Dubai EmSAT Training Center

Dubai Emsat training center 

EMSAT test is one of the standard tests adopted by the United Arab Emirates as a means to encourage its students, to dream of studying abroad. As a great emirate, Dubai provides Emirati students with special training centers for preparing them to pass EMSAT test with high scores. This article shall tackle, in detail, the different branches of EMSAT test, along with the criteria by which you can easily pass the test.

DUBAI EMSAT training center Arabic 

Test duration: 120 minutes

It is one of the standard tests that aim at measuring the development of Arabic language skills in terms of understanding reading and writing without grammatical errors. It targets students in the 12th grade for university-based rehabilitation as well as students wishing to prepare for master’s and Ph.D. students. It also helps the twelfth-grade students prepare for the Arabic language proficiency exam by focusing on three sections:

The first section is texts (35 minutes):

This section consists of 15 questions, and it includes reading long informative or non-linear texts (infographic, biography, weather forecast …As well as a collection of short texts dealing with cultural, scientific, social, and economic topics…Etc. After reading the text, the student must answer a set of questions such as multiple-choice questions that measure the level of student performance.

The second section is about the structure of the Arabic language and its vocabulary (35 minutes)

This section consists of 75 questions, including a set of multiple-choice questions, which measure students’ grammar, morphology, and spelling skills and their knowledge of commonly used vocabulary according to age.

 Third Writing section (50 minutes):

This section consists of only one question and involves writing a convincing text on one of the topics that have two different points of view.

This is where the importance of the EMSAT training lies, as it helps you to know your level of Arabic, in addition to identifying your weaknesses and strengths; the better you prepare for the test, the more self-confidence you will have and the less you will be afraid of the test.

Here are some tips that help you prepare for the EMSAT Arabic test:

  • know the difference between literary texts and non-literary texts (such as descriptive, narrative, and informational texts).
  • Understand the main ideas around which the text revolves.
  • the formation of a linguistic collection of vocabulary by understanding it and knowing its antonyms and synonyms in the context of the sentence.
  • understand the vocabulary meanings from the context of the sentence.
  • continuous training on previous models of EMSAT Arabic tests.

DUBAI EMSAT training center English 

EMSAT English test is one of the most important tests in the UAE that is set according to national standards for students at all levels of study.  it is key for those students who aspire to enroll in international universities, whether public or private, where they want to complete their studies.

Test duration: 135 minutes

The test includes 110 questions divided into the following sections:

Section I: English grammar, vocabulary and sentence construction 

This section consists of 60 multiple-choice questions where test takers’ ability to choose the right word or quantity to complete a sentence is assessed.

Moreover, it measures the extent to which students know the vocabulary that is most common in higher education institutions teaching English.

The second section: reading 

It consists of 36 questions including:

Intermittent reading: This contains questions such as completing the correct blanks and syllables of words to measure the student’s ability to understand the vocabulary within the paragraph.

Reading and writing: this section includes three reading texts (the text consists of about 450 words) and includes questions on such points as:

  •  Identify the main idea
  • Identification of sub-ideas
  • Guess the meaning of unfamiliar words
  • Pronouns

Section three: writing 

This section includes one question, in which the test taker is expected to write a text of 200-250 words. the students’ performance is assessed by two proofreaders using a comprehensive writing scale.

Therefore, the EMSAT training is of paramount importance for everyone who wants to pass the EMSAT English test, as they allow students to train well on many previous models of the English EMSAT test. is one of the best sites that offer EMSAT training with many advantages that will be mentioned later in the article.

Below are some pieces of advice to prepare for the EMSAT English test:

  1. continuous review of English grammar, new words, and vocabulary.
  2. practice how to build sentences in different tenses and then write paragraphs correctly.
  3. continuous training on reading paragraphs and written texts with training on proper pronunciation.

Dubai Emsat Training Center Math

The EMSAT math test consists of 60 questions divided into various mathematics sections such as algebra, geometry, and statistics. 

Test duration: 120 minutes

The questions vary between multiple choice, choosing more than one answer, drag, and drop, and fill in the blank.

 First section: algebra  

 It contains 40 questions and includes several topics such as:

  • Create and compare exponential and linear models and solve problems
  • Proof and application of trigonometric identities
  • Performing calculations on matrices and interpolation of matrices in applications
  • Performing calculations on polynomials

Section two: geometry

It consists of 15 questions and includes the following topics:

  • Application of trigonometry to triangles in general 
  • Understanding and application of circuit theories
  • Proof of geometric theories. 

Dubai EmSAT Training Center lessons

Section III: Statistics 

It includes 5 questions on multiple topics such as

* Calculation of expected values and their use in solving problems

* Using probabilities to evaluate decision outputs

Therefore, the EMSAT training is highly important to pass the EMSAT math test, because they provide all kinds of questions that measure your math skills, and they also help you identify your weaknesses to strengthen them before taking the test

To pass the EMSAT math test you have to:

  1. get rid of fear, constant anxiety, and lack of self-confidence.
  2. set yourself a study schedule and stick to it. 
  3. Identify your weaknesses in mathematics, and if there are some points that you do not understand in mathematics, you must strengthen them in preparation for the exam.
  4.  constantly practice answering previous EMSAT math exams, because this will enable you to achieve impressive results.

DUBAI EMSAT training center Physics

The EMSAT physics aims to measure the skills of twelfth graders at the achieving stage and their readiness to study in college.

To pass the physics evening exam, you must be familiar with the five sections of physics, namely: mechanics, waves and optics, Thermal Physics and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.

Test duration: 120 minutes

Test sections:


This area measures the understanding of the test takers in translational and rotational motion.

waves and optics

This area measures the test takers’ understanding of vibrations, waves (mechanical and Electromagnetism), and optics (engineering and physical).

Thermal physics and thermodynamics

This area measures students’ understanding of the concepts and quantities of thermal physics, thermodynamic systems, processes, and laws.

Electricity and magnetism

In this section, the student’s ability to understand static electricity, electric current, magnetism, and the interactions between electricity and magnetism is assessed.

modern physics

This section of the test measures the extent to which students are able to understand the concepts and implications of the branch of physics that was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century and beyond, such as the theory of relativity and quantum physics.

Based on this, the EMSAT physics test requires solving many of the previous EMSAT tests so that you can cover all sections of the test.

How to prepare for the EMSAT physics exam:

  1. understand the foundations of Physics, Mechanics, energy, electricity, magnetism, waves, and modern physics.
  2. strengthening math skills.
  3. strengthen memory so that you remember the laws easily.
  4. review the units of measurement accurately.
  5. solving previous modules of EMSAT physics to be familiar with the exam form.

DUBAI EMSAT training center chemistry 

Most of the EMSAT chemistry test questions are multiple-choice.

Test duration: 120 minutes

Test sections:

Section I: material and its properties

Students applying for the test should be familiar with topics such as:

  • Chemistry and its importance in our lives
  • Appropriate units of measurement and conversion between them
  • Atomic structure and distribution of electrons, protons, and neutrons in the atom.
  • Properties of different elements based on their position in the periodic table.

Section II: energy and force 

It makes up (35% -45%) of the test questions and includes topics such as:

  • Ionic bonds, polar bonds, covalent-polar bonds, and covalent bonds.
  • Different molecular structures.
  • The mall and its applications.

Here comes the role of EMSAT training, which provides students with training on all the frequently asked questions in the EMSAT test, in addition to the questions expected to come in the test. 

Therefore, in preparation for the EMSAT chemistry test, you should:

  • completely review the laws of chemistry.
  1. Fully understand the laws of chemistry before starting to solve the issues.
  2.  Train to solve previous models of the EMSAT chemistry test.

DUBAI EMSAT training center Biology

EMSAT biology test is one of the electronic EMSAT tests that aim to measure the level of students for secondary grades in biology and the readiness of students to enter colleges and universities.

Test duration: 120 minutes

Number of questions: 50 questions (mostly multiple-choice type)

The test includes various sections such as 

Section I: from molecules to living organisms-structure and function

Section II: genetics and genetic technology

Section III: biodiversity-similarities and differences.

Section IV: ecosystems-interactions, energy, and dynamics,

Therefore, students should intensify their efforts while preparing for the EMSAT biology test, by constantly practicing EMSAT exercises in biology and solving previous test models. 

To get high EMSAT scores, you should follow these valuable tips:

  1. understand the terminology of biology well so that it is easier for you to memorize it. 
  2. link the scientific term with its explanatory form.
  3. Prepare comparison tables to find out the differences and similarities between the different elements.
  4. continuous training on previous models of the EMSAT biology test.

DUBAI EMSAT training center computer science

EMSAT computer science test consists of 100 questions and lasts for 150 minutes; the importance of the test is that it measures the level of proficiency of test takers in Computer Science and determines their readiness to enter college.

The test consists of five main sections:

  1. computing systems
  2. computer networks
  3. computational thinking.
  4. programming and problem solving:
  5. the influence of computerization.

Thus, it becomes clear that the EMSAT computer science testis is as essential as other branches, as well as the EMSAT computer science training.

To pass the EMSAT computer science exam you have to:

  • Be familiar with computer systems such as input and output devices, memory, and processing units (CPUs).
  • Know how to deal with (Windows) and (MS Word) programs.
  • be aware of high-level programming languages. (Zeros and ones).
  • continuously train yourself on previous models of the EMSAT computer science tests.

All in all, the EMSAT test is a dream for many students who want to complete their university studies abroad; therefore, they must prepare well for it.

It is worth mentioning that the site is one of the best sites that provides you with EMSAT training courses with professional tutors

Advantages of EMSAT Online Courses with

  • Practical training on EMSAT practice tests.
  • An individual online training course, not a group.
  • Flexibility in choosing the appointments, whether morning or evening.
  • A specialized tutor, with whom you can easily interact, provides you with the answer to all your questions.

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