Learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers has become so viral lately. Arabic is one of the top 5 languages, most spoken in the world. 

Over 422 million Arabic speakers contribute to enriching medicine, business, engineering, philosophy, art and other vital fields.

The urge of learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers shows up, in the last few decades, upon the global business opening. 

The eastern culture has now become more trendy, and the eagerness for culture exploring Arabic for non-Arabic speakers demands the mastering of the language!

Is it possible to learn Arabic for non-Arabic speakers?

No matter what your age, or your mother tongue language, unlike what is common about learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, with a confidential professional tutor and the passion to learn.

You will be able to master Arabic in a short time. As we are always searching and trying to create what language the learner needs.

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We are not only the pioneer online teaching platform in the UAE, but also our course is certified by Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leaders. 

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Is learning Arabic difficult for non-Arabic speakers?

The Arabic language contains a lot of syntax, synonyms, and antonyms. It is one of the richest languages in the world, but this does not make learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers difficult or impossible to learn.

  • To master Arabic completely, those who want to learn it must make more effort and time to train and become proficient in it. 
  • Learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers will not happen in a blink of an eye, it will take you more time, and it will be great if the learner visits an Arab country to get in touch with the source of language.
  •   You could start to make friendships with people who speak Arabic fluently, and train to speak it most of your free time. 
  • According to Business Insider, a recent study showed that adults are more capable of learning a new language. 
  • Unlike popular thoughts about it being more difficult the more you get older, your mental learning skills will outweigh your age abilities.
  • You can spend 30 minutes a day making progress in learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers as a new language, and there is no need to allocate a specific time and activity for that.
  • You can practice these steps on your way home via the subway or while you are hiking, or watching a movie.
  • Watch a movie without subtitles, by enjoying the events of the feature film, and living in it, without subtitles in your native language. 
  • By that time, you will get used to feeling the sounds and rhythms of the language.
  • Download talking famous apps, download some interesting and entertaining apps about the language you want to learn. 
  • that you can use during your free time throughout the day to learn Arabic.
  • Choose a funny game. There are some entertaining language games, which have a lot of words and vocabulary that are commonly used in daily life and dealings.
  • You can replace them with regular games and share them with a friend who is interested in learning that language like you.
  • Learning by listening to songs and videos, learning is fun in itself.
  • Listening to songs and videos and immersing yourself in the details of the new language will make you make great progress.
  • Cook a new recipe. If you love trying new food, find a cookbook in the Arabic language if you want to learn Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.
  • Then choose an Arabic recipe.
  • And as you prepare it, you will combine terms and images, adding new vocabulary to your vocabulary.
  • Using applications with speech comparisons, the Babbel app for example to learn Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.
  • It will help you focus on the aspects that are relevant to the language and not the entire dictionary. 
  • Through interactive dialogues that give you reactions to your words.
  • Incorporate new  Arabic terms into your daily life. Try to introduce yourself to the new Arabic terms and use them in your daily life.
  • Also, trying hanging small Arabic posters in the car or your office will help you integrate more.
  • Hire a native bilingual certified  Arabic tutor, a major problem faced by a lot of language learners, in the beginning, is staying committed and avoiding feeling bored!

We know our student’s confidential needs, so we designed our curriculum, in an innovative, active way, to avoid feeling bored, or skipping classes.

  • At elmadrasah.com, we give you the advantage of time flexibility and setting up a suitable class schedule matching your priorities.
  • 24/7 follow up with a highly selected language proficient, our private tutors will be your language gurus.
  • Monthly offers, flex packages, and affordable prices!

We believe in the strong ties someone could make. when he bridges the knowledge barrier!

On this basis, we designed our Arabic for non-Arabic speakers courses in order to encourage you  to join our learner’s community.

Mastering a new language, would come back to you in many beneficial aspects, a lot of individuals started a freelancing career in translation or interpretation, after reaching advanced levels in learning Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

By the end of this article, we aim to reach your knowledge about learning Arabic, and give you  basic effective methods on how to be a productive language learner, and use your potential to the max!

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Elmadrasah.com offers Arabic courses for non-Arabic speakers of all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced:

  • These courses are specifically designed to help students progress in their ability to understand and speak Arabic.
  • The courses are fully interactive, with one-on-one sessions available anywhere and anytime.
  • Elmadrasah.com also offers a comprehensive and engaging course specifically designed for non-Arabic speaking children.
  • This course provides comprehensive instruction in Standard Arabic, with six levels of difficulty from Beginners I to Advanced.
  • Students will learn to communicate in spoken and written Arabic, as well as using Arabic as a language for studying and research.
  • All courses are 100% online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • At elmadrasah.com, we give you the advantage of time flexibility and setting up a suitable class schedule matching your priorities.
  • 24/7 follow up with a highly selected language proficient, our private tutors will be your language gurus.
  • Monthly offers, flex packages, and affordable prices!

With its focus on high-quality instruction and flexible learning options, Elmadrasah.com is an excellent choice for anyone looking to master the Arabic language.

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