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Do you want to take the EmSAT test in many subjects in Om-ElQin and do not know how to start getting EmSAT training? In this article, we will inform you about what the online platform Elmadrash offers for preparatory training for the EmSAT test in all subjects with high efficiency.

Om-ElQin emsat training center

A professional training facility, Om-ElQin Emsat Training Center, provides programmes and courses to aid students in getting ready for the Emirates Standardized Test (EmSAT); This center, is aimed at assisting students in developing their abilities and increasing their chances of success on the EmSAT.

Elmadrasah.com, the name of this center, is an online resource that offers Emsat studies, including:

Om-ElQin emsat training center arabic

We rely on teachers who are professionals in Emsat Arabic and who are acquainted with the regional curricula in the UAE as well as the advancements of Arabic around the world in order to prepare for Om-ElQin Emsat Training Center with Elmadrasah.com by:

  • You are eligible to take the EmSat exam, which is used in the UAE to evaluate applications.
  • Reading, writing, and comprehension skills in the Arabic language.
  • Write in Arabic without any grammatical or spelling errors.

Online emsat exam foundation courses

Om-ElQin emsat training center math

Because this field in particular is characterized by a terrible acceleration and development in all its aspects, you will need instructors who can help you master advanced math skills, success on the test, and practical life in general through the EmSAT Math test preparation course by Elmadrasah.com staff includes these instructors.

  • The classes cover all the ideas, tips, and techniques required to ace the examinations.
  • The center’s knowledgeable and experienced instructors are committed to seeing that every student succeeds.
  • Students can confidently take on the EMSAT tests and obtain their desired results with the proper preparation.

You can utilize the Math achieve test preparation programmes on the Elmadrasah.com website to: 

  • Be able to pass the Mathematics test at the levels necessary for your degree of study.
  • Supplying the essential academic and scientific tools to help you succeed on the EMSAT Math Exam.
  • Numerous experimental versions of the mathematics test are provided by both comprehensive and specialized mathematics.

Om-ElQin emsat training center english

Students in the twelfth grade who are improving their EmSAT practice English and students who are sharpening their English language abilities in preparation for passing the Emsat English Exam are welcome to attend.

El Madrasah latforme course introduce:

  • Learning English vocabulary, comprehending it, and being able to infer its meaning from the context of the sentences, which makes it simpler to remember, are all part of the English emsat training center.
  • Practical exercises will help you pronounce English words more accurately, which will boost your confidence and make learning speaking skills easier.
  • Instruction in the creation of grammatically correct sentences for both speaking and writing.
  • Writing exercises for training English language proficiency required, along with appropriate grammar and vocabulary.

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Om-ElQin emsat training center computer science

El Madrasah.com assists you in obtaining EmSat test forms, practicing with model responses, and understanding computer concepts and programming languages like (Python and Java).

There has been a terrible acceleration and development in all fields, particularly in this industry.

  • There is study material for the Computer Science for University Admission on the Emsat in C++, Which evaluates students’ readiness for college enrollment.

The test programme sets the exam’s duration and randomly chooses the exam’s parts, questions, and response choices.

  • Exam for Admission into Universities Using JavaScript

Students’ understanding of Java’s distinctions from other programming languages and how computers translate symbols and letters into a language of numbers are tested on the EmSAT Computer Science – Java exam in this area (0–1).

Additionally, it gauges how well students understand how to use programming languages and handle issues with them.

emsat training center

Om-ElQin emsat training center chemistry

ElMadrasah is one of the most significant Om-ElQin Emsat Training Centers, where the 90-minute, 40-question emsat chemistry exam is administered; It assesses students’ chemistry knowledge in 12th grade and evaluates if they are college-ready.

The list of knowledge that will be covered in class is as follows:


  • The importance of chemistry in our lives accounted for between 55 and 65 percent of the emsat’s chemistry test.
  • Conversions between the appropriate measurement units.
  • Causes, manifestations, and consequences of measurement mistakes.
  • Systems of classification and material properties and alterations brought about by material transformations.
  • The progressive transformation of atomic theories into current theory.
  • The distribution of electrons, protons, and neutrons in an atom’s structure.
  • Atomic spectra and their numerous applications.
  • Atomic structure.
  • Many elements have different characteristics depending on where they are located in the periodic table.
  • Qualitative and quantitative properties of solutions.
  • The electrical structure of the carbon atom.
  • The periodic law is used to monitor changes in the physical and chemical properties of the elements.
  • Volume, temperature, pressure, and quantity of the gas.
  • Relationships between the four gas variables, including volume, temperature, pressure, and amount of gas, are calculated. Solubility and the factors affecting it.
  • The range of organic materials in terms of their shape, size, chemical make-up, and physical properties.
  • Classifications of organic compounds based on their many functional properties.
  • The reactions of the main organic molecules and how they are.


  • 35 to 45% of the Emsat Chemistry test is devoted to the law of conservation of matter, energy, and force.
  • Bonding can take the form of ionic, polar, covalent, or polar linkages.
  • the synthesis of several chemicals.
  • use cases for moles.
  • The ratio of the chemical components.
  • Empirical and molecular formulas for chemical compounds.
  • A proportion of the final product of a chemical reaction.
  • Acids and bases come in strong and weak varieties.
  • pH – pH.
  • Titration’s applications for determining solution concentrations
  • Common ions, buffer solutions, and self all have an effect.

Om-ElQin emsat training center Biology

The main purpose of El Madrasah.com, the preferred Om-ElQin Emsat Training Center, is to educate you how to do EmSAT Biology Practice and help you get the best result on the emsat biology test. ; Let’s go a little deeper into this essay to discover more about biology, its themes, and how to succeed on the EmSAT.

Within biology, there are currently hundreds of specialized specialties, including:

  • The study of chemical processes that take place in living organisms is known as biochemistry.
  • The study of complex interactions between biological molecules is known as molecular biology.
  • The study of numerous plant species is known as botany (or plant science).
  • The cell, which is assumed to be the basic building block of life, is the subject of cell biology.

Om-ElQin emsat training center physics

This Emsat physics course is recommended for high school seniors who aspire to pass the university entrance exam and enroll in colleges or universities; It is also intended for scholarship recipients and those pursuing graduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The following subjects are covered in this course:

1- Physics and basic principles

With a focus on trigonometry, instruction is given on comprehending and employing the basic traits of triangles and vectors to address relevant circumstances.

2- Mechanical 

Training in comprehension and application focuses on displacement while explaining: 

  • Body motion, examining forces, and applying quantum motion concepts.
  • Acceleration brought on both by and due to velocity.
  • Motion-related equations.
  • Identical acceleration.
  • Free fall is a good way to visualize acceleration and velocity.
  • The laws of motion of Newton apply to projectiles.
  • Newton’s equations of equilibrium are used in the context of uniform circular motion and gravity.
  • The conservation of momentum applies to centripetal force, centripetal acceleration, one-dimensional collisions, and two-dimensional collisions.

3- Modern physics and waves

The relationship between the energy in an atomic nucleus and the particles outside of it, as well as the variation in wave wavelength and frequency, can be explained by concentrating on the following:

  • Sound waves can interfere in both bad and good ways.
  • Standing transverse wave diffraction.
  • The characteristics of electromagnetic waves are persistent waves.  
  • The rate of light travel Polarization.
  • Three examples include the creation of spherical mirror images, plane mirror images, and light reflection.
  • Equations for manufacturing, lenses, image generation, and mirrors and magnification.

4- Energy

  • Energy training in comprehension and application, which emphasizes the capacity to address issues using diverse sources of energy and their relationships, focuses on standardized thermometers.
  • The Kelvin scale, latent and specific heat, and work produced by a constant force.
  • Energy is referred to by kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, and mechanical energy conservation.

5- Knowledge of and use of electricity

Focusing on electric force and charged items can help you be able to apply electrical principles and circuits to situations:

  • Coulomb’s rule.
  • The electric globe.
  • There could be a difference between general and specialized resistance, according to Ohm’s law.
  • Electrical parallel and series current flow.
  • Voltage and current measurements for parallel and series circuits.

6- Magnetism

Focusing on: 

  • The magnetic field, the force acting on a magnetic field on a moving charge.
  • The relationship between an induction current and a magnetic field training 

This is provided in understanding and application of the fundamentals of magnetic characteristics, their causes, and the connection to the motion of electric charges.

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