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There are many misconceptions about the Emsat online course and test, lately for those who register or get to know about it for the first time, and that’s kind of a normal situation as the new test system, is still hard to understand by many students and parents. The good news is that the Emsat test is not complicated like rocket science. In this article, we will clarify most of the common misconceptions about emsat, and other related questions.

emsat achieve

As you might know, the emsat online test consists of three basic stages, emsat basic, emsat advanced, and emsat achieve the most critical test of them, as it is designed specially for assessing the high school senior students abilities and readiness to apply for universities, in more specific majors.

Emsat achieve is not a fail or success exam, as the student can redo it many times, and improve their grades in specific subjects, to increase their chances of enrolling in reputable universities.

Seeking retaking emsat ? here’s the full details aboud how you could redo emsat online.

Emsat online training centre

Elmadrasah.com creates a bundle of highly selected emsat test preparation courses, to empower students with all necessities to achieve a proper score in the emsat subject, to reach their goal target college. We don’t exaggerate when we say that we are the pioneers of online education and emsat test preparation. Our success stories with our students through the years speak for themselves!

So don’t hesitate to contact us, and ask for an academic consultation. 

Full guide to understand your emsat score better.

Emsat online courses common misconception

  • Online courses aren’t interactive like physical courses

Unlike what students might think, elmadrasah.com, put the active learning methods, and student-tutor vivid interaction, as a priority when we designed emsat online course system, you will be able to have a one-to-one discussion directly with your tutor, have the perks of 24/7 follow up, and the special revision classes.

  •  Emsat online courses are a waste of time

We limited the course time by one hour, via zoom to cover all the aspects of certain parts of the subject our tutor illustrated, and give our students  the advantage of setting up their class schedule to cope with their daily study program.

  • High prices, and not affordable

Elmadrsah.com seek to tailor a lot of emsat online courses bundles, include revision bundle, and preparation bundles from A to Z, to be suitable for all students, high quality, and affordable as the student will have the variety of many options, starting from choosing a 2 revision classes, to have a full course based on his budget.

  • Hard to track your progress

We cover this point, as our tutor has put in a tracking system, every student has a file including his starting level assessment, and scores in each test and assignment he had, since he joined our learners community.

  • Random tutors

We had a group of highly professional private tutors, where you can see their student reviews on their courses result, and choose with whom you want to take the emsat online course, nothing random and every tutor has an identification profile, including his  accredited certificates. 

Here’s emsat practice roadmap to be followed to get your desired score.

Emsat subjects and Emsat syllabus

The emsat subjects are not so far from what the students had studied, through all their educational years. It’s defined to assess the cumulative knowledge students acquire through the basic learning years.

emsat Arabic: The exam is based on the uae national standards for teaching and evaluating Arabic, based on the standard performance indicators

  • The examination is divided into three sections:
  • First section:
  • Reading texts, including long, narrative, or nonlinear informative texts (e.g., infographics, biographies), on a variety of topics such as culture, science, society, economics, and so on.
  • Students must answer a series of multiple-choice questions after reading the text. These questions assess the student’s performance against the criteria for evaluating reading skills.
  • The second section:
  • Language structure and vocabulary, which includes a series of multiple-choice questions designed to assess students’ grammatical abilities. These questions assess students’ grammar and spelling skills, as well as their knowledge of common vocabulary and its appropriate use for their age group, and the appropriateness of this vocabulary has been verified. of local culture and its relevance to academic content
  • Section three:
  • Writing, this section includes one writing task for a persuasive text on one of the topics with two opposing points of view, using the computer’s keyboard, and this section accounts for 30% of the total score for the test.
  • Physics:
  • The Emirates Standardised Test in Physics is divided into three sections. 
  • Physics Fundamentals
  • Energy and energy transformations
  • force and motion

The test is distinguished by the randomization of sections percentage in the test questions and options, and the test is time-limited by the computer. As a timer appears on the screen indicating the remaining time for the test, the length of the test time is 120 minutes.

Physics exam, which consists of 5 sections:

Part One: Mechanics

Part Two: Waves and Optics

Part III: Thermophysics and Thermodynamics

Part Four: Electricity and Magnetism

Part V: Modern Physics.

 Emsat Mathematics

 consists of 60 questions divided into three sections:( Algebra – Geometry – Statistics). The types of questions are as follows:

  • Multiple choices
  • Choose more than one answer
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Drag the words into the appropriate space

The mathematics exam covers curriculum components from the sections listed below.

  • The first section is an Algebra section that covers 60 to 70% of the material.
  • The second section is the engineering section, which covers 15 to 25% of the total.
  • The third section is a statistics section that ranges from 5% to 15%.

Emsat chemistry

  • The examination is adaptive. Where the test questions are allocated and their difficulty is determined independently for each test taker, i.e. the questions are also presented to each examinee based on his level.
  •  If he gives an incorrect answer, he will be shown the next question, which is easier than the previous one. 
  • This continuous matching process will generate the most appropriate questions for each test taker. 
  • This will allow them to perform to their full potential and provide a more accurate picture of their true abilities. Test takers must do their best to correctly answer each question.
  •  They can Return after moving on to a new question to change the answer to an already answered question.

The test duration is 90 minutes and consists of 40 questions

Emsat training centre

What is the emsat online exam?

In its core purpose, the Emsat test is not an invention, or vastly different from SAE, ACT or any other standardised test. It is meant to improve the Arab emirates student educational level, and cope up with the modernity of world certified education methods, in order to grow up a new emirates generation that has the ability to build, create, and innovate in the sake of their homeland prosperity and sustainability.

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