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The EmSAT English test is a national standardized computer-based English test that evaluates the level of the student in the English language to determine if he is ready to join higher education in a college or university. Learning EmSAT English requires perfect knowledge of the EmSAT test construction and the right technique to study it to avoid many common mistakes in learning EmSAT English.

Emsat English test, Important information about it  

First of all, let us have a close look at the exam system to make it easier in learning EmSAT English. 

Test Sections: 

  •  It has about six sections which are close reading, extended reading, grammar, vocabulary, sentence construction, and writing. 
  •  Questions are random for most of the tests. 
  • Sections and subsections of the test are auto-timed by the computer you are having the test on. 
  • Students can follow up on the time passed during the exam
  • Test Duration: Nearly 125 minutes. Students can finish the test as soon as they have answered all questions in all sections. Time of the EmSAT English test is divided between the different sections.  Each section is timed individually. When students have used all the dedicated time for any section, their responses are saved and they have moved automatically to the next section. 
  • No. of Questions: 110 questions including one essay of about 250 words.

 Type of questions:

  •  Multiple Choice.
  •  Fill-in-the-Blanks.
  •  Drag and Drop.
  •  Essay.
  •  Reading.
  •  Sentence Reordering.

EmSAT test questions are divided according to the section as follows:

  • EmSAT English Reading Section: The reading section includes questions in grammar and vocabulary as well as different types of reading texts. Question types can include multiple choice questions, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blanks, or sentence reordering.
  • Close reading sections (passages):  In close reading passage sections, students can see blanks in short (200-word) reading passages where the words appropriate to the level have been removed. The removed words are presented above the text and students have to drag the suitable words to fill in the blanks. 
  • Extended reading sections (passages): In extended reading sections, there are three reading texts descriptive, narrative, or even expository texts. They range from 275 words to 550 words. It tests many reading skills like identifying the main idea or simple actual details, finding the meaning of an unfamiliar word, inference (understanding what is underlying behind the meaning of the text), and sequencing (understanding the order of events).
  • EmSAT English Writing Section:  The writing section takes about 30 minutes. Briefly, it consists of typing an essay of 250 words on a single topic. The response is word‐processor mediated, and students are expected to write 200‐250 words. The immediate response (correction) is given in English and Arabic. The task is assessed by at least two professional markers using an overall banding scale, and the students are awarded a band on the CEFR scale between A1 and C2. The writing is included in the overall score.
  • Grammar Sections: The grammar section assesses the students on their ability to select the correct word or words to complete a sentence. Grammar content is mainly based on the English Grammar Profile Project. Please visit  (www.englishprofile.org). Questions can be multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop, or reordering words to form a sentence.
  • Vocabulary Sections: The vocabulary sections consist of short multiple-choice vocabulary questions which determine the level of the student’s knowledge of the high‐frequently used words needed to function effectively in an English‐medium environment. Vocabulary content is mainly based on the English Vocabulary Project. Please visit (www.englishprofile.org). The list of the words is designed to make sure that the words are culturally appropriate and useful in the academic context. Questions can be multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, drag-and-drop, or reordering words to form a sentence.

How to make a successful plan for the Emsat English exam

 EmSAT English Overall Score

 There is no passing or failing score on the EmSAT English test. Every university or college has a specific score to accept the student. Identifying the EmSAT test score and their meanings will help you in learning EmSAT English. EmSAT English test score is classified into many levels:

  •  2000: It represents the C2 level. It is one of the proficient levels and it means that the student can understand and communicate with the English language. It means that he nearly masters listening, reading, speaking or writing. He also can express himself easily, even in complex situations. There are no spelling or punctuation errors.
  • 1625 – 1975: It represents the C1 level. It is one of the proficient levels and it means that the student can understand most of the texts. He can use the English language easily and compose clear, well‐structured text on different subjects. He also can express himself well. Layout, paragraphing, and punctuation are consistent and helpful. Spelling is accurate with occasional slips. 
  •  1250 – 1600: It represents the B2 level. It is one of the independent levels and it means that the student can understand the main ideas of any text. He can compose clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a point of view. He also can interact with native speakers without many difficulties. It also represents clearly intelligible continuous writing using a standard layout and paragraphs. Spelling and punctuation are reasonably accurate.
  • 875 – 1225: It represents the B1 level. It is one of the independent levels and it means that the student can understand the main points of familiar subjects in daily life whether in work, school or leisure. He can compose simple texts or describe experiences in daily life or in common subjects. He also can deal with nearly most situations in English. It also represents continuous writing which is generally intelligible throughout. Spelling, punctuation, and layout are accurate enough to be followed most of the time.
  •  500 – 850: It represents the A2 level. It is one of the basic levels and it means that the student can understand basic and common sentences and expressions about personal and family information or daily life. He also can communicate in simple situations. It also means that the students can copy short sentences on everyday subjects, e.g., directions. They can write short words with reasonable phonetic accuracy (not standard spelling).
  • 300 – 475: It represents the A1 level. It is one of the basic levels and it means that the student can understand and use the daily expressions and very basic phrases for his current needs. He can introduce himself and give some personal details such as his address or friends. He also can interact if the other person talks slowly and clearly. It also means that the students can copy familiar words and short phrases: simple signs or instructions, and everyday objects. They can spell address, nationality, and personal details.

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Common mistakes in learning EmSAT English

From the point of view of previous students and many experts, there are many frequent mistakes that students make in learning EmSAT English. Those mistakes are: 

  • Students ignore allowing sufficient time to prepare for or learn EmSAT English achieve.
  • Students do not require help from or do not deal with professional teachers in their journey of learning EmSAT English.
  • Students ignore taking enough demo tests before the exam to be trained well.
  • Students ignore to enrich their English linguistic wealth before the exam.
  • Students do not review grammar rules well.
  • Students become distracted between different resources
  • Students lack the subject and test system knowledge.
  • Students do not follow the instructions and guidelines provided on the official website.
  • Some students try to memorize the answers to the questions during learning EmSAT English.
  • Some students do not follow up on the time passed and remain during the exam. 
  • Students ignore getting the language from its native speakers.

The best advices to get high score in  EmSAT English achieve test

Getting high score in EmSAT English achieve test is not impossible, but it requires to follow many steps: 

  • Try learning EmSAT English or preparing for the test at least 2 months before the test.
  • Understand the pattern of the exam before preparing for it>
  • Attend Elmadrasah.com EmSAT English Course
  • It is a course that trains you individually on the EmSAT English test online via zoom.
  • It provides you with all the needed materials.
  • It gives you flexible schedules.
  • There are professional teachers who follow up your level.
  • Review grammar rules well.
  • Try to find different resources available for the test, without being distracted.
  • Enrich your linguistic wealth by reading books, magazines, and other materials in English
  • Improve your reading comprehension by practicing with texts of variable difficulty levels. 
  • Follow the guidelines and instructions.

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EmSAT English test is an important gateway to joining a university. It is not an easy matter, but getting a very high score in it is not impossible. All you need is to put your goal in front of your eyes, avoid mistakes and then follow what is mentioned in this article. 

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