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Do you have any worries due to the approaching date of the EMSAT exam?

Usually, we are afraid of things that we do not know and do not realise how to deal with, but nowadays you do not need to be irritated with our website, https://elmadrasah.com/ services. 

We will nourish you with emsat exam practice courses, and preparatory courses that equip you with sufficient knowledge to take the exam in its various stages and materials and qualify you To prepare for university admission exams for 12th graders.

Our website provides you with the mandatory assistance to help you achieve outstanding performance in all sections of the EMSAT exam. We provide you with training on the exam through private online training courses during which work is done to determine the training needs of each student through replacement tests with a specialised mentor working With you to implement a training strategy just for you.

Why is attending EMSAT preparation training courses a crucial necessity? 

The importance of attaining training courses lies within the importance of the test, which seeks to assess twelfth-grade students. This is to measure their knowledge and skills acquired during the courses of general education. This test plays a big role when transitioning to the higher education stage, as it gives useful information to decision-makers at the university enrollment stage.

Who is the target of our training courses? 

elmadrasah.com targets the eligible students for the emsat exam practice, which are fourth-graders, sixth graders, eighth graders, tenth graders, and finally twelfth graders to join the university.

The training courses take into account that the examination is divided into first-grade students, followed by fourth, fifth, fifth, and tenth graders, what is known as sequential arrangements, and twelfth graders in the achievement stage. To enroll in public and private universities.

Types of emsat exam practice courses on the elmadrasah.com website

Arabic Language:

  • training is based on the Arabic exam, which aims to prepare students for the Arabic language skills assessment test for twelfth graders in the Achieve stage and exam consecutive students by concentrating on three sections: 
  • The first section of the texts 
  • The second section deals with the structure of the Arabic language and its vocabulary. 
  • The third section is about writing. It is worth noticing that the Arabic language exam is an online exam that is performed via the computer, and the duration of the exam is 120 minutes. 

English language training: 

  • English training directs students to be prepared for the English language test so that students can be ready for the English language skills assessment test and also the preparation of twelfth-grade students in the second stage to enroll in universities and colleges where the study system is in English. It is worth remarking that the English language test is an online test that is performed by a computer. The duration of the test is 125 minutes. The number of questions is 110, covering the various sections of the test. 
  • In the English language training provided by the elmadrasah.com website, training is conducted on all sections of the following English language exams
  • Section One: English Grammar, Vocabulary, and Sentence Building 
  • The second section: Is reading, which includes: which includes, Intermittent reading: which intends to complete the correct blanks and syllables of words to measure the student’s ability to comprehend the vocabulary within the paragraph.
  •  Reading and Writing: Its purpose is to measure students’ reading, writing, and oral skills. 
  • Section Three: Writing Skills.
  • And of course, we should not ignore English grammar training importance, which includes many very significant aspects:
  •  Training students on the nature of the questions of the English language test questions in English grammar, and not only that, but we also provide them with an evaluation of their answers so that they can reach the adequate answer. 
  •  Training on questions from the EMSAT English exam models in English grammar and how to solve them, which includes a variety of questions such as complete, multiple-choice, and rewriting the appropriate words for the sentence.
  • Training on the use of vocabulary in English in the educational and academic context from the reality of the situation English language tests 
  •  Training on building sentences correctly and soundly free of grammatical mistakes, English grammar, and rhetoric from the reality of the English language test questions. 
  • Training to see if the sentence is correct or there is a mistake in it, helps you to choose the correct answer in the multiple-choice questions in the English test from the reality of the English test questions.
  •  Training in writing and building paragraphs in the English language by defining the basics of writing and paragraphs in the English language from the reality of the English language test questions.
  • Training on guessing the missing syllables or words in the paragraphs from the sensibility of the questions of the English language exam models in the EMSAT exam.
  •  Training in reading texts and writing paragraphs and their correct pronunciation, and defining during training what the letters are Consonants and vowels and how to pronounce them, as well as the order of your thoughts as you read. 

Join Us now for the EMSAT English training course from the website here: https://elmadrasah.com, it’s never too late for choosing an adequate tutor and save your remaining time before the exam, with us your success is destined.

Physics Exam Training

  •  The training is designed for the Physics Exam, which aims to measure the skills of twelfth-grade students at the stage of performance and their readiness to study in colleges. 
  • In this training for the Physics Exam, the sections consist of 5 sections
  • Part One: Mechanics 
  • Part Two: Waves and Optics
  • Part Three: Thermophysics and Thermodynamics 
  • Part Four: Electricity and Magnetism
  • Part Five: Modern Physics

Mathematics Exam Training: 

  • Twelfth-grade students’ mathematics exam is tested to prepare them to study mathematics at the college or university level. 
  • Mathematics format of 60 questions divided into three sections: Algebra – Geometry – Statistics and the different types of questions are as follows: Multiple choices Choose more than one answer,  work the blanks Drag the words into the appropriate space 
  • The time required to obtain the applicable duration for the proper configuration of computer-based results is 120 minutes. The time appears on the computer screen, enabling the applicant to know the remaining time.

Tips for excel in Emsat exam

With these preparation courses from elmadrasah.com mastering the Emsat exam is not an easy task, but with the right tips and strategies, you can excel and achieve a high score. Here are the top 5 tips to crack the Emsat exam:

  • Choose a subject to study: The Emsat exam covers a wide range of subjects, so it is essential to choose a subject that you are comfortable with and focus on it. It will help you prepare well and increase your chances of scoring high.
  • Begin preparation early: Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for the Emsat exam. Begin your preparation as early as possible so that you have enough time to cover all the topics and revise them multiple times.
  • Organize and create a study plan: Creating a study plan is an important step in preparing for the Emsat exam. It will help you manage your time efficiently and ensure that you cover all the topics before the exam.
  • Start solving previous question papers: Solving previous year’s question papers is an effective way to prepare for the Emsat exam. It will give you an idea of the exam pattern, types of questions asked and help you identify your weak areas.
  • Revise your exam subject: Revision is crucial for scoring high in the Emsat exam. Revise all the topics multiple times and focus more on the areas where you feel less confident.

By following these tips and strategies, you can excel in the Emsat exam and achieve a high score.

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