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emsat arabic : The United Arab Emirates government decided to carry on its shoulders the burden of development of the Emirati educational system. You may have noticed the great mutation in the UAE education ranking between the major countries. It occupies the 27th place in the world ranking and the 1st place between the Arab countries. It has 3 universities which could occupy 3 places in the best 500 universities all over the world. They take clear steps towards being remarkable in the field of education. For sure, that benefited all other fields like health, scientific research, technology, industry and so on. A major step in this inspiring journey was developing a special testing system for its students to make sure of graduating distinguished students in all fields. One of these testing systems is emsat arabic . If you are interested in understanding all about emsat arabic, follow this article.

emsat test:

emsat test is the national Emirates Standardized Test. It is a computer-based or electronic exam that measures skills of students in definite subjects.

Importance of emsat test: 

The UAE education experts found this way to follow-up the quality and functioning of schools and teachers alike, which in turn helps the responsibles to develop the educational system. It is an important step for students to join a university in the United Arab Emirates, especially, if their scores in grade 12 are not as good as wanted. 

Types of emsat test:

1- Baseline tests: measure knowledge of kindergarten students who will join grade 1 in the basics of English, Arabic, Science and Maths. 

2- Advantage tests: measure knowledge of students who finished grades 4,6,8 and 10  who will join the next stage of education in the same subjects (English, Arabic, Science, Maths).

3- Achieve tests: measure knowledge and skills of grade 12 students who intend to join universities. They choose definite subjects based on the field they intend to complete their higher education in. Those subjects are Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Arabic, English and computer science.

Places of emsat test:

As the United Arab Emirates government seeks to make it easier for students to take this test, it has established many emsat centres where they can perform it. You can find them in:

  • Abu Dhabi.
  • Al-ain
  • Ajman
  • Dubai
  • Aldhafra region
  • Sharjah
  • Fujairah
  • Ras Al khaimah
  • Umm Al-quwain
  • Sharjah Eastern.

Males’ centres differ from females’ centres.

emsat Arabic

In the rest of this article, we will talk about the emsat Arabic specially. This section concerns students’ levels in Arabic. It measures the Arabic language skills.

emsat Arabic test

1- Test takes 120 minutes. 

  • 35 minutes for the reading part which includes reading long and short articles in all fields. After reading the article, the student answers multiple choice questions which measure his reading skills. 
  • 35 minutes for the vocabulary part. In this part, the student answers multiple choice questions which evaluate his linguistic wealth. 
  • 50 minutes for the writing part. This part measures the writing skills of the student by asking him to write an article on a definite topic. 

2- Number of questions: 90 multiple choice questions in the reading and vocabulary parts and 1 question in the writing part.

emsat Arabic Scores:

There are no passing or failing scores in the emsat test. Each score represents a definite level of proficiency of the Arabic language. Each university requires a particular score for admission.

  • > 1200 : the high proficiency level. 
  • > 800 and <1200 : the middle proficiency level. 
  • > 400 and <8oo : the low proficiency level. 
  • < 400 : very low proficiency level (non-arabic speaker).

Registration for the emsat Arabic test

  • The student of the 12th has two ways to register for the emsat test:
    • To register through his school coordinator.
    • To register by himself on the official emsat website.  
  • You can cancel or change the date of the emsat test before 2 weeks of exam, as registration will be closed. 

Entering the emsat Arabic exam

  • You will not be allowed to take the test after 15 minutes of the official date.
  • You have to take your test ticket and your national ID to the exam. 
  • Absence is not allowed unless there are very hard circumstances.
  • You will be able to take the test again after 60 days of your first test, if you want to improve your score.

emsat Arabic Test result

  • Results are posted on the student’s portal after 15 days of taking the test, and you will receive an email when the result is ready. 

emsat Arabic test fees

  • Arabic is a mandatory subject so, National students will not pay any fees for the first trial. They will have to pay 100 AED, if they want to have a second trial. 
  • Non-national students will pay 300 AED for the first trial and 100 AED for the second trial. 

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