EMSAT arabic test what should you know about it?

EMSAT arabic test what should you know about it?

If you are thinking of taking a major related to Arabic language whether, Arabic literature or Arabic law school, then you need to know that your score in EmSAT Arabic test will be characteristic required for college admission, not also for Arabic Majors but for most of the other majors.

What is the EMSAT Arabic test?

The EmSAT Arabic exam is a national standardised computer-based Arabic language test that evaluates the level of the Arabic native students in the Arabic language to determine if he is ready to join higher education in a college or university.

What is the duration of the EMSAT Arabic test?

To measure the level of the student in the emsat Arabic language, The duration of the Arabic exam is one hundred minutes, to answer reading questions in the Arabic exam and fifty minutes to answer the basic linguistic questions in the Arabic exam.

What are the sections of the Arabic EMSAT exam?

The Arabic exam forms are divided into several sections: 

  • The first section: Reading, which includes reading different types of texts. After reading the text, the student must answer a number of multiple-choice questions within an estimated time of 50 minutes. 
  • Section Two: the language structure, vocabulary, and linguistic structure. It includes questions that measure the student’s skills in grammar, morphology, and rhetoric through multiple-choice questions.
  • The third section: Writing includes one writing task, and this section represents thirty percent of the total score allocated to the Arabic exam form.

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What is a desirable Arabic EMSAT score?

Arabic score is variable according to each university degree’s requirements, if you are aiming to join a specific Major you have to get a high score not less than 900.

How do you get high marks in the Arabic exam? 

  • You can get a high score in the Arabic exam by applying for several trainings with the samples of the Arabic EMSAT exam. 
  • Firstly:  take a Look at the past Arabic exam forms and examine them carefully. 
  • Secondly: continuous practice on solving the forms of the Arabic exam and the previous tests. 
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  • Fourthly: Always test yourself to determine your level accurately by solving previous Arabic exam forms and seeing their answers, or by hiring an expert Emsat Arabic teacher to review your answers.

Is it possible to retake the EMSAT Arabic test again when the required score is not achieved?

Important instructions for the EMSAT Arabic test

  • Make sure that the registration process for the test is completed. 
  • Print the ticket before each test. 
  • Read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand them. 
  • Bring your national ID with you to each test. 
  • Answer all the test items carefully and calmly 
  •  Attend the test at least fifteen minutes before the exam. 
  • Immediately report any defect in the tablet device

The  purpose of the Arabic EMSAT test

  •  The Arabic test is of a great importance, it is  an evidence through the objectives that the Arabic Exam model contributes to achieving are: 
  • Ensuring that students have access to all information, knowledge, and skills to participate in an effective manner in the economic community of the United Arab Emirates by obtaining a quality education that will help in the future prosperity of the UAE’s future on educational, scientific, and practical levels. 
  • It helps students in determining their appropriate academic path. It helps in deciding whether to enter the university or not, determining the appropriate academic specialization, or clarifying the need for further study
  • It helps in evaluating the educational system as a whole and on the basis of these necessary and appropriate decisions to improve the quality of teaching in Arabic language subjects
  • It helps in transferring the level of students in the UAE locally and internationally.  The Arabic test is one of the requirements for entering public and private universities. 
  • Collect accurate data on the knowledge and skills of students in the United Arab Emirates in academic subjects and across different stages in national standards.

What is the time allowed for each section in the EmSAT Arabic exam? 

The Arabic test is divided into two sessions, and the time allowed for each test is in two separate sessions, which include the first section of the Arabic exam form, about reading, and the second part is the linguistic structure, vocabulary, and writing. And for each session 50 minutes.

What is the main target of the Arabic exam? 

The main target of the Arabic test is to measure basic skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and structure for each student in a precise method.

What are the uses of the Arabic exam results? 

The Arabic test was created by the UAE Ministry of Education to measure students’ skills in the Arabic language. The Arabic test is applied to the fourth, sixth, fifth, twelfth, and twelfth students.

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