English EMSAT exam: understanding the question system and format

The EmSAT (Emirates Standardized Test) for admission to higher education in the United Arab Emirates is an exam organized by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. The test aims to measure students’ abilities in core subjects such as Arabic language, English language, mathematics, and sciences like chemistry, biology, and physics. The test results are used in the process of admitting students to universities and colleges in the UAE. The test is usually administered at the end of the secondary school year and requires prior registration. There are preparatory resources and references available to assist students in preparing for this exam.

In this article, we will specifically focus on the English Emsat exam and explain the questions and formatting used in it. We will provide tips and strategies to help you pass the exam with ease. We will also clarify the role of the ELMadrassa.com platform in assisting you in understanding the types of questions and formatting in this test.

What is the English EMSAT Exam?

When it comes to assessing students’ English language skills, The English EMSAT Exam is one of the most important tests used in the United Arab Emirates. The English EMSAT Exam aims to measure students’ abilities in a variety of language skills, such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This test serves as a valuable tool for determining students’ proficiency in the English language, assessing their improvement over time, and evaluating their readiness for studying in an English-medium college or university.

The English EMSAT Exam consists of four main sections, which are:


  • This section requires students to listen to various audio clips and respond to questions related to these clips.
  • It assesses students’ ability to understand, analyze, and comprehend presented information.


  • This section presents written texts such as articles, passages, letters, and advertisements.
  • Students are required to read these texts and answer questions that test their understanding of meaning, details, and critical thinking.


  • This section requires students to write an essay, letter, or report based on a given topic.
  • It assesses students’ ability to express their ideas clearly, organize them, and use vocabulary and grammar correctly.


  • In this section, students are required to perform a conversation task with virtual assessors representing real people.
  • This section evaluates students’ ability to communicate orally, listen, and interact effectively.

The exam provides instant results that help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving the skills they need to develop. Additionally, the exam helps schools and educational institutions assess the quality of their educational programs and enhance them. Furthermore, the EmSAT English Language Exam works to provide standardized measurement criteria for English language skills in the United Arab Emirates, contributing to transparency and reliability in the assessment process.

Follow us to learn about the exam system, questions and formatting in this test, and how the ELMadrassa.com platform can help you easily pass the English EMSAT Exam.

What are the questions and formatting  in the English EMSAT Exam?

The English EMSAT Exam is conducted on a computer and consists of five sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, Long Reading Texts, Contextualized Reading, and Writing. The majority of question parts and their alternatives are randomly arranged. The computer allocates specific time for each section and subsection of the exam. Applicants can see the remaining time throughout the exam.

The exam consists of a total of 110 questions, including one essay (200-250 words). The question types in the English EmSAT Exam include:

  • Multiple Choice:

This type requires selecting the correct answer from several options.

  • Fill in the Blanks:

This type requires filling in the missing words or phrases in a sentence or passage.

  • Matching:

This type involves matching items from two or more columns.

  • Essay Writing:

This type requires writing an essay on a given topic within a time limit.

  • Reading:

This type assesses reading comprehension skills and may include various question formats, such as multiple-choice, drag and drop, and sentence reordering.

All these questions, including the essay, must be completed within 135 minutes.

What is the scoring system for the English EMSAT Exam?

The total score in the EmSAT exam ranges from 300 to 2000, combining the scores of the Reading and Writing sections.

  • Reading Score:
  • A CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level is assigned to the Reading section, which includes grammar and vocabulary questions, as well as various types of reading texts.
  • The question types may include multiple choice, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, or sentence reordering.
  • Writing Score:
  • A CEFR level is assigned to the Writing section based on an essay written within 30 minutes, consisting of approximately 250 words on a given topic.
  • EmSAT Level:
  • This represents the overall level of the student within the CEFR framework, ranging from A1 to C2, combining the Writing and Reading categories.

Sections of the English EMSAT Exam and the questions and its formatting:

Section 1: Grammar

  • In the Grammar section of the exam, applicants’ ability to choose the correct word(s) to complete a sentence is evaluated.
  • The questions may include multiple-choice, drag and drop, and sentence reordering to form a sentence.

Section 2: Vocabulary

  • The Vocabulary sections consist of short vocabulary questions that include multiple-choice.
  • They assess students’ knowledge of high-frequency words required for effective interaction in an English language educational environment.
  • The questions may be multiple-choice, drag and drop, or sentence reordering to form a sentence.

Section 3: Reading

  1. Cloze Reading Passages
  • In the Cloze Reading Passages sections, applicants are presented with gaps in short readings (90 to 120 words) or longer ones (170-200 words) where appropriate words for the student’s level have been removed.
  • The removed words are displayed above the text, and applicants drag the words to fill in the gaps.
  1. Extended Reading
  • This section includes reading texts, including descriptive, narrative, and explanatory texts, ranging from 450 to 550 words.
  • The skills tested in reading include identifying the main idea, finding simple factual details
  • understanding implied meaning, understanding the meaning of unfamiliar words, understanding inference, and sequencing events.
  • The questions on the reading passages are multiple-choice.

Section 4: Paragraph Builder

  • In this type of question, students drag and reorder 4-7 sentences to form a single paragraph or dialogue.
  • There are no additional sentences. Some sentences (such as the first sentence) may be provided to assist the student.
  • In the dialogue, the names of the speakers are presented.

Section 5: Writing

  • The writing section consists of writing a single essay.
  • Applicants are expected to write 200-250 words.
  • The task is assessed by at least two professional raters using a comprehensive assessment scale, and the applicant is given a score on the CEFR scale ranging from A1 to C2.
  • Writing is included in the overall score and constitutes 25% of the total score.

Each section contains a number of multiple-choice or written questions related to various topics such as science, technology, culture, society, education, health, sports, and arts.

Each section requires a specific time to complete, and students cannot go back to previous questions or change their answers after moving to the next section. However, they can navigate and return to previous questions within the same section.

The student’s score in the exam is calculated based on the number of correct, incorrect, and blank answers, reflecting their proficiency in English language skills, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

The platform ELMadrasa.com as an EmSAT Institute can help you easily pass the exam by providing preparatory courses for EmSAT, especially EmSAT English Language Exam online. They offer practice exams that qualify you to pass EmSAT tests easily and conveniently.

Follow us to learn more about the nature of the courses offered by this platform.

Here are some tips and strategies for passing the English EMSAT exam:

Understanding the exam requirements:

  • Study the exam structure, expected question types, and the skills required in each section.
  • This will help you plan well and identify the areas that you need to focus on.

Learn exam strategies:

Learn effective strategies for each section of the exam.

  • For example, for the reading section, practice reading passages quickly and attentively, and learn how to identify main ideas and important details.
  • For the writing section, organize your ideas and write with a coherent structure, using varied vocabulary.

Seek reference sources:

  • Use reliable reference resources to improve your language skills, reading, writing, and vocabulary.
  • You can benefit from websites, books, and educational materials that cover the topics required in the exam.
  • Enroll in online courses like the EmSAT English preparatory course offered by the ELMadrassa.com platform.

Regular practice:

  • Solve sample questions and past exams to familiarize yourself with the question patterns and strengthen your skills in quick response and time management.
  • Practice reading and writing regularly to develop your abilities in these areas.

Relaxation and self-confidence:

  • Before the exam, try to relax and calm your nerves.
  • Believe in your abilities and have confidence in yourself, as confidence plays an important role in achieving success.
  • Remember that good preparation and regular practice are the keys to success in any exam.

Improving vocabulary:

  • Expand your English vocabulary through diverse reading and watching movies and TV series in English.
  • Make sure to review important words and learn how to use them in different contexts.

Time management:

  • Allocate sufficient time for each section of the exam and avoid getting immersed in one question for a long time.
  • Try to answer as many questions as possible within the allotted time.

The role of ELMadrassa.com in passing the EmSAT English test:

When it comes to preparing for the EmSAT test, ELMadrassa.com Institute for EmSAT preparation is the best institute and online platform that helps you prepare for this test through preparatory courses for the English EMSAT test and practice exams.

Features of ELMadrassa.com as an EmSAT institute:

ELMadrassa.com Institute offers several features for EmSAT (Emirates Standardized Test) courses, including:

Wide range of courses:

  • The institute offers a variety of courses tailored to prepare students for the EmSAT exam in different academic fields.

Specialized training:

  • The institute provides specialized training for students, focusing on understanding the EmSAT exam requirements and developing the necessary skills for success.

Comprehensive study materials:

  • The institute provides comprehensive and integrated study materials that cover all aspects of the EmSAT exam, including language skills, reading, writing, inferential skills, and critical thinking.

Qualified trainers:

  • The institute has a team of qualified and experienced trainers in teaching the EmSAT exam, providing the necessary guidance and support to students throughout the training course.

Assessment and monitoring

  • The institute provides regular assessment and individual monitoring of students’ progress and development, helping them identify strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them.

Flexible schedule:

  • The institute offers a flexible schedule that suits the students’ needs, allowing them to book lessons according to their convenient timings.

Technical support:

  • A technical support team is available to answer students’ inquiries and assist them in resolving any technical issues they may encounter during the training course.

Flexible payment options:

  • The institute offers flexible and diverse payment options, including online payment, cash payment, and bank transfer, to facilitate the registration and payment process for students.

Here are some of the courses offered by ELMadrassa.com Institute for English EMSAT preparation:

Preparation course for English Emsat test:

Emsat english course targets high school students in their senior year with the aim of passing the university admission in colleges or universities and it also targets scholarship students and those who want to pursue Postgraduate studies, masters and PhD.

What you will learn from English Emsat course:

  • Extended Reading and writing It also focuses on:
  • Proficiency in English grammar in EmSat practice on questions from previous EmSat exams models.
  • Acquire the skills of the best ways to answer the questions of the EmSat English exam (complete – multiple choice – filling the blanks).
  • Training on the largest amount of English vocabulary and words expected in the EmSat test.
  • Professionalism in building sentences in the English language free of grammatical errors with guidance and evaluation to know the correct sentences.
  • Training on how to write paragraphs in the English language – writing multiple paragraphs from beginning to end based on actual EmSat templates and training on guessing missing syllables from paragraphs by practicing on real.


  • Acquiring the skills of reading paragraphs and writing texts with practicing proper pronunciation through guidance and evaluation of sounds and arranging ideas by applying to me on the EmSat exam practice.
  • Acquisition of Cloze Reading skills: which aims to fill the blanks and passages with the correct words to measure the student’s ability to understand the vocabulary within the paragraph
  •  Acquisition of Extended Reading and writing skills: which aims to measure students’ reading, writing and oral skills – from the EmSat exam questions – English EmSat exam model.

The English Emsat course offered by ElMadrassa.com Institute is an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their English language skills and achieve success in the EmSAT exam. Don’t hesitate to enroll in these courses.

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