what is emsat?

Are you a high school student who’s seeking to join a trustworthy university or a college in the United Arab Emirates? Well, EMSAT will be your perfect standard on your way to being a university student.

Whether you study at a national or international school in the UAE, you’ll be suitable to take the test if it’s an admission demand to get into a university you’re targeting.

What’s EMSAT? 

It is an online test innovated by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education for grade 12 students who seek university entrance.

It was principally made for the evaluation of the skills, the language, and the introductory scientific knowledge of students leveled on their grades.

The importance of it lies within the extraction of very accurate details about the academic level of students, the development of the academic institutions, and the mentors, for the sake of making decisions related to university admission and determining the level of students at the national and international ranking.

It’s predicted that soon EmSAT will replace the other admission tests like PET and ILETS, not only for higher education admission but also for school entry, as it is more flexible and illustrates the student’s progress over time.

For senior year high school students the final test will cover what  Students are taking exams in.

It’s planned that EMSAT will replace CEPA for University admission as an accredited test in the UAE, Nowadays it’s also carried out for grades ( 1,4,6,8, and 10).

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What does EMSAT stand for?

Emirates Standardized Test and it’s divided into three phases starting after kindergarten.

  • The first stage of the standard test (baseline test) is held for first-grade students to determine their academic level after completing the kindergarten stage. This exam provides accurate data aimed at developing skills for students from a young age.
  • The second stage (advantage test) aims to measure the standard for students to possess the skills required of them since the first grade in various subjects, namely Arabic, English, mathematics, and science. The results of the second stage of the test mainly serve to provide decision-makers with information on the degree of progress Students in Emirates schools achieved compared to international standards.
  • The third stage of the test (achieve test) as we mentioned above is held for 12th-grade students to evaluate their knowledge of the basic subjects, and it also facilitates the decision-making process regarding university admissions in the United Arab Emirates.

Got confused? here’s a full emsat practice roadmap to follow.



Is EMSAT easy?

You might think taking the test will be a challenge for you, or it’s a grueling mission, especially if you are not a United Arab Emirates citizen and have to take SAT and IELTS to complete the process of your diploma equivalence.

In fact, emsat test is not that difficult, as the main aim of the test is to evaluate fundamentals, mostly whatever the pupils had studied till grade 10 and a little bit from grade 11 and grade 12.

  • First of all, you should know the most important scores of subjects to pass the test to exert your efforts in studying it properly.
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  • minimum English score of 1250, or its equivalent (TOEFL 525/iBT 70 or IELTS 5.5).
  • minimum Arabic score of 900, or it is equivalent.
  • minimum Mathematics and Physics score of 900.
  • Chemistry and Biology score of 1100.
  • That’s the average you will need if you want to enroll in a high score college like (nursing, pharmacy, and engineering).

There are significant tips mentors advise grade 12 students to get the proper score for university admission and achieve their dream.

  • Set a clear goal, Decide which university you want to join and its admission requirements.

Discover where you can find emsat test centres.

Understand the effective guidelines for cracking the test.

Advantages of passing EMSAT exam

  • There are many goods for your future career if you pass the test, especially if you are an ambitious student who seeks a high-quality academic education.
  •  You will be able to join any college or university in the United Arab Emirates, where it’s a world wide highly ranked.
  • Assessment of your skills and knowledge in your area of interest for higher studies
  • Understanding your English writing skills, clear incorrect grammatical sentences, and vocabulary mistakes.
  • By the time the test will be the alternative to any other language or university admission tests.

What is the success rate in the exam?

  •  It is not difficult to pass emsat final exams, but it just needs good preparation and familiarization with all the strategies and skills that will enable you to pass it. Therefore, elmadrasah.com provides you with specialized online training courses to achieve this.


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