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emsat training online is not just a tenuous trend, over the past few years through the pandemic online learning has shown its vitality in soothing the educational process for high school 12 grade students and early-stage learners.

The world is turning into virtual reality now! Seeking sustainability and saving time.

Since then, elmadrasah.com endeavours to implement the most modern techniques in emsat training online, as we believe in the supremacy of knowledge empowerment.

We consider the variety of each student’s needs, and tailor the suitable package for you and your class schedule.

Our emsat online training courses give you:

  • One to one course session via Zoom.
  • Set up your schedule.
  • Professional teaching experts provide you with guidance and continuous assessment.
  • Emsat book and materials for self-study.
  • Training in solving previous test models in all test sections.

emsat training online and practice material

The United Arab Emirates ministry of education provides prepared solved samples of emsat achieve in all subjects, although before you can have the skill of correct solo solving, you have to put in mind that you need an excessive, well planned, and organised emsat training online, on the subject curriculum, and a deep understanding of exam criteria.

Based on our long and successful experience with hundreds of emsat students, we recommend that you follow these criteria when it comes to emsat training and practice material:

Set up your planner and start with the subject you like

When it comes to exam preparation, always bear in mind to set a suitable goal.

Divide the subject content and focus on quick scan reading before starting to revise, use linking between paragraphs.

Start to revise by drawing a mind map, after you finish revising, read the whole text again, then try to take some side notes and questions on it.

For the next follow-up session with your tutor, or even start to make your study group, choose a study partner and have an active discussion about what you had revised emsat training online.

Analyze in detail the subjects you select

Analyzing details would make you more thoughtful and mindful about studying, after taking an overview of the entire topic, start to go through more details.

This approach will make it easier for you when it comes to solving multiple choice, complete, and fill the space.

Detailed analysis will acquire you the skill of quick decisions, and you will not be easily misguided with indirect questions, also you will be more focused.

Start preparing for the test at least 1-2 months prior to the exam.

Being an early bird, in exams preparation would help you a lot, not only on the educational scale, but also for your psychological stability.

Good preparation and the practicing of emsat online training, would give you more confidence, and make it easier in the exam sessions.

It will also help you to take sufficient time for revision, and don’t underestimate good time management!

You can also be an early bird and reserve emsat revision or emsat training online preparation courses with us! Warming up your enthusiasm with us.

  • with a well-prepared online study course
  • 24/7 follow up
  • Time savvy course (just one-hour full course benefit)

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for any advice:

Email: teacher@elmadrasah.com

WhatsApp: +971 50 995 9271

Start solving Past/ Sample papers

The golden rule for passing any exam is to solve, and to solve more.

When it comes to meat training and practice material, continuous solving will help you handle all the topics and cover the most common questions in a short time.

Past samples will help you understand more about the examiner’s mindset and what the tests measure, so you can set an effective study plan and designate what to focus on and what to skip.

In fact, many students think, to pass emsat online, requires studying each information in the curriculum and revise it well, which is contrary to the main purpose of emsat!

emsat was designed first to measure the outcome of the educational system in the UAE and how it diversifies the student mentality.

Revise concepts and solve past/ sample papers within the specified time limit

We mentioned above that time management is an essential skill, so you may seek to acquire it online through emsat training, at elmadrasah.com we should be considerate of this point. 

So far, we have designed our course time, based on this rule, you will learn how to invest your time, and finish the exam solving before the test time, in one hour with us, which will give you the advantage of quick solving skills, and time residue for revision!

We study our learners’ personalities, and know how frustrating it’s frustrating, when it comes to thinking about time in a very crucial stage of a test taker’s educational journey!

Don’t waste your time! And invest in improving your educational skills with us!

7 effective tips you need on exam night:

  • Don’t stay up until the next day

Studying late at night is not an effective way to study.

It may seem that you are making the most of your time studying until the last minute, but you don’t give your brain a chance to rest, so you will have a harder time remembering the information you have studied.

  • Highly nutritious meal

Eating a good and nutritious meal the night before the exam gives the brain the strength and energy it needs while doing the final revision of the emsat training online.

  • Get ready for the morning on the night of the exam

Set all the tools you’ll need for your test the next day, and make sure you bring pens, pencils, erasers, and any tools you need (like a ruler or calculator), pack everything in your backpack the night before the exam, so you don’t get late in the morning or forget something.

No matter what, also get your clothes ready for the next day.

  • Give your brain a break

Take a rest before bed to put down your study notes and relax.

Read a book, write in your diary, or talk to your family.

This will help you relax before bed and make it easier to get a good night’s sleep so that your brain can process the information you’ve memorised in the evening.

  • Do some exercises

After spending some time reviewing for the emsat training, you can do some exercise by going outside for a short walk, as getting a little exercise will help reduce any stress or tension you are feeling and recharge your brain.

  • Set your alarm

Set an alarm so that you don’t fall asleep on the morning of the exam, give yourself some extra time in the morning to eat a good breakfast and get ready for the day without being nervous about being late.

  • Get a good sleep

One of the most important tips is, the night before the test, get a full sleep to be able to memorise what was on the previous emsat training.

Make sure you go to bed earlier, so that you can wake up on the day of the test feeling refreshed and rested.

In the conclusion of this article, each student learning journey is a unique journey, understand your weak points, and try to improve yourself emsat online training and practice materials, are very essential for you! So don’t procrastinate and seek the help of you feel lost.

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