Emsat exam

The Emsat exam is the most common exam in UAE, and the most recognizable method to measure your qualifications in your studies.

However, many people aren’t aware of many important steps, and the process of how this exam works, whether it was to register, take, or even get the results.

That’s why in this article we’re going to explain the main steps and procedures to how to register for the Emsat exam.

First: what is the Emsat?   

The Emsat exam or the Emirates standardised testing system, which refers to a set of exams that are given to the student according to their grade and specialisation.

The main purpose of this exam is to evaluate the students in different educational stages and how qualified they are to pass to the next phase.

Besides that the decision-makers depend on it to measure the student’s progress and how the current educational system can support them.

And the students’ response to this system, and according to these results, the government can improve or adjust the educational systems, and build plans that can suit each student and help them get the best of their skills.

The Emsat exam is not specified for a specific field or grade, however, it evaluates a wide variety of educational stages in a wide variety of subjects.

The Emsat exam has three stages:

1.   The baseline:

In this stage, the exam measures the skills that the children get during their kindergarten stage.

This stage concerns students in grade 1 and measures essential skills like reading, writing, and calculating.

2.   The advantage stage:

In this stage, the students in grades 4,6,8 and 10 are tested.

The main subjects the student tests are: Arabic, English, mathematics, and science.

3.   The Achieve stage:

This stage is divided into two stages; the achieve, which is concerned with the college application, and achieve 12 for grade 12.

The main subjects tested are: Arabic, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science.

Meanwhile, if you have a specific college in your mind or you prefer, you should be mindful of the requirements, and the needed score.

How to register for the Emsat exam?

The Emsat exam is considered an electronic exam, so most of the procedures that should be done will be primarily online, and on the ministry of education’s official website, which is related to the exam page.

In order to register for this exam, you need to do some steps; you can also ask for help from a coordinator:

  1. Search for Emsat registration on google.
  2. Then choose the link related to the Emsat exam on the official website of the ministry of education.
  3. After getting to the page, you can choose to shift between the Arabic and English language pair.
  4. Then scroll down, where you’re going to find the button “click here to register”.
  5. After this step you will be asked if you have an account on the exam page or not.
  6. If you don’t have an account linked to your UAE ID, then you’ll have to establish one.
  7. Then you will enter your phone number; or whatever the way you choose.
  8. Then you’re going to receive an OTP, put it in.
  9. Then you’ll be redirected to the main page of the Emsat exam on the website of the ministry of education, where you will have to fill out some information:
    1. Put your Email address; whether it was a personal or specific one for the exam.
    2. Then create your password; which should include all the conditions.
    3. Then you will have to choose the category; whether it was Achieve or Achieve 12.
    4. Then choose the state of residency.
    5. Then choose the institution or the college.
    6. Then upload a personal photo from your device.
    7. After finishing all that, press register.
    8. This will redirect you to the official page of the ministry of education, where you will find a button to confirm your account, click it.
    9. Then you will get back to your email, where you will find a new message saying that your application has been submitted.

Then you will have to wait for a couple of days till you receive a message that your account has been activated.

And those were the main steps to register an account on the Emsat exam’s official page on the website of the ministry of education.

Now we’re going to mention the main steps to register for the Emsat exam:

  1. Go to the official website of the ministry of education, the page for the Emsat exam.
  2. This time choose to have an account.
  3. Put the Email you put into registering, and the password.
  4. Then you will find the information on your previous exam results.
  5. You will find the button “retake” click it.
  6. You will choose the timing and the location suitable for you; which are unchangeable nor can be cancelled.
  7. The next step will be the payment; you will find the cost of the exam and different methods to pay and choose the one suitable for you.
  8. After paying the cost, you will receive an SMS that has all the details of your exam.

When is the register for the Emsatt exam?

The ministry of education declared that the Emsat exam 2022-2023 will start in October 2022 and finish in July 2023, for the students in Achieve 12 and Achieve, with a total of 16 sessions.

For each session there are 4 timings the students can choose from; starting from 8 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, till 5 PM.

The session started from the previous October and the rest will be on 12, 19 February, 5,26 March, 7,21 May, 4,18 June, and finally 22 of July 2023.

What is the degree of success in the Emsat exam?

The ministry of education mentioned before that there is no specific indicator of failing or succeeding in the Emsat exam, however, there are some basics, the students must have in order to be able to apply to most of the colleges:

  • First: the student shouldn’t get a score that is lower than 80% total average in order to be qualified for most of the colleges, except for the medicine and science college, which request not less than 90% total average.
  • Second: to score 1250 in Emsat English or what equals it in the TOEFL or IELTS, and the original credit.
  •  Third: to submit for the equation system; in case of studying under a foreign educational system that doesn’t follow the educational system of the UAE government.

This was the average score, however before taking the test, be mindful of the college you want to apply to, and search for its requirements, as they differ from one college to another.

So in this article, we mentioned the main steps of how to register an account, then for the Emsat exam, and finally, we mentioned the timings of its sessions and its success range.

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