English emsat exam: Important tips to excel in the reading section

The English Emsat exam aims to assess the readiness of twelfth-grade students for colleges or universities that teach in English at the local level within the United Arab Emirates. This test aims to measure students’ abilities in a variety of language skills in English, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

What are the sections of the English Emsat exam..?

The English Emsat exam consists of four main sections:

  1. Listening: This section requires students to listen to various audio clips and respond to questions related to these clips.
  2. Reading: Students are required to read written texts and answer questions that assess their understanding of meaning, details, and critical thinking. This section measures students’ reading skills.
  3. Writing: Students’ ability to express their ideas clearly through writing an essay, organizing it, and using vocabulary and language skills correctly is evaluated in this section.
  4. Speaking: In this section, students are required to perform a conversation task with virtual interlocutors representing real people.

Some students find difficulty in the reading section, particularly in using language skills and solving English grammar rules, unaware that practice and exercise break the barrier of fear of using the English language. In this article, we will specifically shed light on the reading section.

With ELMadrassa.com, we will eliminate fear or difficulty together and provide important tips for excelling in the reading section of the English Emsat exam. We will also show you how ELMadrassa.com can help you develop your reading skills and language skills.

The Reading Section in the English Emsat Exam

The Reading section in the English Emsat Exam in the United Arab Emirates is an important part that aims to test students’ reading skills and language skills. This section aims to assess students’ ability to comprehend and analyze written texts and derive meanings from them

This section includes two types of questions

  1. Extended Reading:
  • Students read a written text ranging from 300 to 500 words, which is related to a general, academic, or professional topic.
  • Following the text, there are four multiple-choice questions that require students to extract the general meaning of the text, 
  • identify the main idea, interpret words or phrases based on context, or evaluate the main points, arguments, or evidence used in the text.
  1. Cloze Reading:
  • In the Cloze Reading sections, candidates are presented with gaps in short readings (90 to 120 words) or longer ones (170-200 words), where appropriate words for the student’s level have been removed.
  • The removed words are displayed above the text, and candidates are required to drag the words to fill in the gaps.

To achieve success in the Reading section of the English Emsat Exam, students are advised to follow some effective strategies

Active Reading:

  • Engage in active and focused reading.
  • Try to understand the content accurately and analyze important ideas and details.

Identify the main ideas:

  • Look for the main ideas in the passages and try to understand the overall message the author is trying to convey.

Focus on the details:

  • Notice important details that support the main ideas.
  • Questions may require knowledge of specific details from the text.

Use cues and indicators:

  • Look for cues and indicators in the passages that help you answer the questions correctly.
  • These cues may be key words or indicative phrases.

Practice speed reading:

  • Practice speed reading to increase your reading speed and improve your understanding of the passages.
  • Speed reading can be useful in managing time during the exam.
  • Learn techniques such as skipping function words and focusing on main ideas and key details.

Answer questions in order:

  • Answer the questions in order and do not leave difficult questions until the end.
  • Use your answers to easy questions to build your confidence and save extra time for difficult questions.

Read more and practice:

  • Read additional sources in English such as books, magazines, articles, and websites.
  • You can also solve more sample questions and past exams to practice your reading and comprehension skills.

Focus and time management:

  • Allocate appropriate time for each passage and determine the time that suits you to answer each question.
  • Do not dwell on one question for too long, as it may affect the remaining time for other questions.
  • You should be able to concentrate while reading the text and avoid getting caught up in secondary details.
  • Effective time management is also important for completing the questions within the allotted time.

Improve vocabulary:

  • Expand your English vocabulary through reading, listening practice, and watching movies and TV shows in English.
  • Improving your vocabulary will help you better understand the text and answer questions accurately.

Reading comprehension training:

  • Practice reading comprehension techniques such as identifying main ideas, making predictions, and smart guessing.
  • These techniques will help you understand the text better and think more deeply.

How to deal with multiple-choice questions in the reading section of the English Emsat exam?

There are several strategies you can follow to deal with multiple-choice questions in the reading section of the English Emsat exam.

Here are steps that explain how to handle this type of questions:

Read the question carefully:

  • Start by reading the question carefully to understand what is being asked of you.
  • Pay attention to the key words in the question and any accompanying instructions.

Read the passage carefully:

  • After reading the question, read the given passage carefully.
  • Try to understand the general content, main ideas, and important details in the passage.

Identify the available choices:

  • Read the available choices and identify the possible options that could be the correct answer.
  • Some choices may contradict the content of the passage, while the correct choice may be consistent with the passage.

Focus on key details:

  • Try to find the key details in the passage that relate to the question.
  • These details may be key to determining the correct answer.

Eliminate incorrect choices

  • Analyze the available choices and eliminate options that contradict the information presented in the passage.
  • Some choices may contain words that may seem correct, but they do not fit the context of the passage.

Use cues and indicators:

  • Pay attention to cues and indicators in the passage that may help you determine the correct answer.
  • There may be key words or phrases that point to the correct answer.

Check and confirm

  • After selecting the appropriate answer, reread the question and the passage to check the accuracy of your answer.
  • Make sure that the answer aligns with the provided information and does not contradict it.

Focus and time management

  • Manage your time effectively while solving multiple-choice questions in the reading section.
  • Do not spend too much time on one question, but move on to the next question after making your decision.

It is important to practice solving multiple-choice questions in the reading section of the English Emsat exam to increase your experience and improve your performance. Solve a variety of questions and analyze your answers to understand the mistakes you might make and enhance your strengths

What are the reading skills required for the English Language Emsat Exam? 

The reading skills required for the English Language Emsat Exam involve understanding and analyzing written texts in the English language.

These skills include:

  • The ability to extract the overall meaning of texts and identify the main idea, key points, arguments, and evidence used in the texts.
  • The ability to interpret words and phrases based on context, prior knowledge, and vocabulary.
  • The ability to evaluate texts in terms of purpose, audience, text type, topic, perspective, objectivity, credibility, logic, organization, style, and effect.
  • The ability to use appropriate reading strategies for different texts, such as predicting, guessing, interacting, questioning, summarizing, inferring, comparing, contrasting, reasoning, and referring.

Reading skills are an essential part of language skills and are among the most important skills that students need to develop to pass the English language Emsat exam with ease.

To improve your language skills in the reading section of the English Emsat exam, it is recommended to practice reading regularly and focus on materials that require complex analysis and understanding of information. You can also solve a variety of reading section questions in the test to enhance your ability to deal with this type of question.

Here are additional tips to develop your language skills in the reading section:

Read diversely

  • Read diverse sources on various topics and linguistic patterns.
  • Reading academic articles, news, novels, general articles, and magazines contribute to improving your reading comprehension and increasing your vocabulary.

Maintain a vocabulary record 

  • Create a record for new words you encounter while reading.
  • Write down the word, its meaning, and use it in sentences to understand its context.

Active practice

  • After reading, practice comprehension, analysis, and interpretation by answering questions related to the text.
  • You can also rephrase the passage in your own style to confirm your understanding and analysis.

Solve past questions

  • Solve past questions and exams to improve your understanding of question patterns and apply the necessary language skills.

Utilize educational resources

  • Use available online educational resources, such as courses offered by websites like School.com, to develop your language skills, especially your reading skills.
  • You can learn new methods and strategies to improve your reading skills.

Remember that developing reading skills requires patience and continuous practice. Implement your reading plans and set measurable goals to enhance your progress

The courses of the reading section of the English Emsat exam for improving reading skills and language skills with the ELMadrassa.com platform.

The English Emsat exam reading skills improvement courses through the ELMadrass.com platform are a valuable resource for enhancing students’ reading and comprehension skills in preparation for the English language EMSAT exam.

The ELMadrassa.com platform offers a wide range of educational courses specifically designed to meet students’ needs in developing the necessary reading skills for success in the reading section of the English Emsat exam.

Here is some information about the reading skills improvement courses for success in the reading section of the English Emsat exam through the ELMadrassa.com platform:

Course Design

  • The courses are carefully designed to suit students’ level and enhance their reading skills.
  • They cover a variety of skills, including vocabulary comprehension, extracting meanings, text analysis, and critical thinking.

Comprehensive Educational Curriculum

  • The courses on the School.com platform include comprehensive educational curricula that cover various aspects of reading skills and language skills.
  • Concepts and strategies are presented in a simplified and understandable manner to ensure students’ comprehension and effective application.

Exercises and Practical Applications

  • The courses include exercises and practical applications to help students improve their reading skills.
  • Various exercises are provided to develop skills in speed reading, text analysis, organizing ideas, and reading comprehension.

Performance Assessment

  • The ELMadrassa.com platform provides a performance assessment system for students throughout the courses.
  • Detailed reports and statistics are provided to reflect students’ progress in improving reading skills throughout the course.
  • Students can identify their strengths and areas for improvement to focus on the areas that require further work.

Availability of Educational Resources

  • In addition to the courses, the ELMadrassa.com platform offers a wide range of supplemental educational resources to improve reading skills.
  • Students can access articles, educational materials, and additional exercises to practice and enhance their abilities.

Teacher and Supervisor Support

  • The ELMadrassa.com platform provides support for teachers and supervisors who wish to implement the courses in classrooms or within schools.
  • Educational resources and necessary guidance are provided for effective teaching of reading skills.

By enrolling in the English language Emsat exam reading skills improvement courses through the ELMadrassa.com platform, you will have a unique opportunity to enhance your reading abilities, improve your understanding, and comprehension of content.

These courses may contribute to increasing the effectiveness of your preparation for the reading section of the English Emsat exam and achieving positive results.

By utilizing these tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of passing the reading section of the English Emsat exam in the United Arab Emirates easily and achieve good results. Train and practice regularly and prepare well to achieve the best possible performance

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