emsat chemistry

Who doesn’t know Dexter the Chemistry Brilliant and his lab? We brought to you elmadrasah emsat chemistry lab. Forget about dilemmas and difficulty in understanding the curriculum, or arranging an effective and time savvy plan. In this article, we will simplify to you the most critical points and outlines, you need to know about emast chemistry.

emsat chemistry

The Emirates Standardised Test for University Admission, in Chemistry Exam and its specifications:

  •  The computer based test is distinguished by the random selection of sections, questions, and options of the chemistry curriculum. 
  • The test system gradually increases the difficulty of the questions. The more you solve and advance to the next level, the more difficult the next questions will be.
  •  This is a continuous alignment process.
  •  There is only one correct answer for each question.
  •  After moving on to a new question, you can return to an already answered question, recheck it again, or change to the most reasonable answer.

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Emsat score

score Score description
1500 – 2000 Advanced: Students at this level have sufficient and good preparation in terms of knowledge and skills for enrollment  emsat Chemistry courses to apply for the first year of the university.
1100-1475 Proficient: Students at this level have an acceptable level of knowledge and skills for entry courses in the first year of the university.
900-1075 Intermediate: Students at this level have the minimum proficiency required to enrol in courses in the first year of university.
700-875 Junior: Students at this level do not have sufficient proficiency in the prior knowledge of chemistry courses in the first year of university with the need for some support in some topics of chemistry.
500-675 Needs Improvement: Students at this level need educational support in chemistry concepts and skills

in any chemistry science in the first year of university level Basics before starting the courses

Less than 500 Weak basic scientific knowledge of emsat chemistry syllabus: Students at this level lack knowledge of science concepts and basic skills.

emsat chemistry course

In elmadrasah.com chemistry lab, we designed our emsat chemistry course from scratch until the last update in Emirates chemistry curriculum. We mimic the environment of physical classes, and prepare our students through an intensive campus of primary preparation, and final revision, till the exam date.

Elmadrasah.com is not just an online course platform, it’s a highly private course institution with a clear vision and mission towards emirate juveniles.

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emsat chemistry topics

The emsat syllabus is divided into certain percentages, based on each emsat topic for students to know, and the exam percentage structure:

Matter and its properties (65% – 55%)

  • Chemistry and its importance in our life.
  • Scientific methods.
  • Appropriate units for measurement and conversion between them.
  • Sources, types and effect of error in measurements.
  • Classification and properties of different materials.
  • Transformations of matter and the changes accompanying them.
  • to me
  • Evolution of atomic theories over time.
  • Modern theory.
  • Atomic structure and distribution of each of the electrons
  • Protons and neutrons in an atom.
  • Atomic spectra and their various applications.
  • Atomic structure.
  • Properties of different elements based on their position in the
  • Periodic Table.
  • The periodic law to track changes in each of physical and chemical properties of the elements.
  • Volume, temperature, pressure and amount of gas.
  • Relationships between the four gas variables (volume temperature, pressure and amount of gas) and its accounts.
  • Solubility and the factors that affect it.
  • Properties of solutions (qualitatively and quantitatively).
  • The electronic structure of the carbon atom.
  • Diversity of organic compounds in terms of shape and size
  • chemical and physical properties.
  • Classification of organic compounds in terms of main functional groups.
  • Types of reactions to the main organic compounds, and its applications.

Energy, Power, and the Law of Conservation of Matter (45% – 35%)

  • ionic bonds, polar bonds, bonds
  • Covalent-polar, covalent bonds.
  • Structures of different molecules.
  • The mall and its applications.
  • Relative composition (percentage) of chemical compounds.
  • Empirical and molecular formulas for chemical compounds.
  • Percentage of chemical reaction products.
  • Acids and bases (strong and weak).
  • (pH).
  • Calibration and its applications in calculating concentrations of solutions.
  • Effect of combined ions and buffer solutions
  • and solubility
  • What is meant by oxidation and reduction, oxidation reactions?
  • Reduction and chemical activity series.
  • Use of oxidation-reduction reactions to produce
  • Electricity and manufacture of electrolytic and galvanic cells.
  • Factors affecting the reaction rate.
  • Chemical equilibrium.
  • Energy changes that occur during reactions
  • chemicals and/or changes in the state of the matter.
  • Hess’ law (and how it can be used)
  • To predict the occurrence of a chemical reaction

Emsat chemistry practice test

Elmadrasah.com offers students an emsat training and emsat practice course. Based on each student’s points of strength and weakness, we know well that it’s hard at the beginning to master all the emsat chemistry syllabus, but not impossible. Elmadrasah.com has the ability to hone its students’ determination on cleverness and provide them with more than basic knowledge, as we seek to instil in our students a way of thinking and learning

Elmadrasah.com offers an emsat chemistry practise test in both languages, matched to the standards of the standardised chemistry test, to make it more approachable. All of the emsat topics are covered in the sample test, including nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, and molecular chemistry units.

Emsat chemistry practice test link: PDF

Is chemistry EmSAT required?

It’s unnegotiable that the chemistry EmSAT is a requirement, for university enrollment, and a lot of universities ask for a very high score in chemistry, to guarantee the student proficiency, and that he deserve his academic seat.

Is the calculator allowed in emsat?

The rules are strict for emsat achieve test takers, The student must bring his own calculator for the maths and physics exams or, use the machine available in the system, in addition to trying to reduce the holdings the student brings to the centre and be satisfied with the basic items.

Does AUS require EmSAT?

Applicants who do not meet the minimum required UAE Ministry of Education EmSAT scores or their equivalents will be required to take AUS Placement Test(s) in the relevant subject(s) and/or complete remedial course(s) in these subjects.

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