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The world has witnessed great developments at all levels. It has become a smaller village of tangled interests. This made finding ways of communication a fait accompli. The peoples of the world  have to learn  other languages in the interest of their economy, politics, education, tourism and all other fields. Let me illustrate more. If a company needed to have other branches in different countries, it may be an obstacle to easily deal with a different culture and language and this may lead to the failure of its business. The modern world has realized this fact, so you can find companies offering unexpectable salaries for multilingual employees. 

Experts gave too much emphasis to studying the most helpful languages to learn. Their studies were based on many parameters like geography, diplomacy, communication, economy,…….etc. They found that the Arabic language is one of the most powerful languages in the world among more than 6000 spoken languages nowadays. This in its turn made speaking Arabic fluently a very good step in some people’s future.

Elmadrasah.com for speaking Arabic fluently 

Our platform introduces a course for speaking Arabic fluently for non-native Arabic speakers. It starts from the alphabet level to nearly perfectionism. It will help you to improve all the 4 Arabic language skills.You may need to know that speaking Arabic fluently will help you work in the field of translation, tourism, diplomacy, business and media. 

Advantages of our speaking Arabic fluently course: 

1- It is an online SOLO training course via zoom which will save your time. 

2- We have flexibility in providing you with the suitable dates for you. 

3- Training is provided by very professional teachers who will train you on speaking Arabic fluently in your daily life. They are qualified teachers who graduated from Al-Azhar university.

4- You will be trained perfectly on Arabic grammar. 

5- You will be trained on writing skills. 

6- You will be provided with all needed material which will help you work on yourself alone. 

7- You will be followed-up all day.

8- Our course is accredited by SME. 

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Our course levels

Our speaking Arabic fluently course is divided into 4 levels 

The first level

It contains:

  • Basic simplified grammar of Arabic level 1
  • Basics of writing in Arabic level 1 
  • Basics of reading in Arabic level 1 
  • Basics of Arabic composition level 1

The second level 

It contains: 

  • Basic simplified grammar of Arabic level 2
  • Basics of writing in Arabic level 2 
  • Basics of reading in Arabic composition level 2 
  • Principles of Arabic phonics level 2 

The third and fourth levels

It contains: 

  • Simplified syntax of Arabic level 1 
  • Simplified syntax of Arabic level 2 
  • Arabic dictation
  • Arabic reading comprehension levels 1 and 2 
  • Learn literary texts in the Arabic language. 

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Hint about time and efforts required for speaking Arabic fluently 

Studies say that you may have to spend about 2200 hours in learning Arabic but, you can imagine it in details in the next few lines

1- Beginner level

By the end of this level, you will get the main keys of the 4 Arabic language skills.  For writing and reading skills, you will be able to read and write simple topics. For speaking skill, you will be able to introduce and speak about yourself and deal with simple situations in your daily life. For listening skill, you will be able to understand slowly spoken speeches. You may need about 700 hours of studying for this level. This means that you may need about 8 months, if you spend about 2 or 3 hours daily studying Arabic.

2- Intermediate level

At this level, you will be able to read the news easily. You will be capable of  speaking Arabic fluently with Arabic citizens in most daily situations. This level may need about 1200 hours of studying. This means that you may need a year, if you spend about 3 hours daily practising Arabic.

3- Advanced level

This is the level of  speaking Arabic fluently like native speakers. You will be able to use all Arabic materials without any help or subtitles. This step requires many efforts, although you do not have to reach fluently to be able to live in an Arabic country. 

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Learning speaking Arabic fluently is not easy but, you can  overcome its difficulties by following Elmadrasah private teachers’ instructions. We will start with you from the beginners level to the advanced level as we use different educational methods. We hope you have an interesting learning journey with us. 

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