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The EmSAT test is one of the most important steps for application to the university, so all the secondary school students are so interested in the EmSAT information. So you may ask what is EmSAT test? What does EmSAT stand for? And what are the EmSAT exam subjects and EmSAT syllabus? And how can you get an EmSAT training and EmSAT exam practice.

What is EmSAT test?

To get a high grade in the EmSAT test, you have first to know, what is EmSAT test? The EmSAT test is a computer based standardised test generated by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates.

 The EmSAT test goals are to ensure that the students have the required knowledge according to their academic stage.

 The EmSAT test questions are organised in order from easier to harder, in a way that if you answered an easy question you will be given a harder one, and vice versa.

What does EmSAT stand for?

You may wonder what does EmSAT stand for? The EmSAT stands for the Emirates Standardised computer based test. As we mentioned before, this test is generated by the Ministry of Education, and it is held according to the standards of the United Arab Emirates. This is the answer to the question, what does EmSAT stand for?

What are the goals of the EmSAT test? 

After you have answered those questions, what does EmSAT stand for? And what is EmSAT?  You may think about the goals of the EmSAT test, or why it has been found?

The goals of the EmSAT test are as follows;

  • The achieve type of the EmSAT test prepares the secondary school students for the university, and ensures they are able to cope with the different university systems.
  • Make an extra tool for judgement on the secondary school students.
  • It helps in the assessment of the educational process, and helps in its improvement. 
  • It gives the students a clear idea about their academic level on the national and international levels.
  • It gives the decision makers, and the universities some knowledge about the educational level of the students, and the subjects they were studying.
  • IT ensures that the test reflects the key learning outcomes and expectations outlined by the educational authorities in the Emirates.
  • It ensures fairness and consistency in the evaluation process. The EmSAT test is designed to be objective and impartial, offering an equitable assessment for students from diverse educational backgrounds.This aligns with the broader objective of promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities in the education system.

EmSAT subject and EmSAT syllabus

The EmSAT subjects of achieve test of the EmSAT are the language subjects which are Arabic and English,and the science subjects which are mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science.

The EmSAT syllabus of the EmSAT subjects are as follows:

  • The EmSAT syllabus of the biology topics are as follows;
    • From molecules to living organisms: Structure and function.
    • Heredity and genetic technology.
    •  Evolution and Diversity of Life.
    • Ecology: Interdependence, energy, and dynamics.
  • The EmSAT syllabus of the physics subject are as follows;
    • Mechanics
    •  Electromagnetism
    • Waves and Optics
    • Modern Physics
    • Thermal Physics
  • The EmSAT syllabus of the mathematics are as follows;
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Statistics
  • The EmSAT syllabus of the chemistry are as follows;
    • Matter, Bonding, Stoichiometry
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Thermodynamics
    • Equilibrium
    • Hydrocarbons, and its Derivatives
    • Analytical and Nuclear chemistry
  • The EmSAT syllabus of the Arabic EmSAT subjects are as follows;
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Language structure
    • Vocabulary
  • The EmSAT syllabus of the English EmSAT subject are as follows;
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading
    •  Writing
  • The EmSAT syllabus of the EmSAT subject computer science are as follows;
    • Java
    • C++
    • Python, which includes in section one the computer science theory, which is divided into computing systems and networks, and data analysis, and section two which includes problem solving and programming practices which is divided into algorithms and programming, and python.

EmSAT training, and EmSAT exam practice. Tips and strategies to achieve success in the EmSAT test

You may wonder how to achieve the best results in the EmSAT test, here we will give you some tips and strategies to help you get the best score in the EmSAT test.

  • You should know the EmSAT subjects, and the topics in each subject, this will help you focus your effort on the exam topics only.
  • Take notes while studying, and summarise the lessons into short notes, and focus on your points of weakness or on the information that you may forget.
  • Use the illustrating diagrams, graphs, and charts to help you remember the information you are studying.
  • Use tables and mind maps in the summarization of the information you have studied.
  • EmSAT exam practice is an important point in the EmSAT preparation. You should answer a lot of test samples, this will help you overcome your fears, and decrease your anxiety from the test, and ensure that you have corrected the tests that you have answered.
  • Pay special attention to the final revision of each subject. You can use your summary notes for this purpose.
  • Prepare all your identity papers required for the test on the day before the test day.
  • Be sure about the test dates in order to be well prepared for each test.
  • Sleep well the day before the test day. This will help you keep focused on your exam.

How can you get EmSAT training? 

EmSAT training on the EmSAT subject is an important thing to get a high score in the EmSAT test. You can get an EmSAT training through taking EmSAT courses from different academies that offer this service. This will offer you some advantages, like the correction of your test samples, and the real and accurate evaluation based on your level.

You can also take EmSAT training through following the youtube channels that gives EmSAT courses, or you may apply self-studying system, and get the EmSAT training through studying from EmSAT books, and answering the exam models offered by on the official website of the EmSAT test.

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Finally, we would like to say that the  EmSAT test is the first gate for the secondary school students for university admission, so it requires the students to have good knowledge, and make a lot of practice on its subjects and techniques, and make sure they have enough knowledge about its system.

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