that this student submit a request that he was unable to attend the test via the “EMSAT” exam website, and the reason for the absence from performing the exam is required to be clarified.

It is necessary to attach all documents that indicate the existence of this excuse, such as attaching a sick certificate in the episode of illness, provided that this certificate is documented by the competent governmental authorities and approved by the Ministry of Health, and then the application that the student submitted is reviewed, and he is informed of the decision taken by the Ministry regarding acceptance excuse.

  • As for the emsat score, it is not counted in the student’s certificate, bearing in mind that the high school certificate will not be issued without the student studying the Ministry of Education’s syllabus performing the test.

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How to pass the EMSAT test easily and from the first attempt?

In order to pass the test, you must practice for hours on all the different types of questions that make up the test, and this is what the courses offered by offer courses in all The subjects: (Arabic Language- English Language – Physics – Mathematics)

redo emsat

redo emsat

Each course consists of 12 lectures; Each lecture is a full hour, the course is broadcast live via the Zoom program, our courses are individual and  not in groups, for the sake of more caring and concentration with each student in his/her critical phase of passing to his/her future academic life.

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How do you re-book the exam?

If a student wants to re-book the exam to join the university or apply for scholarships or for any other purpose, he should send an email to [email protected] then:

  • Define the subject
  • Define the Emirate
  • ID photos
  • phone number
  • email
  •  ThenThey will inform you with the soonest re-exam date will be available.

Exam Entry Fees:

  • There is no fee for entering the exam if you are a 12th grade student for the first time, and for each time then it will be 100 AED per subject when repetition.
  •  Non-UAE citizen students shall pay 300 AED for the first time and 100 AED for each subject upon return.
  •  As for the students who are not in the twelfth grade,  it will be 250 AED for the first time and for each subject upon repetition.

Exam entering instructions :

  •  It is strictly forbidden to bring any family member to the test centers and no family member is allowed to be in the waiting rooms.
  •  Students must be committed to precautionary measures and social distancing between the student and anyone else at a distance of not less than two meters.
  •  Immediately after the finishing of the exam, leave the center immediately and no student is allowed to be in the halls after completing the exam.
  •  They are allowed to use a calculator and must bring their own.
  • The student should bring only the allowed essential tools with him/her.
  •  Bring a copy of your valid and unexpired ID card.
  •  The student’s temperature is measured in front of the thermal camera, and any student who shows symptoms similar to those of the Coronavirus will be prevented from entering the exam hall.
  • Tests are held at approved and designated test centers located throughout the United Arab Emirates.
  •  You will receive a text message indicating the availability of test results, knowing that the test result appears fifteen days after the twelfth grade students and ten days for graduates of previous years, from the date of taking the test.
redo emsat

redo emsat

Here are important tips that increase the  your success rate in the re-do :

  • It is important to understand the topics by reviewing the contents, question forms, appendices/datasheets, etc., which are provided in the test specification for each topic.
  • you can collect the necessary notes, textbooks, prints, etc. from previous years of study. Emsat Achieve Test focuses on the basics and essentials required to enter a university or college.
  • So it is best to have previous year test books and notes to achieve a great score which are preparatory courses provided on our website.
  • EMSAT courses will help you prepare for The exam by getting enough information about it in all its sections and the specific subject you want to pass, as well as by practicing the exam samples.

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