Where do you find EMSAT test centers?

If you are close to registering for the EMSAT test, you need to know that although the test is a computer based test, it demands your attending personally to one of the authorized test centers. 

There are 9 essential authorized centers over different Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, which they are (Ajman, Abu dhabi, Sharjah, east Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Dubai, el-ain).

Each Emirate has various exam centers, the female students centers  are separated from male students centers.

VIP instruction before EMSAT test

  • Make sure of complete registration of each subject and get the right ticket for every test.
  • Print your test ticket, read the instructions on it carefully and check the right time, exam center and the duration.
  •  In the case of you are suffering from any learning difficulties or a medical condition that may affect your application for the test, send an email at least one week before the test date to https://emsat.moe.gov.ae/emsat/emsat_register_en.aspx
  • explain your condition in order to take measures to facilitate the test. Check the test website of emsat
  • read all the information related to the test, including the test specifications. 
  • See sample questions on the Ministry website.

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Instruction you need in the day of the test

  • bring your national Emirates ID and the print of your test ticket.
  • Attend earlier in the test center by 15 minutes at least.
  • Answer all the online computerised test questions.
  • In case you have any problems with the computer you could ask for help from the technician in the room.
  • don’t forget to log out of the test, and clicking on finish and submit icon.
  • It’s not allowed to take pics of the exam screen or use mobile phones, tablets, ipad or calculators.

After the test

  • Wait till you receive a mobile text message on your phone, telling you if the result is available on your EMSAT test portal.
  • The results will be announced within three weeks after finishing your last exam.
  • Don’t believe any rumors and keep checking your portal from time to time

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Health and safety measures at test centers

  • Students must provide a negative (PCR) COVID-19 test only, for a time frame no longer than 7 days via Al Hosen/ SEHA/ MOH app, (DPI) COVID-19 tests are not eligible.
  • Masks and gloves must be worn before entering the test center. 
  • The temperature will be measured using the thermal camera.
  • Emirates ID must be provided. UAE Passport can be accepted as well.
  • It is strictly forbidden for guardians or any family members to enter the test center, and they will not be allowed to stay in the waiting areas.
  • Individuals must keep a social distance of at least two meters between each other.
  • Students must leave the test center once the test has been finished and they will not be allowed to wait at the center.
  • Students must bring their own calculators in math and physics tests, otherwise, they will be using the calculator available in the testing system.

There are critical details you need to know about the standard EMSAT test, and what is the test stage and different registration stages.

For example, if you registered for the EMSAT test in the basic stage, the basic exam stage will measure your learning skills and your familiarity with the basics of Arabic, English and arithmetic, and train you for the next educational stage, which will include advanced stages in learning English and Arabic grammar and mathematics (algebra, geometry and calculus). ..etc).

Otherwise if you do the EMSAT test registration in the completion stage, the test in the achieve stage will need to focus more on the in-depth information in the subjects in the Arabic and English languages, in addition to the need to pass the tests of scientific subjects such as pure mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics, especially if universities require To accept your success in those tests provided by the Emirates Standardized Tests.

And here are some useful tips for you to pass your coming exams:

Organize a study schedule: Of course,  you read a lot about the necessity of organizing your time, and how effective it is in managing your time to succeed and excel in your scientific career, but here we want to add an important thing, which is to follow up and evaluate your schedule periodically, and be flexible. By this method, you set a flexible schedule that can change according to your daily habits and circumstances. But this does not mean that you set the schedule and do not stick to it! The main target here is to train your mind to commit to a specific number of hours of study and in a specific period of time (morning or evening), and this is so that your mind is always ready to work at this time, and is able to produce and achieve efficiently.

  • Organize a detached schedule for exam nights One of the challenges facing students who are required to take the EMSAT test is to review the most important study notes on the night of the exam. There are arrangements related to preparing to go to the exam center in terms of: 
  •  Prepare the required documents before going to the exam hall, including the exam ticket. 
  • Make sure that you have reserved your seat to take the test in your seat
  • Confirm that you have obtained a test ticket to be able to enter the examination hall. 
  • Ensure all your precautionary measures (such as (the presence of masks and alcohol) 
  • Therefore, it is necessary to draw up a schedule for studying, preparing papers, making sure that they are available, and 
  • ensuring that you will get a good sleep. 
  • Read the registration instructions published on the Emirates Standard Test website. 
  • Read in detail the instructions and steps on the site, and follow the blogs concerned with international and local tests in the Emirates, such as TOEFL, IELTS, EMSAT test and SAT, so that you can understand the steps and instructions in depth and determine what you are doing.

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