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EmSAT exams are Emirates standardized tests that evaluate knowledge of the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades students of each subject, i.e.” physics, chemistry, Arabic, mathematics, English, biology, etc.” so that assessors could track their performance or decide whether they are ready to enroll in higher educational institutes.   

Some students face many hardships passing EmSAT exams due to different reasons, whether fear that attracts stress or anxiety that leads to struggling with remembering information and some do not know very well how should they study and prepare for different emsat tests.

Therefore, in this article I am going to give you some hints on what to expect in each exam, how to study for EmSAT exams, and how to be well prepared for it so you can get the highest marks, now let’s dig in:

what to expect in each EmSAT exam:

Physics: it consists of 4o questions (multiple choices) Some of the topics you may find:

The duration of  EmSAT exam physics test is 120 minutes.

Chemistry: composed of 40 questions Expected topics:

  • Matter and its properties.
  • Energy.
  • Power.
  • Conservation of matter.

You have 120 minutes to answer.

Biology: compromised of 40 questions Expected topics:

The test duration is 120 minutes.

English: The test consists of 110 questions in addition to an essay question, and this exam is supposed to assess:

  • Vocabulary and grammar.
  • Close and extended reading.
  • Sentence structure.
  • A writing task.

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You are required to finish this exam in 135 minutes.

Arabic: consists of 90 multiple choices questions in addition to an essay question and it assesses:

  • The ability to read short texts i.e. (cultural/scientific/social/economic texts) as well as long texts i.e. (info-graphic / biography/weather forecast etc.)
  • Vocabularies and language structure including grammar, and spelling. 
  •  The ability to write essays as you are required to write a persuasive essay that reflects your perspective on a topic.

The duration of this test is 120 minutes.

Mathematics: compromised of 50 questions Expected topics:

  • Algebra (interpretation of the structure of expressions / extending the domain of trigonometric identities / creating equations that describe numbers and relationships / solving systems of equations / solving problems with limits etc.)
  • Geometry (transformations for 2D and 3D shapes / proving theorems involving similarity/translating between the geometric description and the equation for a conic section / explaining forms formulas and using them to solve problems etc.)
  • Statistics (independence and conditional probabilities of compound events / linear models/data on a single variable and quantitative variables/rules of probability / calculating values and using them to solve problems etc)

You have 120 minutes to answer.

Computer science (java and python): consists of 2 sections 

The first section (computer science theory): consists of 35 questions and evaluates your proficiency level in:

  • Computing systems and networks (hardware components and the function of these components/logic gates” AND, OR, NOT, XOR..etc.) / types of network topologies/roles of hardware and software in the network operation).
  • Data analysis (data collection methods / different methods of storing data / appropriate representations of data i.e. “graphs, network diagrams, charts, flowcharts” / patterns in a variety of data sets).

The duration of this section is 40 minutes.

The second section (problem-solving and programming practices): consists of 65 questions that assess the:

  • Algorithm (the use of different algorithms representations / evaluating and comparing between the efficiency, simplicity, complexity, and clarity of algorithms / distinguishing between different operators “arithmetic, logical, and relational” and evaluating simple and compound expressions..etc.)
  • Programming (programming specifications / applying the pillars of computational thinking as a process to solve a computational problem/program using procedure-oriented programming / distinguishing between different iterations statements “for loop, while loop, do-while loop” / selecting the appropriate iteration statements based on the problem given..etc.)

You have 110 minutes to answer in this section.

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Here are some hints on how to study for EmSAT exam:

  • Use the documentation method: take notes on every part you study to help remember all the important points at the end of the lesson; Collect all the terms of the subject you are studying i.e. chemistry, and their definitions, and put them in a glossary, so that you won’t get confused trying to find them whenever you need to revise any. This method saves you many hours that go wasted in vain.
  • Revising: try to revise all the lessons you have studied during the week at the end of it and do not worry about your time. This won’t take long because you will remember most of the information, but will save so much effort ahead, especially when you start revising for your EmSAT exam.
  • You need to start studying 2 months or 6 weeks at least before the exam date, to avoid any kind of pressure.
  • A teacher: a good teacher may also be so beneficial for you at this stage to help you understand all the details of the subject, as well as help you stay focused on studying most of the time, also, to make sure you are covering all the possible lessons that you may find at the exam.
  • Practicing: without practicing all your efforts will go in vain, because you should not even decide for yourself whether you understand what you have just studied or not without practicing!
  • Practice questions as much as you can, especially previous EmSAT exams.

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  • focus on your goal and do not let it be just a score, focus on getting the highest result you can get EmSAT exam. 
  • Make yourself a plan and stick to it; also, do not forget to make time for yourself every day so that you do not get bored and recharge your energy.
  • Hard work always pays off in the end, don’t underestimate your small achievements, and be proud of yourself at least for trying.

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