EMSAT achieve test dates

About the EMSAT dates , the United Arab Emirates ministry of education has set 13 different emsat dates for the emsat achieve test during the current academic year, so its sessions will be on Saturday, between January 15 and the next 25 June, between them are nine emsat dates. 

 so that each month intersperses two emsat dates (January, February, March, April and June), and includes the month of May as one appointment, and each appointment includes four exam sessions, and the duration of each session is two and a half hours.

Below their the announced emsat dates for the test:

1 15 January
2 29 January
3 12 February 
4 12 march
5 26 march
6 28 march
7 28 May
8 11 June
9 25 June

Who is eligible for taking the EMSAT achieve test?

  • High school graduates who wish to join the university
  • Students who have completed their national service and wish to continue their university studies. 
  • The employee who is ambitious to obtain a promotion, according to the requirements of the private employer. 
  • University graduates who want to get a job.
  • Those who wish to upgrade to higher studies (Masters or PhD).

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What is the EMSAT achieve test?

You could consider achieve test as your green card to enter a respectful university in the United Arab Emirates

  • It is a high-level test that measures the student’s skills and abilities in several subjects, including (English, Arabic, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science), all according to the objective of the test.
  • The tests are administered in accredited test centers in higher education institutions or in computer laboratories spread across schools, according to the target group of the test.
  • Recently EMSAT has grabbed a lot of students and their parents’ attention as it has become of the same importance as the (TOEFL) and (IELTS) tests inside the country in numerous universities.

What are the required subjects for the emsat achieve test?

The subjects required to be performed in the (achieve) test are the following four subjects

  • Arabic language: The Arabic language is composed of three sections: Reading section: 35 minutes including the instructions. Section of the structure of language and vocabulary:  35 minutes. Writing section: 50 minutes. Thus, the total for the Arabic language test is 120 minutes.


  • EmSAT Mathematics tests examine the student in 3 basic skills: algebra, statistics and geometry
  • The test consists of 40 questions, within 90 minutes, and the form of the test is in the form of multiple questions and fill in the blanks.


  • Physics tests the student in several skills.
  • mechanics, waves and optics, thermophysics and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.
  • Details of Physics Exam Questions on Science and Technology.
  •  The questions focus on scientific methodology and measurements in terms of scientific tools used in data collection and scientific measurements and measurements. Science, Engineering, and Technology.
  • Earth and space sciences: Where the questions focus on Earth science and human activity, Earth systems, and the Earth in the universe.
  • Life sciences: living organisms, molecular and functional structure, genetics and biological evolution, ecosystems in terms of dynamic interactions and energy.
  • Natural Sciences: materiality and transformations, mechanics and electromagnetism, waves and optics.
  • Mechanics: This generally includes translational motion, rotational motion, and fluid mechanics.
  • Waves and optics: This generally includes the study of electromagnetic and mechanical waves, and engineering and physical optics.
  • Thermal physics and thermodynamics.
  • Modern Physics: It includes the theory of relativity and its applications.
  • Quantum physics and atomic physics.

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Chemistry exam focuses on the following main topics


EmSAT Biology test focuses on the following main topics: 

  • From Molecules to Living Organisms, Structure and its Function, genetics and genetic technology, Evolution and diversity of life Ecology, Connectivity, Energy, and Dynamics.
  • Test duration: 90 minutes 
  • Number of questions: 50 
  • Result range: 500° ≤ 1500+ 
  • The calculator is allowed to be used in the Biology test.

Computer Science

Java Computer Science – Java exam focuses on the following main topics:

  • computing systems 
  • computing networks 
  • Arithmetic thinking 
  • Programming and Problem Solving (Java) 
  • computing effect
  • It’s a multiple-choice test.
  • Test duration: 120 minutes 
  • Number of questions: 100 
  • Result range: 500 degrees + 1500 degrees 
  • The calculator is allowed in the computer science tests
  • Computer Science – C++: exams focus on the following main topics: 
  • computing systems 
  • computing networks 
  • Arithmetic thinking 
  • Programming and Problem Solving 
  • (C++) computing effect
  • Computer Science – Python: test focuses on the following main topics: 

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