Emsat English exam

Emsat English exam

The Emsat English exam; Emirates standardised exam, is an exam system whose main purpose is to evaluate and measure the information the student has managed to get through their years of study.

This exam system is not only to measure or test the student’s knowledge, but it is also to evaluate the student’s response to the education system, and how effective it is to the student, and this is evaluated through the results.

According to these results, the decision-makers can make a plan to support each student in order to get the needed skills and information.

The Emsat exam is not concerned with only one specific field or educational level, it simply evaluates the student’s capability to pass to the next level, that’s why it tests different educational levels, in a wide variety of fields.

And it has three stages:

1. the baseline stage

This is concerned with the children, who are about to get to grade 1, which means that it tests the kindergarten period.

2. the advantage stage

Which tests grades 4, 6, 8 and 10.

3. the achieve stage

Which has two divisions:

1. achieve 12

Which tests the students in grade 12.

2. achieve

Which tests the students for applying to the college, like the admission college tests.

So, each exam differs according to the educational stage and the subject of the field.

And in this article, we’re going to discuss the main points regarding the English Emsat, which is one of the most important and crucial exams, especially for applying for colleges.

How to succeed in the Emsat English exam ?

The Emsat exam can be a bit complicated if you didn’t prepare for it the right way, and trained well, as this exam is concerned more with the practical side.

That’s why it tests the practical skills that the student learned during his studies according to each subject and its basics.

The same for the Emsat English exam , it tests the main skills for the language; reading, writing, speaking and listening.

The main target for the exam is to test the main elements of the language as; the grammar rules, the sentence structure or syntax, and measure the level of language usage.

Besides the vocabulary, the exam requires the students to be aware of; the most common phrases, the most used, and how to use them.

 In order to pass the exam, you need to be familiar with the test itself, so don’t apply for the exam before practising it.

As we mentioned before the English Emsat is more likely a practical test that targets the main four skills for the language.

That’s why the student should be trained to master reading the long scripts, reading and understanding first, to get new vocabularies and phrases, or even learn how to deal with the new ones.

And writing to master building correct new sentences, using the new vocabulary, and the grammatical rules.

In some questions in the exam, as we will see in the rest of the article, there will be questions that require a deeper understanding of the script and answering according to what you got.

In addition to the conversation that the students have with their classmates as a training to the oral skills, mastering how to build sentences well structured, and grammatically correct.

As a result, to succeed in the English Emsat you need to:

1.   Have a specialised trainer

 To search for an institute or a trainer that is an expert in the Emsat exam, aware of its system, to help you understand its system and train you according to it.

2.   Know the Exam

The Emsat English exam is a different exam and can be complicated, and hard to adapt to unless you trained for it before, and understood the pattern of the question, and the best way to solve it.

3.   Manage your time

If you don’t have time, you simply need to make one.

You can get the best result in anything you’re doing if you manage your time wisely, so making a plan is the best solution, to manage your time, organize your studies, and give each part a suitable amount of time to prepare for it.

4.   Solving some previous exams

So, as we mentioned before, the Emsat English exam has a different test style and can be a bit complicated if you didn’t train for it, so it will be better if you trained its system in previous exam solving.

How many questions are in the Emsat English exam?

The Emsat English exam contains 110 questions, which must be solved within 135 minutes. These questions differ between; choosing the correct answer, completing the space, writing an essay, reading, and reorganising the sentence structure.

the English Emsat has five parts:

1.   The first part: the grammar

In this part, the questions are: choose, and reorganize through a number of words and phrases.

2.   The second part: the vocabulary

This part tests the student’s knowledge of the most common words and the most used phrases.

3.   The third part: completing the spaces within passages  

In this part you will have to read the passage, which won’t be completed, the words that have been taken will be in a square that exists above the passage, and you will have to take these words and put them in the right spaces or places in the passage.

4.   The fourth part: reading the long scripts

In this part there are 3 scripts that have mostly around 450 words, to read to solve the questions below it.

5.   The fifth part: writing

In this part, the student must write an essay that has between 200 to 250 words, and it is evaluated according to the main writing principles.

What is the degree of success in the exam?

It has been stated that the score in the Emsat, for the direct unconditional acceptance in the bachelor’s programs, shouldn’t be less than 1100 degrees, and 1400 degrees for the master’s and PHD programs.

However, in general, the evaluation for the students’ degrees: the students who got 850 and below, which refers to low-level efficiency and need support classes to help them catch their classmates, and from 850 to 1600, which refers to a middle-level efficiency, and between 1625 to 2000, means that the student has a high level of efficiency, and mastering the language skills.

Difference between IELTS & Emsat

There has been an argument over the college admission requirements, as some private colleges require another international standardised test like IELTS and TOEFL, which raised the rage among the parents of their children, due to the refusal of their children, even those who have high scores.

That’s why the ministry of education stated that the Emsat English exam will be accepted in all educational institutions, and obligated all the colleges to accept Emsat English exam instead of IELTS, especially for the high score students.

The Emsat English exam is not profitable, and its main purpose is to qualify and equip the students with the right skills, to support the students through their future careers. 

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