Are there Children's personality patterns?

All parents need to get the best way to make their children at their best form socially and academically. It is a big challenge, and your first step in it is to understand the different children’s personality patterns. By taking this knowledge you will be able to know the best way to deal with your child to give him the best care you can.

Children’s personality patterns, does it really exist?

Of course it exists. Every child has his own character, which determines the way he reacts to the events around him and his way of dealing with his family and friends. Parents need to understand the personality pattern of their children to know how to deal with them.

What is the meaning of children’s personality patterns?

Children’s personality patterns are a group of traits that is unique to each person and different from one child to the other. This pattern determines how the child is  going to deal with his relatives, friends and his daily life events.

Factors affecting children’s personality patterns

Children’s personality patterns can be affected by several factors like genetic factors, as the character patterns can be inherited from his parents or his grandparents also. The environment can also affect and change the features of children’s character styles, this can be by adding a new trait or the activation of an existing one.

The most common character patterns 

  1. The explorer child
  2. The shy child
  3. The artist child
  4. The caregiver child
  5. The thinker child
  6. The attractive child 

The explorer child and his features

The explorer child is defined as the child who is curious about almost everything around him. He likes to touch, smell and taste everything, that might be dangerous for him so parents should be careful about this.

This child is usually a social child that may be accompanied by academic excellence if this curiosity is well used by his parents. This child likes learning and this talent needs care from parents to help his mind grow and develop.

This child is so reckless, this needs careful control from the parents, and teaches them how to stay calm and work carefully. On the other hand they are so active and enthusiastic, they are also socially active , they need to be treated as adults to help his mind grow, develop, and psychological stability.

The shy child and his features

This child is so shy, and doesn’t like social communication either with adults or with other children . He likes to stay alone and quiet rather than gathering with others.

This social isolation needs a great help from his parents to help him get the right communication method with their friends and other people, and how to talk politely with the others

The shy child likes planning and organisation, this skill can be developed to help him keep this skill with him in his adult life.

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The artist child and his features

This type of child has great talent, and of course this talent needs a lot of training and development. This type of child may have a talent and artistic sense similar to the adult artists.

This child is so ambitious and dreamy to some extent, his dreams might be unrealistic and can’t occur in real life, but he needs help from his parents to help them plan and work based on the real life plans.

The caregiver child and his features

This type of child is so popular among children. This type likes helping all the people and loves caring for them and taking their responsibility.

The caregiver child may be vulnerable to exploitation because of his kind and nice attitude. The role of parents in this case is to teach him how to be helpful without being exploited from other people or from his friends. 

He can also be sensitive to others opinion of him, this can make him lose his confidence with criticism, his parents should help him how to overcome the negative criticism and  be an optimistic caregiver child.

The thinker child and his features

The thinker child appears as the quiet child which thinks a lot before every step he does and has a vision in every situation he faces. He is a good organiser and has a plan for every work he does.

Unfortunately, this type of child is so stubborn and sticks well to his ideas. He also gets disappointed when his plans fail. He needs special help to help him to stay as a good planner and protect him from the faults that may occur due to his stubbornness.

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The attractive child and his features

The attractive type child is a child that has a high charisma that is usually innate and not acquired. Also he is a highly social child and so interactive in the family and friends gatherings. This type of child likes team working and usually becomes the team leader.

He may have a high ego due to his high charisma, and of course this ego should be well guided by his parents to prevent him from causing any problems.

Raising a child is a very tiring mission that needs to be based on science and knowledge to raise a well brought-up child with a stable and healthy psyche.

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